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Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra Aug 27, 2014 Liebert has sold millions of records across the globe and is known as a skilled practitioner of contemporary flamenco guitar with lots of textures, contrasting traditional and electric instruments. 62 other events on Wednesday, August 27
How one case study could potentially transform City Heights
Former customs agent got more than seven years for smuggling drugs and people into the U.S., but mysterious events are raising questions about the government’s prosecution
Joe Swanberg’s new independent film starring Anna Kendrick leads our rundown of movies screening around town
Formal complaint against the Probation Department shows how far local juvenile-detention practices are out of the mainstream
The Floating Library
What inspired me as I wrote my first novel


The World Fare

Best Sandwich on the Planet, Part 5: Tortas and Beer

Street-food brilliance rather than culinary yard sale at new Hillcrest joint

It’s a common sight on roadways on both sides of the Mexican border: a pickup truck, its bed filled to overflowing, piled high and wide with a vast array of items all “secured” by a single rope.

By Michael A. Gardiner
North Fork

Expansive menu at KC’s Tandoor worthy of exploration

Small Encinitas outpost is tops at the exotic and the more familiar

For such a sprawling swath of real estate that encompasses what’s called “North County,” there’s a surprising dearth of decent Indian restaurants.

By Jenny Montgomery
Cocktail Tales It’s all about the orgeat AUG 23 | By Kelly Davis Tiki drinks don’t have to be so sticky-sweet
The World Fare Best Sandwich on the Planet, Part 4: Sogno di Vino AUG 15 | By Michael A. Gardiner Panini and salads excel at Little Italy wine bar
One Lucky Spoon Vegetarian with a spiritual edge at Jyoti-Bihanga AUG 15 | By Mina Riazi Birthplace of the ‘neatloaf’ has a somewhat messy history


Comic-Con inspired cocktails

Getting trashed, superhero style

Several San Diego bars and eateries have rolled out special drink menus this week in honor of Comic-Con. Here's a semi-curated list (Pop Rocks!) of the ones that we'd try—responsibly, of course. ...
Read more 2014-07-23

Recipe: Lamb & Bison Meatballs with Tomato-Chipotle Sauce

Inspired by Tapas Picasso

In last week’s World Fare, I reviewed Tapas Picasso in Hillcrest. Two of my favorite of Chef Loren Villalobos Alsman’s tapas were the meatballs in spicy chorizo sauce and her superlative albacore mousse paté with chipotle. Following an inspiring telephone conversation with Chef Alsman, I decided to pay tribute to her “authorial cuisine” by combining aspects of these two dishes into a Mexican-tinged tapa of my own. ...
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Recipe: Octopus amuse bouche

In CityBeat's Food Issue, I wrote about my experience staging (essentially, interning) at Chad White’s La Justina restaurant in Tijuana. Last week, I used a number of the culinary lessons I learned at La Justina in preparing an amuse bouche for 80 at the Culinary Historians of San Diego’s monthly public meeting at the new San Diego Public Library. The April 19 event featured Chef Deb Schneider of Sol Cocina in Newport Beach and Scottsdale. Schneider's also the author of five cookbooks, including Baja: Cooking on the Edge, the second edition of which just came out. ...
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Recipe: Revuelto of Brains & Eggs

Or, what happened to that part of the pig

In CityBeat's Food Issue, I wrote about traveling out to the far reaches of San Diego’s East County and the process of (and lessons learned from) killing, skinning and breaking down a pig. I concluded that:We gave that pig no choice. In that cage, he was already meat. He just didn't know it quite yet. He was born to be meat. Given that reality, we owed it to him to make as little waste of his body as possible, to make use of every last bit of edible meat that we possibly could. Not just the fancy cuts—the celebrated ribs and the other parts with which we're all familiar—but the entire pig, from snout to tail. ...
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Straight up

Cocktail news from Rumbling Tins Co., Juniper & Ivy and Hiatus Lounge

* No plans tonight? Rumbling Tins Co. is hosting The Fine Art of Craft Cocktails, a mixing-drinks demo and three-course pairing dinner at The Westgate Hotel. The RT guys will be discussing the history...
Read more 2014-03-13
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Beer vs. Wine Aug 27, 2014 Food & Drink It's the battle of the foodies: which goes better with cheese, beer or wine? Venissimo experts will share why they think certain suds and great grapes can both work well with certain cheeses. Read more 2 other events on Wednesday, August 27
Raw Foods Demonstration Aug 27, 2014 Food & Drink Local author, Mimi Kirk an organic, vegan food enthusiast, will share recipes from her books and provide food samples. Read more 2 other events on Wednesday, August 27
We Love Beer Pop-Up Dinner Aug 27, 2014 Food & Drink Enjoy a gourmet Latino-inspired, four-course dinner from Spanglish Eats chef Javier Ortega and a Modern Times Beer pairing with every course. Read more 2 other events on Wednesday, August 27
Cusp Jazz Supper Club Aug 28, 2014 Food & Drink The Danny Green Trio will play their blend of Brazilian, Latin and classic jazz elements while Cusp Chef Lockhart serves a four-course prix fixe dinner alongside classic cocktails and new drinks by Head Bartender Chris Burkett. Read more 2 other events on Thursday, August 28
Del Mar Flower Hill Wine & Cheese Tasting Aug 28, 2014 Food & Drink Venissimo Cheese is pairing up with their neighbors at Wine Connection for a wine and cheese, around-the-world pairing adventure. Learn the basics of pairing fine wine with fabulous fromage from experts from both worlds. Read more 2 other events on Thursday, August 28