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Wednesday, January 4,2012
Shot on Scene

New Year's Eve in the Gaslamp

By Seth Combs
Oh my God, Becky. No, it’s not a Sir Mix-A-Lot video shoot for “Baby Got (Even More) Back”; it’s just one of the many scenes from the Gaslamp Quarter on New Year’s Eve. Let%u2
Wednesday, December 28,2011
Shot on Scene

Milkin' it at El Dorado

By Seth Combs
It’s Christmas night, and the bar just realized that Santa drank all the milk the night before. So, what do you do, hot shot? Grab the nearest guy with man boobs, a pair of scissors and get those
Wednesday, December 28,2011
Music feature

Not one, but five No. 1 albums of 2011

Our writers share their favorite releases of the year

By Seth Combs, Jeff Terich, Quan Vu, Sammi Skolmoski, Peter Holslin
We music writers at CityBeat have diverse, sometimes wildly divergent tastes. So, it’s hard for us to say what album deserves to be called the best in 2011.
Wednesday, December 21,2011
Shot on Scene

Onesie pajama parties are everywhere

By Seth Combs
Since when do the holidays mean getting eggnogged drunk while looking like Ralphie unwrapping a BB gun? Yes, the onesie pajama parties were everywhere last weekend. Whether it was El-D’s Pajama J
Wednesday, December 14,2011
Shot on Scene

El Camino celebrates two years

By Seth Combs
The folks at El Camino spent the entire weekend celebrating the club's second anniversary with local celebutantes coming out en masse to dance to DJs like Hoff and Mike Delgado. But as evidenced by t
Wednesday, December 7,2011
Shot on Scene

Punk Rock vs. Hip-Hop at Tower Bar in City Heights

By Seth Combs
There aren’t that many cool dives left in San Diego that haven’t been taken over by a bunch of fist-pumpers or hipsters (been around 30th and University lately?), but Tower Bar in City Heigh
Wednesday, November 30,2011
Shot on Scene

Cafe Sevilla and Irish piss

By Seth Combs
A whiskey drinker, I’m getting a little sick of all the scenesters co-opting my drink. Seemed like everywhere I looked on Sunday night at Cafe Sevilla’s new club, some trend-hopping boozehou
Wednesday, November 23,2011
Shot on Scene

Ducky-faced suckers

By Seth Combs
The king of the Downtown fist-pumping clubs, Fluxx, went with a rather pedophilic “Sweet Shoppe” aesthetic for its new winter theme, complete with candy-cane forests, go-go dancers inside gi
Wednesday, November 23,2011
Seen Local

San Diego's Game Empire is a lair of love

Freaks, geeks and families flock to a Kearny Mesa strip mall for ultimate gaming glory

By Seth Combs
It’s just another day at Game Empire, the Kearny Mesa store where people with a predilection for roleplaying and fantasy-style games have been congregating for more than a decade.
Wednesday, November 16,2011

A new EP from Gran Sasso

Local indie-rock band in dire need of a sound all its own

By Seth Combs
It might be unfair to judge this newish band by what ncould be considered clear influences. But if they can’t channel those ninfluences into something less referential, then their music is fair ngame for a bad review.