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<![CDATA[Parenting other parents has become a day at the beach - Slowly but surely, I’m learning how to deal with these people]]> In my less-experienced days, I might have said, Sure no problem—what’s 30 minutes? even if it completely jacked my schedule. And then, too, I’d have complained about it here. But like I said, I’m getting good at dealing with this passive-aggressive style of parenting.]]> <![CDATA[I’m gonna Occupy San Diego - Amid concerns about the organization’s effectiveness, I’ll be there, notebook and protein bars in hand]]> Occupy San Diego probably won’t smash the chains of injustice any time soon—I counted only about 100 people at the group’s march through Downtown on Sunday. But what’s important is that the group is joining thousands of Americans across the country to make a stand.]]> <![CDATA[Dreams of Obama - Transformational president or another disappointment? That’s up to us]]> Transformational president or another disappointment? That’s up to us]]> <![CDATA[Break free, KPBS - Our public broadcasters are stuck in a safe, comfy container]]> <![CDATA[Bisexuality Blues - Why does everyone want us to pick a side?]]> <![CDATA[Ask a queer - And an answer ye shall receive]]> <![CDATA[Laws and order - E-mail exchange reveals all is not well between the homeless and the authorities]]> <![CDATA[You gonna eat that? - With a new fast-food film on the horizon, a variety of books on the subject and organic milk in Wal-]]> <![CDATA[Resident Alien - Hanging with Mr. Whitman: Erstwhile American has a lot to answer for]]> <![CDATA[Notes from Neurosis - Redemption: Writing heals the wounds-and sometimes it helps pay the bills]]> <![CDATA[Notes from Neurosis - Auld lanxiety]]> <![CDATA[Mellow journalism - The world according to the Union-Tribune]]> <![CDATA[Boughs of Folly - Visiting with ghosts of holiday seasons past]]> <![CDATA[A Study To Die For - County’s marijuana numbers make suicide data questionable]]> <![CDATA[To Infinity and Back - Stepping outside of the brown paper bag]]> <![CDATA[Battling the ’Sucks Quotient’ - Most local TV news directors just don’t care anymore]]> <![CDATA[Notes From Neurosis - Loose Change]]> <![CDATA[San Diego Munch - King of the smooch: scribe sure does love them politicos]]> <![CDATA[Notes from Neurosis - Lost and found: A discovery while trying to save the world]]>