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Sordid Tales
How can so many people be wrong about something for so long?
There She Goz
Children’s center is training tiny, adorable consumers
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City takes a slow and careful approach to the public-art gem
Rosemary Summers succeeded in 2013, and her parents want justice
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Kearny Mesa Chinese place serves the best potstickers and xiao long bao in town



Innocent Alpine resident detained for a week

San Diego County faces federal lawsuit in a case of mistaken identity

On Jan. 13, 2014, two sheriff’s deputies approached a man at his home in Alpine, placed him in handcuffs and said they were taking him into custody for escaping from prison nearly 30 years ago. Standing in his driveway, James Soler and his wife protested, arguing that there must have been some mistake.

By Joshua Emerson Smith
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Last Blog on Earth

What Donna Frye said at yesterday's anti-Carl DeMaio press conference--with video!

During his tenure on the San Diego City Council, rarely did Carl DeMaio not have his laptop open during council meetings. Was he taking notes? Being eco-friendly by not printing up docket material? Maybe. But it was pretty well-known that he was also working on personal business. Staffers would even take covert cellphone photos of DeMaio's laptop screen. But no one would talk about it on the record—until yesterday, when former Councilmember Donna Frye brought it up at a press conference during which she urged voters to pick incumbent Rep. Scott Peters over DeMaio for the 52nd District congressional seat. Frye mentioned it in response to U-T San Diego reporter Mark Walker asking her to expand on a comment she'd made about DeMaio exhibiting "behavior unbecoming of a public servant." ...
Read more 2014-10-30

Gag rule proposed by Civic San Diego board chair

Latest move in the fight over redevelopment 2.0

The war among Civic San Diego’s board of directors continues. On one side, there are those who want elected officials to closely regulate the city-owned nonprofit. On the other, there are those vying for as much autonomy as possible. The most recent salvo came from board Chair Cynthia Morgan, who last week proposed a gag rule for board members. ...
Read more 2014-10-28

Former DeMaio deputy campaign manager says Todd Bosnich was not fired for plagiarism

To swat down allegations that he sexually harassed former staffer Todd Bosnich, Carl DeMaio has insisted that Bosnich is retaliating after being fired for plagiarizing a May 12 report on congressional pensions. Bosnich has countered that he was fired because he confronted DeMaio on his inappropriate behavior and refused to accept $50,000 in hush money.Earlier this week, Alison Rentschler, who worked as DeMaio's deputy campaign manager for several weeks this past spring—before leaving to work for the San Diego County Republican Party—sent CityBeat a statement, saying that Bosnich "is an honest and trustworthy person" who wasn't fired for plagiarism. CityBeat gave the DeMaio campaign a day-and-a-half to respond, but received no comment. Here's Rentschler's full statement: ...
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