Where They Belong

Simple Plan, above, recorded a song, “Where I Belong,” with tourmates State Champs and We the Kings.

Simple Plan drummer Chuck Comeau says his band’s latest tour with friends State Champs and We the Kings is relatively easy—or shall we say “simple.”

The Montreal-born musician says the jaunt is a full-on celebration of friendship and fun.

“We toured with We the Kings in Australia and it was awesome,” Comeau says in his thick French-Canadian accent. The band is from Montreal.

“State Champs, we met on the Warped Tour, but we crossed paths before. It’s been a blast, but we’re looking forward to coming to San Diego. We’ve been stuck in the Polar Vortex the last week. It’s been freezing.”

The three bands, along with Northbound, play Soma on Saturday, November 23, in what Comeau dubbed a “mini Warped Tour festival.”

“The fans can expect four really great performances from all the bands,” he says. “Every band is fun and all about getting people to sing and scream and jump and we give all we can onstage. We want to make sure everyone who comes through the door has a great time and leaves with a special memory.”

One of those memories will be a set-closing performance of the song State Champs, Simple Plan and We the Kings recorded together, “Where I Belong.”

“We perform it, all of us, together, at the end of the night,” he says. “It’s an unusual and exciting thing for us to do. The reaction has been insane. It’s cool and it’s a good vibe.”

The song came about organically, Comeau says. They weren’t sure what to write about initially, but they came together to pen a song about their common denominator: music.

“The one thing we all had in common for us and for our fans is music,” Comeau says. “Music has become a safe place, a place to be ourselves and where we fans can be themselves. For us, the shows have been that. It’s been a safe haven. A place where we all belong.”

Derek DiScanio from State Champs sang with Pierre Bouvier from Simple Plan. The two bands thought they should include Travis Clark from We the Kings just to round out the bill.

“It was a little less chaotic than 15 people in the same room trying to write a song,” he says with a laugh. “In terms of the spirit, it’s a real throwback to our early sound and it’s in all the bands’ authentic and genuine musical direction.

“I feel like with the song, we were able to capture what the three bands were about. It’s a high-energy song with honest lyrics.”

Simple Plan w/State Champs, We the Kings and Northbound

5:30 p.m. Saturday, November 23

Soma, 3350 Sports Arena Boulevard, Midway

Tickets are $33.50 in advance