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1492: Conquest of Paradise Jul 28, 2014 Gérard Depardieu plays Christopher Columbus in Ridley Scott’s big-budget telling of the “discovery” of the Americas. This film is presented as part of Film in the Garden, the Museum's Monday night sundown film series in the May S. Marcy Sculpture Garden. 65 other events on Monday, July 28
San Diego planning director’s uphill battle to create walkable communities
Documentary about the famous film critic leads our rundown of movies screening around town
Kevin Faulconer should follow Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins’ lead
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Painter spends plenty of time curating and exhibiting interesting work online
Arts & Culture feature
A look at the late architect's lasting impacts as his murderer faces 15 years to life



If San Diego politics were ‘Star Wars’

Re-casting the original trilogy with local politicos

 If there’s one thing we CityBeatniks love more than Star Wars and politics, it’s reducing politicians to overly simplistic archetypes of good and evil. 

By David Rolland
Editorial Bad affordable-housing deal for San Diego JUL 23 | By CityBeat Staff Fast sunset provision, no annual adjustment should send it back to the negotiating table
Spin Cycle Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s Illumina-ting pitch JUL 22 | By John R. Lamb Digging into the DNA of a company deal
News A day at John school JUL 09 | By Joshua Emerson Smith Guys who buy sex from prostitutes face their behavior head on in court-ordered program
News An interview with the sheriff’s chief medical officer JUL 16 | By Kelly Davis Dr. Alfred Joshua talks about reducing deaths in San Diego County jails
Editorial Murrieta spectacle was far worse than ‘ugly’ JUL 09 | By CityBeat Staff Kevin Faulconer should follow Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins’ lead
Spin Cycle Sierra Fight Club JUL 09 | By John R. Lamb San Diego court case focused on local-chapter powers of grassroots organizations

Last Blog on Earth

What prompted advocates for juvenile detainees to file a complaint against San Diego County

Summaries of more than a dozen disturbing incidents

Dave Maass contributed to this post.Earlier today, the San Francisco-based Youth Law Center (YLC) and a coalition of nine civil-rights groups announced that they'd filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Justice over pepper-spray abuses in San Diego County juvenile-detention facilities. The 34-page complaint, which follows CityBeat's reporting on the excessive use of pepper spray in county juvenile facilities, highlights dozens of troubling examples of the chemical—also referred to as OC (oleoresin capsicum)—being used indiscriminately on kids who posed no physical threat to staff. More than 70 percent of juvenile-detention facilities in the U.S. forbid the use of pepper spray on detainees. But, as we reported in a longer story on the complaint, "... probation staff sprayed youth at risk for suicide; youth who simply were disobedient; youth with respiratory, cardiovascular and skin problems; and youth being treated with psychotropic medication." The complaint highlights, too, probation's use of solitary confinement as a form of punishment—a practice that's been widely condemned by experts—as well as cases where suicidal female detainees were ordered to strip naked in front of male staff, a violation of the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act. The complaint asks the DOJ to conduct its own investigation of the probation department's policies and procedures governing the use of OC spray and require probation to "adopt policies that eliminate the use of OC spray in its juvenile facilities."Through a public-records request, Youth Law Center obtained two years' worth of incident reports from county probation. Below, we've included, verbatim from the complaint, summaries of some of the more troubling incidents. ...
Read more 2014-07-28

UC San Diego's Books for Prisoners downgraded to a storage closet

Student-run group has to move out of the space it's occupied for nearly six years

Volunteers with Books for Prisoners are trying to figure out how to cram dozens of boxes of donated books—tomes that had once filled more than 600 square feet of space—into a storage room one-sixth that size. The UCSD student-run group, which, since 2001, has provided prison inmates with free books, was told last month that they had to vacate the space they’d been using for almost six years. ...
Read more 2014-07-24

San Diego's frozen funding pipe

Prop. A is preventing the city from accessing millions of state water and sewer dollars

Read more 2014-07-15

Affordable-housing compromise proposed

Housing Commission and business group to pitch plan to City Council committee next week

The San Diego Housing Commission next week will propose to the City Council's Smart Growth and Land Use Committee a new plan for funding affordable housing and making market-rate housing cheaper.Here'...
Read more 2014-07-09
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