Anthony Enyedy  - Apheodite

Anthony Enyedy’s “Apheodite”

The Sparks Gallery will celebrate its fifth anniversary with a tasty twist on traditional still life art. 

Inspired by its Contemporary Still Life exhibit, four Sparks Gallery artists—ManRabbit, Duke Windsor, Alexander Arshansky and Optimus Volts—will hand embellish a cake that will be served from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, February 29, during “Contemporary Cake Walk.”

The cakes will be decorated by each artist in their signature style with edible decorations. Dinner, dessert and three alcoholic drinks will be provided in the ticket cost.

The exhibit will be open as well. A full dinner and silent auction are set for the evening as well.

“It is a longstanding tradition to create a still life of something not in motion,” says Sonya Sparks, owner and chief curator. 

“Traditionally, it is a scene in front of the artist that is at rest.”

The nearly 20 artists put their contemporary and personal spins on the overarching theme to depict a still scene. 

This exhibition, through April 19, showcases contemporary takes on still moments, from a piece of crumpled paper to a geometric street scene. Standing as a group show, the exhibition creates a diverse body of work, displaying different textures, objects and materials.

Windsor’s work is featured at the Sparks Gallery in the solo show “Radiance” through March 1. The collection features scenes of San Diego neighborhood streets gilded with gold leaf backgrounds. 

His contribution to the Contemporary Still Life exhibit further demonstrates this unique style. “Where’s the Beef,” a still life of a hamburger, uses gold leaf to bring life and radiance into the background of his work. 

“Each still life is done in the artist’s contemporary vision,” Sparks explains. “They all have their individual look and feel, as they each submitted a piece that exemplifies their style.”

Contemporary Cake Walk/Sparks Gallery Five-Year Anniversary, Sparks Gallery, 530 Sixth Avenue, Gaslamp,, 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, February 29, $90.