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World According To... Parker & the Numberman Apr 18, 2014 A Friday night series where Finest City Improv invites a special guest, or guests, to tell real-life stories that FCI's best improvisers then use to create comedic sketches. This week's special guests are local hip-hop act Parker & the Numberman. 57 other events on Friday, April 18
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A tale of near-death, bloody steaks and unprecedented opulence
Why the city can’t maintain enough emergency trucks
Documentary about ill-fated project leads our rundown of movies screening around town
Meet ‘Jackie,’ one of the many faces of sex-trafficking
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What could’ve been, what could be and what’s actually happening with the embattled 2015 celebration


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Monday, March 31,2014
Food Issue

The Food Chain

San Diego County restaurateurs pay it forward

By David Rolland
Last year, The Food Chain™ almost died. Incredibly, getting restaurant people to cooperate with this recurring everyone-wins little feature of mine had become like getting them to stop putting fried
Wednesday, March 19,2014
Editor's Note

SeaWorld: one guy’s take

I don’t really go for the caged-wildlife thing to begin with

By David Rolland
Richard Bloom, a Democrat who represents the Santa Monica area, wants to ban public entertainment involving killer whales, end the captive breeding of whales, bar companies from importing or exporting whales and move SeaWorld’s 10 whales into ocean pens. 
Wednesday, February 26,2014

San Diego seeks to CAP greenhouse gasses

A look at the city’s ambitious plan to clean up its air

By David Rolland


Wednesday, January 29,2014

Meet Carol Kim

She’s the Democrat in the race for San Diego City Council District 6

By David Rolland
Carol Kim believes she’s the first Korean-American to run for elected office in San Diego County, and, to a large extent, she owes the opportunity—along with at least some of her guiding philosophy—to her father.
Wednesday, October 16,2013
Best of 2013

Best of San Diego 2013

Restaurants, bars, nightlife, culture and more compete for our love

By David Rolland

Maybe it was nostalgia for my battle-addled boyhood that caused me to OK the theme suggested by staff writer Alex Zaragoza for this year's Best of San Diego issue, our 11th annual: Take two things that are both really good at the same thing, pit them against one another and declare a winner.

Tuesday, October 15,2013
Best of 2013

Call me Old Fashioned

Alchemy and Polite Provisions battle for best classic cocktail

By David Rolland
Yeah, it was Don Draper who convinced me to make the Old Fashioned my drink of choice—I admit it. Bourbon or rye, bitters, a sweetener and the essence of lemon or orange: so simple, so smooth, so tasty and so very cool. 
Tuesday, September 17,2013

How Donna Frye, Marco Gonzalez and Cory Briggs ended Bob Filner’s political career

For the first time, the trio of progressives talk in detail about why they did what they did

By David Rolland
Frye, Gonzalez and Briggs set Filner's downfall in motion. But why these three? CityBeat interviewed the three of them for nearly six hours in two sittings, and the answer might be unsatisfying to some readers: It just happened.
Wednesday, July 31,2013
Editor's Note

An open letter to Bob Filner

How can you bear going on like this?

By David Rolland
You might learn to be more respectful of women, but the damage is done. You might survive a recall process, but only on technicalities. If a vote were held today on whether you should be mayor, you’d get killed.
Wednesday, July 10,2013

Scott Peters is in a compromising situation

Freshman Congress member wants voters to know he’s a man of moderation

By David Rolland
If you go to the government-transparency website GovTrack.us and look for Scott Peters in its Sponsorship Analysis graph, you’ll find him right where you’d expect him to be—smack in the center.
Wednesday, June 19,2013
Drink Issue

The Drink Issue

Weve had alot od beer, wime abd cpcktails—we lov you soooo mich abd want you to cone over l;ater

By David Rolland
This year’s Drink Issue bears some backlash at the surging craft-cocktail movement, starting with Adam Vieyra’s whimsical photo illustration on the cover depicting a drink containing broccoli, a bar of gold and a toothbrush, among other things.