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Wacky Wonky Walk & Kids Festival Oct 25, 2014 A walk and festival featuring a Willy Wonka theme, games and activities everywhere. There will also be Phil's BBQ available for purchase and proceeds benefit the San Diego Center for Children. 88 other events on Saturday, October 25
Adaptation of Patricia Highsmith novel tops our coverage of movies screening around town
Steve Martin and Edie Brickell’s musical leads our rundown of local plays
City’s contract tweaks both tighten and loosen requirements
A review of Cygnet Theatre’s production of Sam Shepard drama tops our coverage of local plays
From San Diego City Council and Congress to Secretary of State and all the proposition, we have your ballot covered



Meet the men poised to open San Diego's first legal medi-pot shop

For these entrepreneurs, helping sick people will likely be profitable

Nearly six months after the city began taking applications, David Blair, last week, became the first person in the city’s history approved to run a dispensary. 

By Joshua Emerson Smith
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Last Blog on Earth

Former DeMaio deputy campaign manager says Todd Bosnich was not fired for plagiarism

To swat down allegations that he sexually harassed former staffer Todd Bosnich, Carl DeMaio has insisted that Bosnich is retaliating after being fired for plagiarizing a May 12 report on congressional pensions. Bosnich has countered that he was fired because he confronted DeMaio on his inappropriate behavior and refused to accept $50,000 in hush money.Earlier this week, Alison Rentschler, who worked as DeMaio's deputy campaign manager for several weeks this past spring—before leaving to work for the San Diego County Republican Party—sent CityBeat a statement, saying that Bosnich "is an honest and trustworthy person" who wasn't fired for plagiarism. CityBeat gave the DeMaio campaign a day-and-a-half to respond, but received no comment. Here's Rentschler's full statement: ...
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Offensive email from Carl DeMaio targets Scott Peters' campaign staffer

Congressional candidate Carl DeMaio wants voters to know that he's down with the whole women's rights thing: access to birth control, equal pay, etc. But, behind the scenes, if you're a woman he disagrees with, you could be the subject of ridicule.On Jan. 22, DeMaio sent an email to two members of his staff, campaign spokesperson Dave McCulloch and then-policy director Todd Bosnich (Bosnich has accused DeMaio of sexually harassing him and trying to buy his silence). The email's subject line is "Kate Lyon" and includes a photo of an overweight woman wearing a bra and eating what looks to be a Twinkie chicken nugget. (The woman in the photo is not Lyon.) Based on the email's metadata, it appears to be authentic. ...
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Todd Bosnich didn't go to CNN or police with harassment allegations against Carl DeMaio

In a CNN story last week about allegations that he'd sexually harassed Todd Bosnich, his former policy director, Carl DeMaio claimed that the "troubled" young man had gone to the media as retribution for being fired. But, save for a June 2 interview with KFMB's Mike Slater that never aired, Bosnich didn't go to the media. It was CNN who contacted Bosnich about the alleged sexual harassment, said his attorney, Bibi Fell. ...
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