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Tuesday, June 17,2014
Drink Issue

Boozin' with Gilbert Castellanos

Under the weather, a phony piano—no problem for San Diego's jazz king

By D.A. Kolodenko
They took the real piano out of the Turf Club and replaced it with a cheesy Yamaha keyboard. "Yeah, but that piano was a dog," says Gilbert Castellanos, San Diego's brilliant jazz trumpeter.
Tuesday, October 15,2013
Best of 2013

Good morning, Vietnam!

Ba Le French and Banh Mi San Marcos battle for best egg banh mi sandwich

By D.A. Kolodenko
"The banh mi sandwich is really the only good argument for colonialism," wrote American humorist Calvin Trillin. He wasn't making light of colonialism—he was trying to express the sublimity of the sandwich.
Tuesday, June 18,2013
Drink Issue

The perils and pleasures of bitterness

Bitters play a crucial role in the cocktail, but bartenders should be careful

By D.A. Kolodenko
The efforts of newer bars throughout San Diego to make every drink a spectacular event has led to a lot of sloppy cocktailing.
Wednesday, January 30,2013
Arts & Culture feature

A tour through noir writer Jim Thompson’s San Diego

It’s a tale of crime fiction, despair and the bottle

By D.A. Kolodenko

But Chandler isn’t the only legendary crime writer to have lived and written in San Diego. The other is Jim Thompson. Maybe you’ve never heard of him. 

Tuesday, January 15,2013
Retro Issue

Goodbye, Whaling Bar

La Jolla watering hole is gone, but three other mainstays persist in dodging time’s harpoon

By D.A. Kolodenko
One weekend last fall, I took the woman for whom I'd fallen to visit two of my favorite places in San Diego, Kitchen Creek and The Whaling Bar: wilderness and civilization. 
Tuesday, November 20,2012
Inside a Whale's Vagina

Hello, new life

I’m ending this column so I can focus on helping orphans in Mexico

By D.A. Kolodenko
When she was 11, Marzena’s 35-year-old father died of cancer. Four years later, her mother, at age 37, also died of cancer. Relatives decided that 15-year-old Marzena would leave Poland to live with her father’s sister in the United States.
Monday, October 22,2012
Inside a Whale's Vagina

Atop Palomar Mountain

San Diego’s spiritual mecca needs our help

By D.A. Kolodenko
Life is fleeting. It’s good. It’s bad. Then we vanish. It’s pointless one minute and precious the next. Who knows what it’s for?
Monday, September 17,2012
Inside a Whale's Vagina

There are no speakeasies in San Diego

Noble Experiment and Prohibition are more like great saloons

By D.A. Kolodenko
Imagine you’re inside a bar in San Diego. Let’s say it’s in the attic of a shoe-repair shop in a part of town where you don’t want to walk around at night. You can get the password only by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to a post-office box.
Wednesday, August 22,2012
Inside a Whale's Vagina

Soul sores

10 disgraces of San Diego spaces

By D.A. Kolodenko
There may be more pressing misuses of our public and private spaces, like lack of adequate homeless shelters, but these are my 10 pet peeves of the last 10 years. The dominant theme: carelessness.
Wednesday, July 18,2012
Inside a Whale's Vagina

Friday the 13th was just another day

Get over it already!

By D.A. Kolodenko
Last Friday was Friday the 13th! So what? You don’t actually believe that bullshit, do you? Apparently, you do. Or at least a lot of you do.