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Wednesday, May 30,2012

San Diego’s new left

How the local progressive movement lost its footing and how it plans to get it back

By Kelly Davis
It's a Saturday morning in late March, and a group of 20- and 30-somethings is gathered in the conference room of a Mission Valley office building. For the next several hours, they’ll learn about political messaging: how to frame an issue, market it and combat opposition.
Wednesday, May 23,2012

Hotel Metro: ‘Very, very depressing’

Downtown low-income housing project needs fixing—and fast

By Kelly Davis
Melissa Harris’ room at Hotel Metro is big enough for her wheelchair, a twin bed, a simple kitchenette (mini-fridge, sink and microwave) and not much else. Still, she describes it as “huge,” just fine for her and Peter David, a sand-colored poodle-terrier mix and her constant companion.
Monday, May 21,2012
Cocktail Tales

Inventive drinks soothe noisy Lion's Share

Marina District spot's drinks rise above the din

By Kelly Davis
Open since early December, Lion’s Shareis located on the quieter end of Kettner Boulevard. 
Wednesday, May 9,2012
Summer guide

‘The Jazz Loft Project,’ ‘Contemporary Art Wins a Beachhead’ and ‘Iconic’

Three local exhibitions reach back and capture what drives creativity

It’s cliché, but whatever: Good art’s always a reaction to something. Three San Diego art exhibitions—two current and one opening May 19—prove this.
Tuesday, May 8,2012
Summer guide

Weekend getaways full of old-timey goodness

Road trips to Las Vegas, Palm Springs and Los Angeles

By Kelly Davis
Rent a Mustang convertible and hit the road for a retro-good time. Here are three destinations and suggestions for where to stay, eat, drink and browse.
Monday, April 30,2012
Cocktail Tales

Propagandist is an escape from Downtown

Underground bar offers refuge and tasty cocktails

By Kelly Davis
At 835 Fifth Ave., there’s a stairway leading underground, its walls papered with posters of down-turned thumbs. At the bottom is The Propagandist.
Wednesday, April 25,2012

Carl DeMaio A to Z

Our case against San Diego's most objectionable politician

By Kelly Davis, David Rolland, Dave Maass
Coherent presentation of all the problems we have with Carl DeMaio’s candidacy for mayor of San Diego cries out for an organizational theme. We’ve chosen the alphabet.
Wednesday, April 25,2012
Far Afield

Undisputed Ones score goals—and set ’em, too

San Diego soccer team hopes to take their game overseas

By Kelly Davis
One side of Rosa Parks Field in City Heights is a patchwork of dust and dry grass. At halftime, Janice Jordan passes around a bag of Halls to her team, the Undisputed Ones— UD1s for short—to soothe dry throats.
Wednesday, April 11,2012

Please, release me

Changes to prison system could spur much-needed bail reform

By Kelly Davis
Clayton Carr makes his way through the maze-like system of San Diego’s Downtown jail—up nine floors, through two security gates, back down seven floors— to a corner desk in the jail’s inmate-processing office.
Monday, April 9,2012
Cocktail Tales

A tax-day cocktail break

The 50/50 at Imperial House, URBN's Ginger Rogers and more of our new cocktail columnist's favorites, plus some booze news

By Kelly Davis
I might not be as well-versed on cocktails as D.A. Kolodenko, who’s been writing this column, or his predecessor, Kinsee Morlan, but, as the new teller of Cocktail Tales, I’m ready to learn.