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Best of 2012

The end is coming

The world will be gone by Dec. 22—here’s how to make the best of the time you have left

The world will end on Friday, Dec. 21, 2012. How do I know? Because I heard it on cable TV one night when I was half-asleep.

By David Rolland
Best of 2012

After party

The perfect day: the Fellowship of Barber Surgeons, Jen Jansen, car2go, El Zarape, Lucy Evans Lauren Garden and Bar Eleven

My ideal final day would be spent living as if the world had already ended. Perhaps there’s no escaping the comets, nuclear explosions and Stay Puft marshmallow men, but there’s always that glaring what if.

By Ryan Bradford
Best of 2012

Good end times

The perfect day: Fatuma’s, Adams Avenue Book Store, M-Theory Music, Pizza Port, Soda Bar and Balboa Park

According to conventional wisdom, doomsday is a time to reflect—you know, it’s the last chance to see your friends and family, hold your loved ones and all that jazz.

By Peter Holslin
Best of 2012

Calm before the storm

The perfect day: Gelato Vero, Balboa Park Carousel, Chollas Lake, Coronado Dog Beach, Clayton’s Coffee Shop, La Jolla art galleries, Buddha for You and Lips

Should the world deteriorate into chaos due to the inevitable end of days, I fancy myself tying on a bandana, arming myself with automatic weaponry and galvanizing the charge to do whatever it takes to live right up until the very last possible breath.

By Kinsee Morlan
Best of 2012

Prepping for Armageddon

The perfect day: City Farmers, Lucky Lady Casino, the Meat Men, the Ken Cinema, Ponce’s and the Cuyamaca Water Conservation Garden

After the world ends, there’ll be two kinds of people—those who were ready for it and everyone else. My colleagues, who aren’t making plans for the future, probably won’t make it past the event, whatever it is, and if they do, they’ll likely end up enslaved or eaten, or quite possibly both.

By Anders Wright
Best of 2012

Carpe Diego

The perfect day: The Big Kitchen, Underwater Park, The Fish Market, Taylor Guitars, Cantina Mayahuel, Cal Coast Bicycles, Amarin Thai, Voz Alta, The Propagandist and the fishing cats

When I was growing up, my mom had a quirky little needlepoint sign in the kitchen that read, “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.”

By Kelly Davis
Best of 2012

Dance ’til you’re dead

The perfect day: Snooze, Sunset Cliffs, Wine Steals, Señor Mango’s, Balboa Park, Mint Shoes, Mimi & Red, Café Chloe, Red Fox Room, Whistle Stop and El Tinieblo

I was sitting in my underwear drinking wine out of a coffee mug when I heard the news. The damned Mayans were right. We’re all goners in a day.

By Alex Zaragoza
Best of 2012

Saving Nature for last

The perfect day: Influx Café, Home Mercantile Company, El Paisa, Chicano Park, The Spot, Vishions, Poma’s Italian Deli, Lighthouse Ice Cream and Cabrillo National Monument

My last day on Earth would start off like any other: with coffee. But a coffeehouse can be a frantic place, with caffeine pumping through patrons’ veins, papers and board games scattered on table tops and music that, more often than not, makes me want to run like hell.

By Amy T. Granite
Best of 2012

Beer and a big-ass egg

The perfect day: Carnitas Snack Shack, Cowles Mountain, Great News Cookware, Torrey Pines Gliderport, Safari Park, Stone Brewing and the beach

It’s the end of the world and perhaps I have a regret or two in life. For one, I don’t spend nearly enough time outdoors, despite the incredibly beautiful places in San Diego.

By Marie Tran-McCaslin
Best of 2012

Maassive attack

The perfect day: Second Chance Dog Rescue, Vespa Motorsports, Mandarin House, Adventure RIB Rides, Holy Smoke, Survive:SD and the Stuart Collection

This end-of-the-world exercise isn’t easy for me because, if it really were doomsday, I’d probably be covering it up to the last minute, trying to track down who’s responsible, who’s profiting from it and then live tweeting the dissolution of reality.

By Dave Maass
Best of 2012

From Krakatoa to Peru

The perfect day: Krakatoa Café, Spanish Village, the Coaster, Bull Taco, Farenheit 451, Beacons beach and Q’ero

I’m going to need a boost of protein to kick off the big, beautiful day I have planned, and since this whole crazy dance will be ending shortly, damn the sugar content!

By Jenny Montgomery
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