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Chicano Park Day Apr 19, 2014 Celebrate the park's status as an internationally recognized art site with traditional dance performances, live bands, keynote speeches and a display of classic low-rider cars. 80 other events on Saturday, April 19
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A tale of near-death, bloody steaks and unprecedented opulence
Why the city can’t maintain enough emergency trucks
Documentary about ill-fated project leads our rundown of movies screening around town
Meet ‘Jackie,’ one of the many faces of sex-trafficking
Arts & Culture feature
What could’ve been, what could be and what’s actually happening with the embattled 2015 celebration


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Tuesday, July 24,2012
Cocktail Tales

Seven Grand’s grand experiment

Will North Park embrace an upscale whiskey bar?

By Kelly Davis
It’s tough putting a new bar in North Park—especially one with L.A. ties.
Wednesday, July 11,2012
Urban Scout

Finding geeky goods at Comic-Con

From ray-gun pillows to Tribbles to stuffed testicles, it’s a retail wonderland

By Kelly Davis, Alex Zaragoza
If you’re one of the lucky nerds heading into the loud, sweaty halls of the geek paradise known as Comic-Con, you might be looking to score a few new collectibles.
Tuesday, July 3,2012

Catching up with San Diego County’s legislators

A look at our delegation in Sacramento as they head into the home stretch

By Dave Maass, Kelly Davis, Hutton Marshall
In 2010, San Diego County voters selected 12 fine citizens to represent our region in Sacramento. You might well wonder how hard our legislators fought for us, or whether they spent their time fundraising and partying.
Monday, July 2,2012
Cocktail Tales

Wordly cocktails at Vagabond

South Park spots serves up creative, diverse libations

By Kelly Davis
I had this nagging feeling something was missing from CityBeat’s June 20 Drink Issue. The theme was international. What’s that place that does all those international cocktails?
Wednesday, June 27,2012

Watching the watchdogs

Recent reports raise questions about civil grand jury’s relevance

By Kelly Davis
While it’s not unusual for government officials to disagree with grand jury findings, this report rankled folks—City Councilmember Marti Emerald, in particular.
Tuesday, June 19,2012

Prop. B for ‘bungled’?

District court spanks city of San Diego in latest pension-measure legal challenge

By Kelly Davis
Roughly halfway through his January 2011 State of the City address, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders mentioned his plans to “soon bring to voters” a measure that would switch city workers to a 401(k)-style retirement plan. 
Tuesday, June 19,2012
Drink Issue

Learning to enjoy sake

The ins and outs of Japanese rice wine

By Kelly Davis
Most folks of drinking age can name at least a few wine varietals; many can talk semi-intelligently about beer. But sake? Ask someone what kind they prefer and you’ll probably get “hot” or “cold.”
Wednesday, June 13,2012

Wednesday morning in San Diego

Looking back at what happened on Tuesday, June 5

By David Rolland, Kelly Davis, Dave Maass
Lest you bemoan San Diego’s poor turnout on election night June 5, estimated somewhere between 27 and 37 percent, consider this: Only about 23 percent of the population of the United Kingdom watched the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert, and that featured Paul bloody McCartney.
Monday, June 11,2012
Cocktail Tales

Tears in my tequila

Where to drink away the pain—plus, El Dorado’s new drink menu

By Kelly Davis
There was plenty to be frustrated about last week after the primary election. Voter turnout was pathetic, and some good people were sent packing.
Monday, June 4,2012

Who wants reform?

Police union says politics shelved its pension proposal

By Kelly Davis
The theme driving two local campaigns—City Councilmember Carl DeMaio's bid for mayor and Prop. B, the ballot measure that seeks to overhaul the city’s retirement system—is that labor unions are the taxpayers' adversaries, unwilling to budge on pensions or compensation.