The School of Rock

Comedian Jim Breuer says music was his “college.”

Comedian Jim Breuer is just an average guy. He loves baseball and heavy metal. He takes care of his family and he feels all of this makes him extremely relatable.

“I come from a blue-collar family,” Breuer says. “I’m a do-the-right-thing type of guy.”

That’s how he describes his show, which comes to The Observatory North Park at 8 p.m. Wednesday, November 27.

“I have my set material, but it often goes off the rails,” Breuer says with a frequent laugh. “I go everywhere from my father passing away to teenagers to how I see the afterlife to colonoscopies.

“I go anywhere and everywhere. I do everything I can, though, to stay away from politics.”

Instead he’s fixated on baseball—especially the New York Mets—and music. Since 2015, his baseball video recaps have made their way to the MLB Network and ESPN “Sportscenter.” A die-hard metalhead, Breuer made his music debut, “Songs from the Garage” in 2016. Produced by Rob Caggiano (Anthrax, Volbeat), the album features tracks such as “Raising Teenage Girls,” the throwback anthem “Old School” and “Mr. Rock ‘n’ Roll” with Brian Johnson of AC/DC.

Breuer is a frequent guest on SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show.” He hosts a podcast called “The Jim Breuer Podcast,” which is available on iTunes and

Breuer has appeared with Kevin James on “Kevin Can Wait” on CBS as well as popular films “Zookeeper,” “Dick,” “Titan A.E.” and “Beer League;” hosting MTV’s popular “Beach House” and VH1’s “Web Junk 20;” and being featured on a collection of late-night TV shows.

“I’ve never had a better time than now,” Breuer says. “Everything I’ve done is really driven by passion and inspiration. I tell my fans I want to leave them with something. I do meet and greets and people say, ‘I really needed this’ or ‘We’re going through a lot. This meant a lot. This is inspiring.’

“That stuff is more powerful for me than, ‘You are really funny,’ although that’s important, too.”

Breuer always knew he wanted to be an entertainer.

“It was neck and neck with the lead singer of a hard rock/heavy metal band and a comedian,” he says.

“In high school, I would draw the stage and I would be opening for myself. I loved Eddie Murphy. I wanted to be as big as Eddie Murphy, but have a band that was huge. I thought that would be the coolest concert ever, where someone could pull off a sold-out arena stand-up show and then a concert—the same fricking person.”

The comedy came quicker and easier for Breuer, but he could get into rock clubs younger.

“In 1985, I couldn’t really get into comedy clubs,” he says. “The rock club would let the kids in on Tuesdays. I would emcee and imitate Ozzy and AC/DC. That is the world I’m most comfortable around. I’m not good with Hollywood. I’m extremely comfortable around the rock environment.”

These days, his musical tastes are the same. His “merlot,” depending on his mood, is Metallica, Judas Priest and “old Van Halen.”

Earlier in the day, though, he was cranking some Frank Sinatra.

“The last big rock band that I really invested my emotions into was System of a Down,” he says. “I love AC/DC. They’re mindless and fun. I like Metallica for the aggression and the lyrics. I really relate to so many songs in so many different ways. System of a Down, for me, was really along my thought process. I loved what they were talking about.”

Breuer believes it comes from his nerdiness as a child. In high school, he ticked off his English teacher Mr. Turner, because he said he knew about George Orwell’s book “1984” from Judas Priest’s “Electric Eye.”

“I know that sounds silly, but that stuff really made me think,” Breuer says. “Iron Maiden’s ‘Run to the Hills’ made a lot of sense. It made me think about what they were saying. Music has always been my teaching—my encyclopedia, my college.”

Jim Breuer

8 p.m. Wednesday, November 27

The Observatory North Park, 2891 University Avenue, North Park