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Zoltan Kaszas Apr 20, 2014 The recent winner of the inaugural San Diego Comedy Festival and the Seattle Comedy Festival. 50 other events on Sunday, April 20
Canvassed | Art & culture
A tale of near-death, bloody steaks and unprecedented opulence
Why the city can’t maintain enough emergency trucks
Documentary about ill-fated project leads our rundown of movies screening around town
Arts & Culture feature
What could’ve been, what could be and what’s actually happening with the embattled 2015 celebration
Seen Local
San Diego artist’s site-specific installation explores conspiracy theories


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Canvassed | Art & culture 04.17.2014 3 days ago

Celebrating Chicano Park, wine paired with words and more to do this week

Our weekly Red List round-up

- By CityBeat Staff

Digable festival

On April 22, 1970, the residents of Barrio Logan began a 12-day occupation of a space that the City Council had designated for a park in their neighborhood—a space that a construction crew was about to turn into a parking lot. That 250-person group’s grassroots community triumph against authority is being remembered this month as Chicano Park celebrates its 44th anniversary with the annual Chicano Park Day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, April 19. True to those who made the park a reality, this year’s theme is “The Land Belong to Those Who Work It,” and the celebration will feature traditional music and dance; live performances from Chocolate Revolution, Los Nativos, Sumatra and Big Quarters; a lowrider display organized by the Amigos Car Club; and food and arts and crafts vendors. The event is free and open to all ages.

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Canvassed | Art & culture 04.16.2014 4 days ago

San Diego Opera board member's 2013 memo reads like a crystal ball

- By Kinsee Morlan

A letter circulating among members of the "White Knight Committee," a group that formed to help save the San Diego Opera, which voted in March to close the institution come April 29, indicates that board members and management knew the longtime arts organization was in serious trouble as early as the fall of 2013 and failed to successfully respond to the warnings.

Written by attorney and San Diego Opera board member Courtney Coyle (who couldn't be immediately reached for comment) and sent to both board members and non-board members, the Sept. 15, 2013, letter states that it was written at "a time of great uncertainty to our beloved Opera." 

"Ticket sales and revenues are down the last several years," Coyle writes. "The Kroc fund, which has been used to maintain high artistic quality—and to balance the budget—will be depleted within a year."

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Canvassed | Art & culture 04.14.2014 6 days ago

Landmark Theatres' Ken Cinema gives 30-day notice

Iconic theater will close its doors on April 27

- By Kinsee Morlan

Landmark Theatres' Ken Cinema is FIN

According to the owners of the property housing the iconic Ken Cinema, Landmark Theatres recently gave its 30-day notice and won't be renewing its lease. The last scheduled day of showings at the Ken are April 27, and neighboring businesses say tentative plans include letting staffers curate the last few weeks' worth of movies.

Guy Hanford, who owns and operates Kensington Video, calls the closure a huge loss for San Diego.

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Canvassed | Art & culture 04.11.2014 9 days ago

San Diego Museum of Art is smelling sweet

I popped by SDMA's Art Alive affair this morning and got all kinds of great photos; you only get to see the one

- By Kinsee Morlan

Interpreting artwork as floral arrangements seems a bit like dancing about architecture. Representing the other-worldliness of a Salvador Dali painting with a bouquet of flowers is no easy feat, and yet, some of San Diego's most creative florists have gone and done it again.

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Canvassed | Art & culture 04.09.2014 11 days ago

I was invited to preview Harrah's SoCal resort's $160 million makeover and will probably not be invited again

A tale of near-death, bloody steaks and unprecedented opulence

- By Ryan Bradford

We were somewhere between the Downtown San Diego and Escondido when the drugs began to take hold.

