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GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS Jul 25, 2014 New mixed-media works from local artists Jaclyn Rose and Carly Ealey, which explores the trials and tribulations of womanhood in this strange new world. 84 other events on Friday, July 25
San Diego planning director’s uphill battle to create walkable communities
Documentary about the famous film critic leads our rundown of movies screening around town
Urban Scout
Barry Bell and Mark Quint peddle strange and wonderful stuff at their occasional sales
Seen Local
Painter spends plenty of time curating and exhibiting interesting work online
Kevin Faulconer should follow Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins’ lead


Arts & Culture feature

Comic-Con vs. the Bechdel Test

Popular fiction has evolved, but big-time fails in female representation mean the challenge is still relevant

The Bechdel Test is a simple thought experiment that requires works of fiction to feature at least two female characters talking to each other about something other than a dude. It’s a ridiculously low bar that a surprising number of contemporary works fail to reach.

By Kinsee Morlan
Arts & Culture feature On drawing women JUL 23 | By Seth Combs Comic-book artists discuss perpetuating an anatomical archetype some consider offensive
Film Comic-con and box-office receipts are in a serious relationship JUL 22 | By Glenn Heath Jr. Annual mega-convention has us thinking about the summer of 2015, which may be the biggest ever
Urban Scout Shopping in Carlsbad Village JUL 21 | By Nina Sachdev Hoffmann An evening stroll yields some retail scores
Seen Local Stay strange, Comic-Con JUL 21 | By Kinsee Morlan Weird and sordid superheroes on parade at Space 4 Art
Seen Local A pop-up art exhibition for the Comic-Con crowd JUL 21 | By Susan Myrland ArtExpo features more than 100 artists, crafters and authors in an alternative fair, plus a lowbrow, graphic-narrative, outsider and comic-art exhibition
Film Richard Linklater and ‘Boyhood’ JUL 15 | By Glenn Heath Jr. Writer and director of epic new movie talks family, parenting and coming-of-age
Seen Local ‘Paranoia, Mind control, and the Art of Suggestion’ opens JUL 14 | By Kinsee Morlan Outsider-art exhibition kicks around weird possibilities and controversial themes
There She Goz Thirty, dirty and striving JUL 11 | By Alex Zaragoza Revisiting my teenage dreams upon hitting three decades
Arts & Culture feature

Pitting summer blockbusters against the Bechdel Test

We ran summer-movie trailers against the seemingly easy-to-pass scrutiny, and the results weren’t pretty

Onward with another summer of movie trailers! Onward with another year of supporting the white / hetero / male-dominated pop-cultural infrastructure while we continue our slow trudge to the grave!

By Ryan Bradford

Arts & Culture feature

No-badge-needed events for the Comic-Con crowd

Lots of stuff going, even if you’re not one of the lucky few

As Comic-Con grows in popularity, so do the options for those who couldn’t score a badge. Each year brings more parties, pop-ups, zombie walks and just plain weirdness.

By Susan Myrland

The Short List Judah Friedlander, Creative Nights and Horizon "I am a role model. I am the greatest martial artist on the planet," the actor and standup comic tells CityBeat with his trademark deadpan delivery. "But I'm also going to be the next president of the United States." 
Theater Out of anesthesia and into the—piano? San Diego’s big-name theaters have unveiled two very different productions: a harrowing history story at La Jolla Playhouse and, at The Old Globe, a reimagining of a musical that was born there.
Film Paul Eenhoorn on acting and ‘Land Ho!’ The film explores themes of transition, emotional release and friendship in a tender way. It hinges entirely on the chemistry of the actors. 


Meet the San Diegostucks subculture

As the Comic-Con crowd rolls into town, we take a moment to hang out with local fans of the web comic, 'Homestuck'

At Mission Beach, San Diegostucks sticks out, even from a distance. Amid scattered groups of people barbecuing and soaking up the sun, there's a crowd of more than 30, costumed in everything from horns and gray paint to homemade tattoos. Someone runs by with an inflatable sword, pretending to murder others. An impromptu dance number breaks out around a speaker. It's a study in organized chaos; the everyday folks surrounding the group appear to be at a loss for how to handle them. ...
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GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS Jul 25, 2014 Art New mixed-media works from local artists Jaclyn Rose and Carly Ealey, which explores the trials and tribulations of womanhood in this strange new world. Read more 4 other events on Friday, July 25
ArtExpo SD Jul 25, 2014 Art A curated selection of emerging artists and DIY creatives who specialize in graphic novels, hand-made objects, zines, prints, original artwork, toys, silkscreens, and collectibles. Artists include Cathie Bleck, Joel Nakamura, Richard Downs and many more. Read more 4 other events on Friday, July 25
Clive Barker: Parade Jul 25, 2014 Art An exhibit of erotic art from the legendary English author, film director, video game designer and visual artist best known for his work in both fantasy and horror fiction. Read more 4 other events on Friday, July 25