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Nite Owls: The Darkroom Apr 24, 2014 A fun music and art mixer for 21to 40-somethings. This one includes a discussion with photographer Omar Lopez, a DJ playing old jazz records, collaborative art projects and darkroom photography activities. 60 other events on Thursday, April 24
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A tale of near-death, bloody steaks and unprecedented opulence
Why the city can’t maintain enough emergency trucks
Meet ‘Jackie,’ one of the many faces of sex-trafficking
Documentary about ill-fated project leads our rundown of movies screening around town
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Wednesday, April 16,2014
Music feature

The evolution of The Men

Brooklyn punk quintet transform again on Tomorrow’s Hits

By Scott McDonald
The Men’s new album, Tomorrow’s Hits—released in March via Sacred Bones Records—is a wild synthesis of all that’s come before it: keys, slide guitar, harmonica and horns over frayed-edge rock ’n’ roll.
Wednesday, November 20,2013
Music feature

Sinéad O’Connor is ready to be happy again

Throughout her 28-year career, Irish chanteuse has gotten a lot off her chest

By Scott McDonald
Sinéad O’Connor is an artist who speaks her mind. Throughout her uncompromising 28-year career—in which she’s released nine critically acclaimed albums—the Irish musician has never been shy about sharing her opinions.
Wednesday, October 9,2013
Music feature

The coronation of King Khan

Infamous garage-rock jester shows his serious side

By Scott McDonald
Notoriety is a funny thing. While the adage that “Any press is good press” still seems to hold true, it’s always tricky business when drunken antics or wild getups steal thunder from a musician’s genuine skills. Such is the case with Arish Ahmad “King” Khan.
Wednesday, November 28,2012
Arts & Culture feature

Christmas-tree violence and chocolate butt plugs

Twisted filmmaker John Waters returns with his twisted live holiday show

By Scott McDonald

John Waters hates Easter. Well, the popular version of it, anyway. Christmas, on the other hand, is a different story.

Tuesday, October 9,2012
Music feature

The freedom of Patti Smith

Punk icon talks about her bestselling book, new solo album and expert note-taking skills

By Scott McDonald
Patti Smith could retire if she wanted to. Her service record to the artistic community was cemented long ago.
Wednesday, April 11,2012
Music feature

Destination: Coachella

From Azealia Banks to Refused, we guide you to the acts you won’t want to miss at the growing desert music festival

By Scott McDonald
I’ve got some news for the naysayers: Coachella isn’t your little bitch anymore. At 13 years old, the Indio festival is all grown up. And it’s done caring about what you think.
Wednesday, August 24,2011
Rockers in Exile

Q&A with Rick Froberg

Obits frontman talks fish tacos, The Casbah and more

By Scott McDonald
Obits frontman Rick Froberg spent 20 years playing guitar and singing in legendary San Diego indie-rock bands Pitchfork, Drive Like Jehu and Hot Snakes.
Wednesday, December 8,2010
Music feature

A lighter shade of wail

Darker My Love aren't just gazing at shoes anymore

By Scott McDonald
Wednesday, October 27,2010

Play it Strange, Some Place Simple and Mixed Race

CD reviews of the latest from The Fresh and Onlys, Martina Topley-Bird and Tricky

By Dryw Keltz, Scott McDonald
Wednesday, October 20,2010

Phosphene Dream, Pattern Grid World and Fields

CD reviews of the latest from The Black Angels, Flying Lotus and Junip

By Scott McDonald, Todd Kroviak