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Food and Wine Festival May 02, 2015 The largest benefit for the Junior League of San Diego hosts fifty restaurants who will offer bites, wines, micro brews and exotic cocktail tastings. 84 other events on Saturday, May 2
Nibbles | Food & drink
MEAT San Diego event with Dona Esthela and Javier Plascencia
Well, That Was Awkward
Local cat dad indulges feline feelings at San Diego's first kitty coffee shop
Notes from the Smoking Patio
A round-up of new San Diego releases now streaming
Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson are seduced by A.I. in Alex Garland’s new sci-fi film
Canvassed | Art & culture
Ed Decker chats with comedian, Rob Deez



Driven to organize

Lawsuit threatens to put worker-run taxi service on hold

After years of paying weekly fees to taxicab dispatching services, such as Yellow Cab, city taxi drivers—who are hoping to start their own worker-run cab company— see a light at the end of the tunnel.

By Joshua Emerson Smith
From the Editor Death to promposals APR 22 | By Ron Donoho Elaborate efforts by high school kids is the latest sign that the apocalypse is upon us
News The Fight for $15 APR 22 | By Carly Nairn Unions rally and organize fast-food workers looking for increased wages
Sordid Tales How to survive a music festival APR 20 | By Edwin Decker The real-world advice on dress, drugs, Vaseline and more
News As city warms to pot shops, growers face uncertainty APR 15 | By Joshua Emerson Smith Police mum on how dispensaries should get their weed
From the Editor Everybody out of the water APR 15 | By Ron Donoho Conserve, or we all pay for the dearth of agua
News Barrio Logan again on the defensive over neighborhood development APR 15 | By Carly Nairn The Port wants to increase Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal cargo by 500 percent

Last Blog on Earth

Judge rejects county's request for new trial in Daniel Sisson case

Pending an appeal, a $3-million verdict stands

In November, a jury found San Diego County liable in the death of Daniel Sisson, a 21-year-old inmate in the Vista Detention Facility (VDF) who died in his cell on June 25, 2011, from an asthma attack...
Read more 2015-01-26

What Donna Frye said at yesterday's anti-Carl DeMaio press conference--with video!

During his tenure on the San Diego City Council, rarely did Carl DeMaio not have his laptop open during council meetings. Was he taking notes? Being eco-friendly by not printing up docket material? Maybe. But it was pretty well-known that he was also working on personal business. Staffers would even take covert cellphone photos of DeMaio's laptop screen. But no one would talk about it on the record—until yesterday, when former Councilmember Donna Frye brought it up at a press conference during which she urged voters to pick incumbent Rep. Scott Peters over DeMaio for the 52nd District congressional seat. Frye mentioned it in response to U-T San Diego reporter Mark Walker asking her to expand on a comment she'd made about DeMaio exhibiting "behavior unbecoming of a public servant." ...
Read more 2014-10-30

Gag rule proposed by Civic San Diego board chair

Latest move in the fight over redevelopment 2.0

The war among Civic San Diego’s board of directors continues. On one side, there are those who want elected officials to closely regulate the city-owned nonprofit. On the other, there are those vying for as much autonomy as possible. The most recent salvo came from board Chair Cynthia Morgan, who last week proposed a gag rule for board members. ...
Read more 2014-10-28
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