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Wednesday, October 12,2011
View from a Stool

The Album Leaf in the Mississippi Ballroom

Indie-electro band puts on an engrossing show at a venue built for jazz bands

By Seth Combs
Once LaValle took the stage a little before midnight, joined by a cast of new and old bandmates, the crowd seemed a little restless. Luckily, they stuck around for LaValle’s 13-song set.
Wednesday, October 5,2011

Psychic Dancehall, 'Dreamers' (Art Fag)

Husband-and-wife duo makes the lo-fi equivalent of PDA and pet names

By Seth Combs
Recorded primarily in a San Diego apartment during a rainy winter, Dreamers has roots in both Phil Spector’s “wall of sound” and late-’70s no-wave, but repeated listens reveal an array of influences.
Wednesday, October 5,2011
Shot on Scene

Fall fashion sucks

By Seth Combs
Fall is here, the weather’s getting cooler, and that means I’ll be seeing a lot more stupid headgear at El D’s “Dub Dorado” on Wednesday nights. I thought the whole “spir
Wednesday, September 28,2011
Shot on Scene

Analog's street cred

By Seth Combs
Analog proved its street cred on Saturday night by booking Miami house DJ Lazaro Casanova, all but announcing that it’s gunning for Voyeur's and El Dorado’s PBR dollars. But, alas, even with
Wednesday, September 21,2011
Shot on Scene

Hangin' with Bert & Ernie

By Seth Combs
This space is usually dedicated to nighttime shots, but when everybody’s favorite, uh, domestic partners, are caught drinking Coors and smoking cigs while our photographer is making his way back
Wednesday, September 14,2011
Notes from the Smoking Patio

Where’s your soul, San Diego?

Singer Rodney Hubbard laments the lack of R&B-friendly venues

By Seth Combs
San Diego is the most soulless city I’ve ever been in. OK, before you get all, like, “Oh, that Seth Combs—what an asshole,” or start flooding my editor’s inbox with love-it-or-leave-it letters, let me explain:
Wednesday, September 14,2011

Industry insiders on HookItUpBro.com

Shedding light on San Diego's nightlife scene

By Seth Combs
Dunn says he’s been “overwhelmed by the positivity” from his nightlife peers. Anybody with a story is welcome to contribute, and Dunn is working on a feature that will allow contributors to text stories to the site while still on the job.
Wednesday, September 14,2011
Shot on Scene

Best part of San Diego Music Thing

By Seth Combs
My favorite part of North by North Park, er, North Park Music—um, wait a minute here—San Diego Music Thing? The awesome set from Crystal Antlers at Bar Pink?
Wednesday, September 14,2011
Far Afield

San Diego’s crazy for Zumba

Dance-exercise instructors pay to learn something they already know, but it seems to be worth it

By Seth Combs
Whether Zumba is like Yoga (here to stay) or Tae Bo (a passing trend) remains to be seen. Peña says she’ll continue to teach it primarily because she knows that there are so many people like her in the gym who hate working out on treadmills and spinning classes.
Wednesday, September 7,2011
Shot on Scene

Undressed to impress

The DiscoverSD Hosted No Pants Dance Industry Mankini Competition

By Seth Combs
Voyeur gave Chippendales a run for its money last Tuesday night. Helping raise money for a colleague with steep veterinary bills, dudes from the local nightlife scene undressed to impress for The Disc