William DuVall

As the lead singer of Alice in Chains, William DuVall is used to singing for a raucous crowd. This winter, he’s touring behind his solo album, “One Alone,” and really hopes fans take a listen. He comes to Soda Bar on Saturday, February 22.

“It’s a really cool and intimate kind of show,” DuVall says. “It lends itself to listening. I’ve been playing a lot of listening rooms.

“This show is designed for the audience to come and really listen, particularly if they’re familiar with the album already. People are coming in predisposed to introspection.”

Many times, fans are willing to share their emotions with DuVall.

“They’re coming with a lot of pent-up emotions that, perhaps, the album has helped them deal with,” DuVall shares. “They come to deal with those emotions even further with the show. I’ve had a lot of people sharing the stories about what’s happening in their lives.”

The shows aren’t all weepy, though. At DuVall’s Indianapolis show, a fan proposed to his girlfriend on stage.

“Each night it’s different,” he says.

He occasionally slides in an Alice in Chains song (“Never Fade”) or a cover. Past shows have included songs by David Bowie and Aerosmith as well as Dionne Farris’ 1995 hit “I know,” which was written by DuVall and Milton Davis.

“This show focuses on the ‘One Alone’ album and it’s solo acoustic,” DuVall says. “I did a snippet of a tune I wrote many years ago for Dionne Farris that was a major pop hit in 1995. We were just passing the 25th anniversary of that release of that album, ‘Wild Seed – Wild Flower.’ It’s just a really cool and intimate kind of show.”

“One Alone” is DuVall’s debut solo release and marks a new chapter in his career. The critically acclaimed 11-track album shows DuVall’s powerful voice with nothing but an acoustic guitar to back it. The lead single, “‘Til the Light Guides Me Home,” yielded more than 166,000 views.

This leg of the tour will take DuVall through the United States, Europe and Russia. Last month, he released a live video of the song “Smoke and Mirrors,” which was recorded at Holly Lane Studios.

Now was the perfect time for “One Alone,” he explains.

“I’ve done a whole lot of work of a certain type over the last couple decades or so,” DuVall says. “It’s most been this electric music that comes at you in a certain way. It’s fairly dynamic and pretty aggressive. It’s all that certain kind of electric rock music.

“I felt it was time for something completely different. It also felt like it was time to finally start releasing music under my own name. The music on ‘One Alone’ lends itself to being a solo show. I felt like this was the time to conquer all of those hurdles.”

William DuVall, Soda Bar, 3615 El Cajon Boulevard, North Park, sodabarmusic.com8:30 p.m. Saturday, February 22, $20.