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Canvassed | Art & culture 04.08.2014 12 days ago

Jazz covers of Stereolab, Digital Gym's birthday, a pig roast and more to do this week

Our weekly Red List round-up

- By CityBeat Staff

Digable Music

All the cool kids are, apparently, heading to Coachella this weekend to catch acts like Future Islands, Goat and Neutral Milk Hotel. But the truly cool kids are saving their dough and hitting up Seven Grand (3054 University Ave., North Park) on Thursday, April 10, where Small Disaster, a quartet headed up by one of San Diego's hardest-working young jazz musicians, Ian Tordella (sax), and featuring Julien Cantelm on drums, Jason Shatli on keyboards and Harley Magsino on bass, will be performing covers of the Beatles, Radiohead, Bjork and Stereolab. Yep—that's right '90s alt-music fans: they'll be translating tunes by the lounge-y, post-rock electro-pop band into jazz. Tordella recorded a couple Stereolab covers for his 2012 album Tragic Comedy and they're mighty fine listening. The show begins at 9 p.m. and there's no cover.

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Canvassed | Art & culture 04.07.2014 13 days ago

Seeing 'Red' at San Diego Rep

Play about artist Mark Rothko is funny and passionate

- By David Coddon

Mark Rothko's studio in the Bowery is not a place for the timid. That's what the obliging young Ken (Jason Maddy) promptly finds out when he becomes an assistant (more like a glorified go-fer, at first) to the lauded abstract expressionist painter. Immediately, the bellowing, salvo-firing Rothko (John Vickery) informs Ken that he's not his friend and he's definitely not his teacher. Yet that's what happens during the course of 90-something minutes in San Diego Repertory Theatre's production of John Logan's Red, directed by Michael Arabian. But before it's over—and it ends all too quickly for this is a fascinating character study of a man who was so much more than just his paintings—Rothko has learned a few things about himself from Ken, though he's loathe to admit it.

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Canvassed | Art & culture 04.01.2014 19 days ago

Tattoo art, beer, bidding the Opera farewell + a breakdancing White Rabbit

- By CityBeat Staff

Digable art

It used to be that tattoos were less about art and more about showing membership in a group or subculture—a gang, the military. These days, tattoos have been elevated to artform and you'll easily find folks who are as skilled with a tattoo gun as a traditional artist is with a paintbrush. Find some examples of exceptional local talent (like John Sabin, whose work is shown here) at Toe the Line Two, an exhibition of the work of 19 San Diego tattoo artists at Jett Gallery (989 West Kalmia St., Little Italy). A reception, happening from 7 to 11 p.m.Saturday, April 5, includes a live music by Grampadrew, beer from Green Flash and a raffle featuring prints from the show to benefit the Wounded Warrior Fund. The website sd-too.com has the full line-up and examples of each artist's work.

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Canvassed | Art & culture 04.01.2014 19 days ago

A Ship in the Woods opens a new storefront

Alternative art space brings its brand of cutting-edge art and performances to Del Mar's Flower Hill Promenade

- By Kinsee Morlan

Experimental art just found a new home inside a North County shopping mall. 

A Ship in the Woods, the mid-century Del Mar home that’s been doubling as an alternative gallery and hosting edgy exhibitions, an artists-in-residence program, film screenings, live music and other creative happenings since 2010, is opening a new storefront gallery at Flower Hill Promenade (2720 Via de la Valle) in Del Mar. The arts nonprofit will hold a casual soft opening from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, April 4.

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Canvassed | Art & culture 04.01.2014 19 days ago

Click to listen Episode 17 - Sordid Tales the Podcast

Ed Decker chats with Lucia Tulumello, former San Diego Police 911 dispatcher Lucia Tulumello

- By CityBeat Staff

On this episode of Sordid Tales the Podcast we have Lucia Tulumello, former San Diego Police 911 dispatcher and author of the new book, 911 What's your Emergency? which contains actual calls that came into the SDPD Communications Division during her 19 years as a 911 Dispatcher. Also on this episode, Ask Sordid Tales your Dumbass Question, Ed Decker's Mandatory Audio Gem of the Month, Jesse pops off, Jeff be mean to Ed and the new ombudsman researches 911 history.

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