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Axline Lecture: Alfredo Jaar Apr 23, 2014 The San Diego Museum of Art and MCASD present the 14th annual Axline Lecture featuring Chilean-born artist Alfredo Jaar, whose work, Muxima, a looping video installation featuring multiple iterations of a popular Angolan folk song, is on view at SDMA. 60 other events on Wednesday, April 23
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Ten bucks an hour just ain’t enough



San Diego taxi drivers claim wage exploitation

Mayor Faulconer considers new rules for the industry

 Under the current system, permit holders often lease a vehicle in 12-hour shifts to two drivers a day, pulling in an average of $800 a week per permit. 

By Joshua Emerson Smith
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Prospective San Diego medical marijuana dispensary owners camp out for permits

About a dozen people milled around Tuesday across the concrete bridge connecting a multi-story parking structure to the city of San Diego's Development Services Department’s third floor. It was an informal queue that almost everyone expects will grow in the run up to Thursday morning, when the city plans to issue its first-ever permits for operating medical-cannabis dispensaries. ...
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Sarah Boot tracks down Lorie Zapf at contentious candidate forum

City Council District 2 race heat up

What does a voter need to do to get a debate around here?Wednesday night's Q-and-A session featuring City Council District 2 candidates Lorie Zapf and Sarah Boot was a long time in the making. ...
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Faulconer's budget plan includes $1.9 million for homelessness

Money will go to enhanced outreach services, storage facility and

In early February, interim Mayor Todd Gloria announced a plan to reallocate the $1.9 million former Mayor Bob Filner set aside to keep the city's two homeless shelters open year-round. The money would...
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Susan Riggs heads to Sacramento

A Q&A with the former San Diego Housing Federation executive director

In late January, Gov. Jerry Brown announced that he'd appointed Susan Riggs to the position of deputy secretary of housing policy at the state's Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency. It was good and bad news for left-leaning San Diegans—good news to have a San Diegan working on housing policy at the state level, bad news because Riggs, who'd been the executive director of the San Diego Housing Federation since 2010, had been a charismatic champion not just for affordable housing but also a larger progressive vision for the city. I sat down with her a couple weeks ago for an informal chat before she left for Sacramento (her last day with the Housing Federation was March 7). At that point, the City Council hadn't yet voted to rescind an increase in the workforce-housing offset (also known as the linkage fee), an impact fee that commercial-building developers pay into the city's affordable-housing fund. The council, with its Democratic majority, passed the fee increase in December. Soon after, a coalition of developers and business groups, led by the Chamber of Commerce, launched a petition to overturn it. Riggs was hopeful the fee increase would go to the ballot—specifically the November ballot, which would give affordable-housing advocates time to develop a campaign strategy. She acknowledged that countering the housing-offset opponents' "jobs tax" soundbite would be tricky, and she talked about misconceptions about the fee, an idea for boosting housing production and one of her proudest accomplishments at the Housing Federation. ...
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