San Diego CityBeat - Arts & Culture feature <![CDATA[Inocente found - The star of an Oscar-winning documentary comes of age]]> Inocente recently turned 21, but she’s been doing adult-like things far longer. The intimate details of her difficult childhood are divulged in Inocente, a 40-minute documentary by filmmakers Sean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine that aired on MTV in 2012 and won an Academy Award in 2013.]]> <![CDATA[A renaissance on Logan Avenue - It’s taken a village to grow one block of this Barrio Logan thoroughfare into a thriving arts district]]> Things have changed dramatically for this small block of Logan Avenue over the last few years. The arts spaces have attracted small businesses and, thanks largely to the ongoing Barrio Art Crawl events that invite outsiders in to explore art spaces throughout all of Barrio Logan, the block is slowly becoming recognized as one of San Diego’s newest and most exciting emerging arts districts.]]> <![CDATA[Transgender teen Ari Zelkind’s happy boy-thday - Two months ago, San Diego native began his lifelong hormone therapy and is throwing a party to celebrate]]> "Where’s my penis?" That’s the question three-year-old Arielle Zelkind kept asking while potty training. "I told her that she didn’t have one because she’s a girl," says mom, Edit Zelkind. "She told me I had it wrong, that she was actually a boy."]]> <![CDATA[Patrick Yurick: Many-hat man - The San Diego artist on, “Hipster Picnic” and the curse of his comic-strip arm tattoo ]]> Everyone should be able to pick up comic-book making by tomorrow. So says Patrick Yurick, the San Diego artist and educator behind, a project that provides free comicbook-making materials to the masses.]]> <![CDATA[We don’t need no stinkin’ badges! - From SuicideGirls and Walking Dead haunted houses to superhero art shows and Nerdist carnivals, there’s plenty to do without a pass.]]>

 Comic-Con is certainly great, but getting a badge for the annual nerd mecca has become somewhat of a “promise us your first born”-type undertaking. One thing that’s been great about Con becoming such a coveted destination is there are now plenty of geeky destinations and events that don’t require patrons to show their passes.

<![CDATA[Kathleen Mitchell’s painful passion - Scalped in a freak accident, the glass artist isn’t letting fear crush her creativity]]> Kathleen Mitchell pinned up her long hair, put on goggles and other protective gear and stepped up to her lathe, a beastly vintage German-made machine used for polishing, engraving and texturing. She leaned in slightly to inspect the glass vase she was shining and, in an instance, her hair fell from the clips...]]> <![CDATA[TAGit lets you buy the clothes off their backs - App developed in San Diego gives users the opportunity to dress just like Sheldon Cooper]]> San Diegan Ana Bermudez has what she refers to as “a personal problem.” And she’s hoping her personal problem becomes your personal problem, too. ]]> <![CDATA[Checking out, permanently - Cold, hard facts gleaned by networking with right-to-die activists]]> Hemlock, a poisonous herb in the parsley family, is fatal. According to medical experts, the death is drawn out with painful convulsive gasping. Putting it in a tea probably won’t do the job. ]]> <![CDATA[San Diegans are heading to Tijuana to create new art, new spaces and new possibilities - The Peña brothers, PANCA, Dominic Paul Miller and Collective Magpie are invigorating the scene across the border]]> Daniel Peña was in a rut. The Chula Vista-raised photographer and video artist had moved to Tijuana a year and a half ago, but quickly became depressed.]]> <![CDATA[Just the tip - Should we stick a fork in restaurant gratuities?]]> It’s a ritual restaurant diners experience regularly: The bill arrives and it’s time to calculate the tip. But how? Should it be 10, 15 or 20 percent? And a percentage on what: Before or after tax? What about wine? ]]> <![CDATA[San Diego kickboxer battling MS says sport liberated her - Determined to go pro, Ashley Curry hopes to inspire others struggling with the disease]]> Curry was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, or MS, an unpredictable disease that affects the central nervous system, disrupting the flow of information between the body and the brain.]]> <![CDATA[Head Crammers - CityBeat staff dishes out our favorite books, apps and cultural tidbits]]> For voracious readers: It’s been a turbulent time in the journalism business. Newspapers closing, or slashing staff, has been the norm for the last decade or so.]]> <![CDATA[Drew Pollack’s point of service - Acupuncturist donates time for the sick and injured in Mexico]]> Under a bridge near the Tijuana River, Carlos lay in a puddle of his own piss and shit. He was emaciated, too weak to sit up, and his friends said he’d been severely jaundiced in the days prior.]]> <![CDATA[And then there was light - An abridged introduction to near-death experiences]]> The International Society of Near Death Studies meets across the parking lot from the County Psychiatric Hospital, inside the Health and Human Services building.]]> <![CDATA[Helen Redman paints the other side - San Diego artist celebrates life, death and motherhood]]> There are layers upon layers when it comes to the figurative works of Helen Redman. So many stories, so many voices. ]]> <![CDATA[Head Crammers: Our favorite podcasts, TV shows, etc. - Bust your brain with this bunch of cultural baubles]]> There’s an A&E show that’s been on for a couple of weeks called The Returned. Skip it. Instead, watch Les Revenants, the French TV show it’s based on.]]> <![CDATA[Sara Solaimani wants local artists to cross boundaries, both internally and internationally - How a first-generation Iranian-American became a champion for the border arts scene]]> Sara Solaimani isn’t Mexican. Not even close. That might be racially insensitive to point out within certain contexts, but in the case of Solaimani, it’s understandable that some might mistake her for being a Chicana.]]> <![CDATA[Change in the golden age of podcasting - KPBS Explore project reflects the evolving art of public media]]> As the director of programming for both KPBS radio and television, John Decker is the guy to either blame or thank for switching up your local public-media-consumption routine.]]> <![CDATA[FoundationForForm’s hands-on urban infill - Rising stars of San Diego’s architect-as-developer movement mind the little details]]> Standing in the central courtyard of the new North Park Post Office Lofts mixed-use development, the scene is reminiscent of M.C. Escher’s famed "Relativity" print depicting several zigzagging sets of gravity-defying staircases.]]> <![CDATA[San Diego African American Museum of Fine Art lives on - Museum-without-walls rolls carefully into its second year of revival]]> Gaidi Finnie’s the chief operating officer at Bayview Baptist Church, but he has a long background in the arts. He spent a few years at a fine-art gallery in La Jolla before moving to the Museum of Photographic Arts, where he eventually became the director. ]]>