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Barrio Art Crawl Aug 30, 2014 A free self guided tour consisting of murals, open studios, galleries, and local businesses throughout the Barrio Logan Arts District at places like La Bodega Gallery, Roots Factory, Union Barrio Logan, Glashaus, and more. 74 other events on Saturday, August 30
How one case study could potentially transform City Heights
The Floating Library
What inspired me as I wrote my first novel
Desert Line leaseholder likely claimed fake asset
Arts & Culture feature
Second in a two-part series about how the county does and doesn’t support cultural organizations
Last Blog on Earth | News
Abrupt departure raises question about the future of smart growth in San Diego


Music feature

Terry Malts’ punk is scuzzy and wonderfully weird

Trio’s latest EP focuses on pop hooks

The promotional blurb that accompanies Terry Malts’ new Insides EP floats the idea that this might be the band’s most “pop” effort yet.

By Ben Salmon
A Trolley Show

The Plastic Revolution: A Trolley Show

San Diego pop-punks perform 'Since You Left' on the MTS

As our music editor, Jeff Terich, can tell you, I’m an unapologetic fan of pop-punk. It’s not something I’m particularly proud of—and I’ve tried to deny it during certain periods of my life—but I’ve come to terms with it.

By Ryan Bradford
If I Were U

Drive Like Jehu, Nik Turner’s Hawkwind and more San Diego concerts

The Rosebuds, Creedle, Men Without Hats and all the other shows we’re stoked about this week

It's been a little shy of 20 years since Drive Like Jehu last performed on stage together, and they're finally doing a show, and it's going to be bonkers.

By Jeff Terich
Notes from the Smoking Patio Desert Suns turn up the fuzz on their debut album AUG 26 | By Jeff Terich Band is ‘desert rock’ in spirit, if not location
Notes from the Smoking Patio Drive Like Jehu reunite for one show AUG 26 | By Jeff Terich Band's first performance in 19 years will be at Spreckels Organ Pavilion
Music feature Benjamin Booker keeps it simple AUG 20 | By Jeff Terich Singer / songwriter plays a manic, raw style of punk-blues
Notes from the Smoking Patio 8 best Hot Snakes songs AUG 19 | By Jeff Terich A brief hits collection of the punk rockers’ greatest

Check 1, Check 2

Nine Inch Nails live at Sleep Train Amphitheatre

Industrial legends soundtrack a baffling arena sideshow

I've never been much of a fan of seeing shows in arenas or stadiums. And yet, I've still seen my share—David Bowie at Irvine Meadows, Garbage at RIMAC, an FM 94/9 Christmas show about four years ago...
Read more 2014-08-22

Drive Like Jehu reunites

Band playing free show at Balboa Park

It's finally happening. After 20 years, Drive Like Jehu has announced that they're getting back together. Pretty much since the local post-hardcore outfit broke up in 1994, fans have been clamoring for a reunion—and that includes me—though the best we ever got were some pretty frustrating hoaxes. ...
Read more 2014-08-19

San Diego Music Awards announce nominees

The Burning of Rome, Little Hurricane top the list of nominated artists

It's San Diego Music Awards season, and this year's nominees have just been announced. There are a lot of worthy entries on the long list of nominations, including local MVPs The Burning of Rome, Little Hurricane and The Midnight Pine, as well as newcomers like Soft Lions and hard-working underdogs like Eukaryst, who are profiled in this week's CityBeat.And then there's Jason Mraz and Switchfoot. It wouldn't be the San Diego Music Awards without a few ringers, no matter how cliche it is for Switchfoot's name to show up—again. But Jason Mraz seems a little more of a stretch. Is Mraz even really a "San Diego artist" at this point? I'm inclined to say no, considering he's only scheduled three shows here this year, all in stadium-sized venues and all sold out. That, to me, doesn't say "local artist," but your mileage may vary. In any case, here's the full list of nominees: ...
Read more 2014-08-11

Interview: Boris

Tokyo trio discuss their changing sound and new album

This week’s CityBeat features an overview of the experimental, shape-shifting Tokyo trio Boris, whose new album Noise was released last month via Sargent House. The group’s sound is a bit difficult to pinpoint, since all of their albums sound pretty radically different from one another. But the one (almost) constant in their sound is heavy rock ‘n’ roll—in various shapes and forms.I conducted an email interview with the band’s guitarist Takeshi and drummer Atsuo through a translator, in which the group discussed their changing sound, different versions of their albums, and the departure of fourth member Michio Kurihara. ...
Read more 2014-07-18

Che Cafe granted a stay in court

Venue gets more time to fight eviction

After months of setbacks, The Che Café got a victory during a court hearing today, which allows it to remain in its current space until September. A judge ruled that the Che can remain in possession ...
Read more 2014-07-11
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1812 Tchaikovsky Spectacular Aug 30, 2014 Music San Diego Symphony Summer Pops' spectacular, crowd-pleasing finale. Tchaikovsky’s thunderous 1812 Overture conducted by Matthew Garbutt with special guests Navy Band Southwest, complete with booming cannons and fireworks over San Diego Bay. Read more 4 other events on Saturday, August 30
BanjoJam Weekend Aug 30, 2014 Music An entire weekend devoted to all things banjo. There will be a concert from George Yellich's Ragtime Banjo Band on Friday, as well as film screenings, jam sessions and classes for adults and kids. See website for full schedule. Read more 4 other events on Saturday, August 30
Reggae Fest Aug 30, 2014 Music Reggae band Devastators and DJ Carlos Culture will play throughout the race day and then Hirie will be followed by the headliner, reggae legend Ziggy Marley. Read more 4 other events on Saturday, August 30
Santiago Aug 30, 2014 Music A special performance from a member of Todo Mundo who is known for blending the musical flavors of rumba, reggae, samba, gypsy, and other South American and Caribbean rhythms. Read more 4 other events on Saturday, August 30
Waterfront Live Concert Aug 30, 2014 Music Artists such as Bryan B. William, The Tilt, The Lovebirds and Playfight will perform as part of the Waterfront Park's free, outdoor concerts that are perfect for all ages. Read more 4 other events on Saturday, August 30