Marijuana heart shape

Cannabis and sex make excellent bedfellows. For starters, weed makes the body and mind feel good. It follows, then, that it will also enhance sex.

Second, even though sex is supposed to be fun, the fact is that it can be a very fraught experience for a variety of reasons. Haven’t had partnered sex in a while? Hello, anxiety. For women, in particular, sex presents a host of other issues. It can be difficult for certain women to reach orgasm, or even get aroused in general. Maybe health issues are causing dryness or pain. Cannabis, particularly THC, can help increase circulation, lessen anxiety and dull pain.

California’s various cannabis companies are coming out with great products to enhance sex. Most are geared toward women because vaginas are mucous membranes and penises are not. Because the efficacy of these products relies on cannabinoid absorption, they will mostly only affect women.

San Francisco-based Quim makes a variety of CBD- and THC-infused oils geared toward sexual enhancement, tissue recovery and general maintenance. For sex, Quim’s hands-down best option is its Night Moves oil, which is made of MCT oil, cannabis oil, damiana and tea tree oil. When eight to 10 squirts (the entire bottle contains 350 milligrams of THC) are applied to various parts of the user’s orifice of choice 20 minutes before getting down, it produces explosive sensory results, if you get my drift.

Part of this is due to the tingling feeling produced by tea tree and damiana oils, but the THC helps relax muscles and provides greater natural lubrication and sensation. The oil also acts as a standard lube, apart from natural stimulation. It’s possible using it will get the user high, but that doesn’t happen with everyone. Just know this particular oil isn’t latex safe, but Quim’s Oh Yes! Serum, which produces similar effects with a more complicated formula, is.

For those needing heavy-duty pain reduction, the best bet on the market right now are Foria’s suppositories. They are made from cocoa butter and are small—about the size of foam earplugs—so one needn’t worry about any discomfort or awkwardness sticking it up anywhere (tampons are much larger). The suppository topically and locally delivers 60 milligrams THC and 10mg CBD, the combination of which produces a cloudlike sensation throughout the pelvis. It also works beautifully for menstrual cramps but is an excellent bet for reducing pain during sex.

Apart from lubes and suppositories, using edibles, concentrates, topicals and/or flower is an easy way to kick any romp in the hay up a few notches. Personally, I like to dab or smoke a joint before having sex. Dabbing produces a body high much more intense than any other ingestion method, so it also magnifies any touch sensation by a great multiple. Smoking a joint before doing the deed also usually sets the right tone. I prefer Kush strains, owing to the strong body high and sense of overall deep relaxation produced. Sometimes, though, when I’m looking to be mentally and physically energized, I’ll spring for something more buzzy, like Sour Diesel.

Like most things in the cannabis world, there’s a little something for most kinds of people. So, it is with sex. Let this Valentine’s Day be the steamiest and highest yet!