Steve Strickbine

Steve Strickbine

Meet CityBeat's new owner, Steve Strickbine

For the past 17 years, San Diego CityBeat has been responsible for some of the highest-quality journalism in the city, the region and even the state. Week in, week out, CityBeat has held accountable those in power and provided comprehensive coverage of San Diego’s arts, music and restaurant scenes. In an age of journalistic blandness, CityBeat has fashioned a gritty, authentic voice—a manner of storytelling that intrigues readers and keeps them coming back issue after issue.

Times Media Group, the company I founded with one small monthly community paper 20 years ago, acquired Southland Publishing on July 31, and CityBeat was a part of that transaction. Simply put, we love this publication. And we appreciate the hard work and dedication of everyone who has been a part of CityBeat over the years. Like CityBeat and its journalists, the Times Media Group prefers not to sugarcoat things.

Under its previous leadership, CityBeat had begun to face financial challenges. In that regard, newsweeklies are no different than any other business: they must turn a profit or, no matter how good the journalistic product, they eventually cease to be sustainable.

Our efforts to continue the proud tradition of CityBeat while improving its performance as a business have already begun. The TMG executive team—who collectively have more than 100 years’ experience in community publishing—stands fully committed to this effort. It’s what we do: Since its founding in 1997, Times Media Group has built a hard-won reputation for taking publications in need of performance improvements into a more healthy and sustainable future.

While acquiring newspapers in the midst of journalism’s increasingly digital age may strike some as contrarian, I see it as a unique opportunity to expand the reach of the publications and provide even better content—compelling stories that touch every aspect of San Diego life, from local heroes to City Hall, local business coverage to features about the people who make this city thrive and the neighboring communities tick.

Much of what we will do over the next few months won’t be visible in the end product you see weekly. What we hope will be visible is a steadfast commitment to dynamic journalism and to creating even more value for CityBeat’s readers and advertisers. 

To that end, we want to hear from you: We want to know what you like, what you’d like to see changed and what you believe could be done to make this solid voice of the local community even more valuable than it has been over the past 17 years.

Thank you for reading CityBeat and for doing business with those who support us. 

We know it’s journalism that has made San Diego CityBeat a special read for nearly two decades. We want to preserve what has made this paper great while returning it to financial stability so the beat can continue for years to come.