A beautiful dance, a museum at night and one glorious donut boy

In the era of Instagram influencers and oversaturated filters, it can sometimes be hard to judge what’s authentic when it comes to photography. With everyone walking around with an amazing camera in their pocket, the photographic medium sometimes feels dulled by the ubiquity of instantly snapped and uploaded pictures. Ooooh… another picture of someone’s food or a sunset. Yeah, we get it. 

But every now and again, we see something that’s worth way more than a double-tap. A moment in time and something that could not be easily replicated; photos that are not just aesthetically pleasing, but speak to us on an internal level. That’s what our photo contest is all about and from the countless submissions we received, these are the ones that particularly caught our eye. As always, special thanks to George’s Camera in North Park for sponsoring the contest and providing the winner with the prize.