On a Dime

Jamie-Lee Dimes is set to release a new album next year.

Australian singer-songwriter Jamie-Lee Dimes has fond memories of playing San Diego: the intimate shows, the responsive crowds. But more importantly, she was in the back of an Uber when she heard a radio DJ talking about her show.

“It was amazing,” Dimes says. “I was so emotional.”

Dimes is returning to San Diego to play Salty Frog on Friday, November 8.

“It’s going to be a solo show, stripped back and emotional about my time spent in New York, California and Mexico,” she says.

The show will advance her album due out next year. However, she just released a nonalbum track, “Hide in My Head,” produced by Tim Maxwell, the singer for the Australian punk band Loser. The music video is set for release on Wednesday, November 6.

“I thought the single was different from the album,” Dimes says. “The song is about co-dependency, toxic love and leaving a bad relationship. I wrote it on Valentine’s Day in the middle of the California desert, drinking a margarita, feeling jaded.”

In between San Diego visits, Dimes’ life has been in upheaval.

“I’ve had a lot of intense things happen, like people close to me dying and stuff,” she says. “I played a couple shows this week and I got emotional and had this crying sound in my voice. The songs are therapeutic to sing live.”

“Hide in my Head” captures audiences with the song’s dreamy washed-out guitars, eerie layered vocal harmonies, hook lines, melodies, and lyrics that take you through a journey of love, co-dependency and escapism, showcasing a darker side to romance and committed relationships.

“‘Hide in My Head’ is like when you’re in a car with someone you once loved, and you just stare out the window thinking to yourself, ‘How am I going to get out of this alive?’”

Dimes has been determined to get to the United States since she was 7. Since that age, she saved to move to New York, which she did at age 22.

“My whole life I’ve been doing dance, drama and music,” she says. “I had a very solid direction as a child. I was doing big dance shows as a child, and concerts.

“The last couple years, I had fallen in love with songwriting. I’ve always been a storyteller. I constantly develop my craft.”

She’s looking forward to bringing her songwriting style to California.

“San Diego was my favorite show on my last tour,” Dimes says. “San Diego folks really opened their arms to me and got on board to the sound I was singing. The California/Mexican influences, I think, really resonated.”

Oak Palace w/Heirgloom, Jamie-Lee Dimes and Dani the Changeling, 7 p.m. Friday, November 8, The Salty Frog, 992 Palm Avenue, Imperial Beach. Visit website for ticket information, thesaltyfrog.com.