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Nite Owls: The Darkroom Apr 24, 2014 A fun music and art mixer for 21to 40-somethings. This one includes a discussion with photographer Omar Lopez, a DJ playing old jazz records, collaborative art projects and darkroom photography activities. 59 other events on Thursday, April 24
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Drink Issue

The Drink Issue

Weve had alot od beer, wime abd cpcktails—we lov you soooo mich abd want you to cone over l;ater

This year’s Drink Issue bears some backlash at the surging craft-cocktail movement, starting with Adam Vieyra’s whimsical photo illustration on the cover depicting a drink containing broccoli, a bar of gold and a toothbrush, among other things.

By David Rolland
Drink Issue

You got served

A special coin denotes membership in Fernet-Branca’s secret society

San Diego has a secret society that involves the suspenders-wearing bartenders who make your fancy craft cocktails, and, luckily, the first rule of this secret club isn't "Do not talk about the Fernet coin challenge."

By Alex Zaragoza
Drink Issue

Cervantes Mangana: the shrub guy

Roseville Cozhina bartender takes a page from the past

Shrubs—basically fermented fruit—have roots in the practical realities of pre-industrial, agrarian life: Whaddaya do when you want some berries in the winter and you don't have a freezer? You ferment them.

By Kelly Davis
Drink Issue

New grapes on the vine

Wine bars Next Door, Village Vino and Romeo & Julieta are as different as their neighborhoods

Everyone needs a wine bar within stumbling distance, right? These newer spots serving up the nectar of the vines offer experiences as different as the areas they call home.

By Jen Van Tieghem
Drink Issue

Sunny-day sessions

Some suggestions for low-alcohol yet flavorful beers for summertime

Summer is just starting to rage, which means backyard barbecues, beach days turning into bonfire nights and, of course, the heat. When it comes to quenching your thirst, what beers are best at battling the San Diego sun?

By Cody Thompson
Drink Issue

Golden Coast Mead wants to win over the world

San Diego County company seeks converts to its fermented honey wine

To Frank Golbeck, mead isn't just some beverage-of-yore that a bunch of nerdy ren-fair addicts brews up for a special viewing of Game of Thrones.

By Kinsee Morlan
Drink Issue

The perils and pleasures of bitterness

Bitters play a crucial role in the cocktail, but bartenders should be careful

The efforts of newer bars throughout San Diego to make every drink a spectacular event has led to a lot of sloppy cocktailing.

By D.A. Kolodenko
Drink Issue

Trash cocktails

Put your snobbery away—I just want to get wasted

It's during these times of increased snobbery and preciousness that I find myself turning to drinks that I affectionately refer to as "trash cocktails."

By Ryan Bradford