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Star Spangled Pops Jul 03, 2015 Celebrate Independence Day as principal pops conductor Bill Conti leads a patriotic extravaganza featuring all-American hits, a fireworks display and an appearance from American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez. 80 other events on Friday, July 3
Local experts say tech privacy is a thing of the past
North Fork
Unexpected German menu is worth visit to Oceanside tavern
Seen Local
The graphic designer turned body painter leverages an already successful career into an appearance on GSN’s 'Skin Wars'
Notes from the Smoking Patio
Local alternative band reuniting at The Casbah
CityBeat Podcasts
Ed Decker talks with Berkley Hart


Arts & Culture feature

Kathleen Mitchell’s painful passion

Scalped in a freak accident, the glass artist isn’t letting fear crush her creativity

Kathleen Mitchell pinned up her long hair, put on goggles and other protective gear and stepped up to her lathe, a beastly vintage German-made machine used for polishing, engraving and texturing. She leaned in slightly to inspect the glass vase she was shining and, in an instance, her hair fell from the clips...

By Kinsee Morlan
Seen Local Rethinking the San Diego Art Prize JUN 29 | By Kinsee Morlan Organizers are proposing big changes set to take effect next year
Hidden San Diego Finding Buddha JUN 29 | By Jessica Johnson A somewhat enlightening hike to Van Dam Peak
Crossword Crossword: 'Mic drop' JUN 30 | By Brendan Emmett Quigley CityBeat's weekly puzzle
There She Goz From cock to mock JUN 22 | By Alex Zaragoza Catania is the place to be when you’re suddenly sober
Seen Local Don Porcella's collaborations with a dead oil painter JUN 24 | By Kinsee Morlan The outsider artist works with his studio's ghost for his first-ever solo show in San Diego
Seen Local Christopher Puzio's work is popping up everywhere JUN 24 | By Seth Combs The metal sculptor unveils new sculptures at the downtown Central Library
On the Cover On the cover: Carolyn Ramos JUN 24 | CityBeat's art director concocted The Usual Suspects homage for our Drink Issue
No Life Offline Final contradictions JUN 15 | By Dave Maass This is how we say goodbye on the Internet
Well, That Was Awkward

Just two dudes watching 'Magic Mike XXL,' no big deal

Venturing boldly into the cougars' lair, understanding Channing Tatum and drowning in whoos

Bodies glisten with sweat. They writhe together. You feel dirty looking, yet you can't look away. Nobody looks comfortable, but they're not not enjoying it. This is the line of people waiting to get into the advance screening of Magic Mike XXL on a hot Wednesday evening at the AMC in Mission Valley.

By Ryan Bradford


'Magic Mike XXL' aims to please in more ways that one

Channing Tatum and his buff brothers return in a surprisingly smart and seamless sequel

Magic Mike XXL hardly resembles its predecessor in tone. Replacing the somber "great recession" subtext is a classical and expressive spin on the road film. 

By Glenn Heath Jr.

The Short List Booked for the Evening, Chicano-Con & more Fourth of July might be the event highest on everyone's minds this week, but rather than hit you with a silly list of all-too-obvious places to watch the fireworks, we'll just ignore all the red, white and blue in favor of an under-the-radar soiree.
Theater 'Twelfth Night' like you’ve never seen it You’ll be hard-pressed to find a production of Twelfth Night as beautifully conceived as the one that just opened the Old Globe Theatre’s Summer Shakespeare Festival.
Film 'Terminator: Genisys' can’t spell, or do much of anything right And just when sequels seemed enjoyable again. Fresh off of the pure joy and exhilaration that is Magic Mike XXL, now we must endure Terminator: Genisys


Annie Preece intertwines an octopus with an elephant

The Carlsbad Art Wall gets an awesome new paint job

Earlier this year, we watched Los Angeles-based artist bumblebeelovesyou paint a child playing with a cootie catcher on the east-facing outside wall of Señor Grubby’s. In May, Morley brought his in...
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Art Transports Us Out of Bounds: Prison Arts in San Diego Jul 03, 2015 Art An exhibition showcasing two- and three-dimensional pieces made by inmates currently participating in an eight month course organized by Project PAINT: The Prison Arts INiTiative. Read more 15 other events on Friday, July 3
blue in your body, red when it hits the air Jul 03, 2015 Art Los Angeles-based artist Sarah Cain’s first solo museum project includes her paintings on canvas appearing next to works by other artists—all selected by Cain. Read more 15 other events on Friday, July 3
Both Sides of the Pacific Jul 03, 2015 Art Artist Walfrido Garcia shows off new paintings of ocean views and sunsets. Read more 15 other events on Friday, July 3