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Mother Goose Parade Nov 23, 2014 The largest parade in San Diego County featuring more than 100 colorful and exciting parade entries, motorized floats, marching bands and drill units, and, of course, Santa Claus. 61 other events on Sunday, November 23
The Floating Library
A work of historical fiction with a speculative twist
Backwards & in High Heels
Let’s move this time machine to 2014, shall we?
New indie film starring Shailene Woodley tops our coverage of movies screening around town
New Christopher Nolan epic leads our rundown of movies screening around town
First production by the latest troupe to launch in San Diego leads our rundown of local plays


Arts & Culture feature

Head Crammers

Crush these chunks of culture into your cranium

CityBeat staff recommends its current media obsessions, including pop culture, podcasts, books, web series, and apps.

By CityBeat Staff
Film ‘Foxcatcher’ tells an icy, brooding true-crime story NOV 19 | By Glenn Heath Jr. Mark Ruffalo is astonishing in Bennett Miller’s humorless sports film
Seen Local Meet our cover artist, Natalie Bessell NOV 19 | By Kinsee Morlan Find the funky, lighthearted artwork of the young La Jolla native at casual café shows for now
Seen Local Innovators behind Domestic Stencilworks turn food into design NOV 17 | By Kinsee Morlan Alex White and John Mohr use natural dyes in their printing work and launch Kickstarter to expand
Crossword Crossword: 'Broken records' NOV 19 | By Brendan Emmett Quigley CityBeat's weekly puzzle
Film ‘Rosewater’ takes aim at blind fundamentalism NOV 11 | By Glenn Heath Jr. Jon Stewart’s directorial debut unsuccessfully blends comedy and drama in a story of imprisoned journalist
No Life Offline If you were my sugar cyber-Santa NOV 10 | By Dave Maass These are the top-dollar tech gifts (and a couple cheap ones) I want this December
Arts & Culture feature For Diana Duval, art is anything but easy NOV 12 | By Kinsee Morlan Homelessness, cancer and loss of a leg haven’t stopped the struggling-but-skilled San Diego artist
Seen Local Dave Ghilarducci makes moving, anti-authoritarian art NOV 10 | By Kinsee Morlan San Diegan’s upcoming solo show includes electronic, interactive work that prompts people to question power
Well, That Was Awkward

Adversity, identity and xistentialism with Mr. Xtreme

The differences between a 30-year-old writer and a real-life superhero are slim

Mr. Xtreme greets me with a firm handshake. He’s short but built like a football linebacker. He wears a green helmet and body armor accentuated by a yellow XJL flag that flows beautifully, majestically behind him. He looks like if a Ninja Turtle did it with a tank.

By Ryan Bradford

The Floating Library

The Marlowe drive of Juniper Song

Steph Cha’s new detective novel, ‘Beware Beware,’ follows the footsteps of Raymond Chandler’s famous gumshoe

Much like her fictional forebear, Philip Marlowe, Juniper Song drinks heavily, smokes like a chimney and calls Los Angeles home. 

By Jim Ruland

The Short List Owl in the Daylight: A Tribute to Phillip K. Dick, Makers Arcade and Ingenious! The World of Dr. Seuss There’s a lot to like about Philip K. Dick. Even those who haven’t read the author’s inventive, reality-altering, science-fiction novels have likely encountered and enjoyed his work.
Theater Enron relived at Moxie Theatre Try this just for fun: Ask the next 10 people you meet to explain the 2001 Enron scandal to you. Odds are, most of them will say they’ve heard of Enron and they knew there was some scandal involving it, but that’d be it.
Film ‘The Better Angels’ is a Colonial Calvin Klein ad Having worked as an editor on To the Wonder, director A.J. Edwards seemingly adopted (or perhaps stole) the Terrence Malick touch for The Better Angels.


North Park at night, mid-century design and more to do and see this week

Our weekly Red List round-up

'Hood hopNorth Park can seem like two different neighborhoods, transforming from a blue-collar family district—complete with a local hardware store—during the day to urban hotspot at night. And a number of small businesses are attempting to cater to both locals and the Uber crowd. Exhibit A: North Park After Dark, which gives folks the best of both worlds. From 6 to 9 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 20, after the sun goes down and the bars start to buzz, more than three dozen businesses will offer refreshments, special deals and holiday-themed entertainment. Visit at least 10 participating spots and be entered into a raffle featuring more than $800 in prizes. Use the parking structure at 30th Street and North Park Way, and show' em that your locally made, hand-crafted boots were made for walking....
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Quartet Nov 23, 2014 Art New works from four artists (two painters and two photographers), Catherine Macdonald, Caroline Morse, Jeffery Brosbe and Ed Sweed. Read more 0 other events on Sunday, November 23
Nature's Artistry Nov 24, 2014 Art New oil paintings from Hooshan Yashar about the beauty of nature, specifically in California. It includes seascapes, coastal scenes and landscapes. Read more 0 other events on Monday, November 24
Art of Zodiac Nov 25, 2014 Art Curated by Thumbprint Gallery, this one night only group exhibition will feature artwork inspired by zodiac signs from Amy Dang, Evgola, Jared Lazar and over a dozen more. Read more 0 other events on Tuesday, November 25