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North Park After Dark Aug 21, 2014 Over 30 businesses, from galleries to boutiques, will remain open until 9 p.m. and offering specials, refreshments and entertainment. 79 other events on Thursday, August 21
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Fall Arts

Fall Arts 2013

The season’s best offerings in music, dance, theater, art, film and literature

We think we do a damn fine job of supporting the arts in San Diego throughout the year, but each September, we like to give the town's cultural events a little extra push.

By CityBeat Staff
Fall Arts Patricia Rincon choreographs The Che Café’s history SEP 24 | By Alex Zaragoza Dance company interprets edgy UCSD venue’s past
Fall Arts Glottalopticon puts a new spin on opera SEP 24 | By Jeff Terich Next up in Space 4 Art series: operatic takes on homophobia and Charles Darwin
Fall Arts ‘Romeo and Juliet’—now with Jeff Buckley! SEP 24 | By David L. Coddon Old Globe Theater weaves cult favorite into Shakespeare’s classic tragedy
Fall Arts San Diego Asian Film Festival programs with purpose SEP 24 | By Glenn Heath Jr. Annual cinema event expertly bookends it upcoming series
Fall Arts Years of yearning pay off for poet Manuel Paul Lopez SEP 24 | By Jim Ruland Local writer to appear at San Diego City College International Book Fair
Fall Arts Our region’s history, in Doug Simay’s head SEP 24 | By Kinsee Morlan Oceanside Museum of Art to exhibit longtime art collector’s pieces