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Home » Articles »   By Joshua Emerson Smith
Wednesday, December 17,2014

Innocent Alpine resident detained for a week

San Diego County faces federal lawsuit in a case of mistaken identity

By Joshua Emerson Smith
On Jan. 13, 2014, two sheriff’s deputies approached a man at his home in Alpine, placed him in handcuffs and said they were taking him into custody for escaping from prison nearly 30 years ago. Standing in his driveway, James Soler and his wife protested, arguing that there must have been some mistake.
Wednesday, December 3,2014

The philosophy and tactics of Bryan Pease

A look at San Diego’s most prominent and effective vegan activist

By Joshua Emerson Smith

When attorney and animal-rights activist Bryan Pease found out in early November that a local organic vegetable farm was scheduled to host an event called Death for Food, he wasn’t happy about it. 

Wednesday, November 19,2014

How San Diego cab drivers overhauled the local industry

United Taxi Workers won a huge grassroots victory

By Joshua Emerson Smith
Issues surrounding the taxi industry caught the public’s eye in May 2013, when the Center on Policy Initiatives think tank and San Diego State University released a report called “Driven to Despair.”
Wednesday, November 5,2014

Policing the San Diego Police

Officer-misconduct complaints are on the rise, but it’s not clear why

By Joshua Emerson Smith
The number of such misconduct complaints against the San Diego Police Department has skyrocketed to 177 in 2013, up from 73 in 2009, according to police documents.
Wednesday, October 22,2014

Meet the men poised to open San Diego's first legal medi-pot shop

For these entrepreneurs, helping sick people will likely be profitable

By Joshua Emerson Smith

Nearly six months after the city began taking applications, David Blair, last week, became the first person in the city’s history approved to run a dispensary. 

Tuesday, October 21,2014
Best of 2014

La Loupe Vintage

Brandi Muñoz and Tom Kitsos’ Normal Heights store deals in inexpensive, stylish apparel

By Joshua Emerson Smith
With an original location in University Heights (4646 Park Blvd.), La Loupe Vintage expanded in August into Normal Heights (3337 Adams Ave.)
Tuesday, October 21,2014
Best of 2014

Til-Two Club

Mick Rossler and Dannielle Cobb foster the rock-music scene in City Heights

By Joshua Emerson Smith
One night several years ago, a previous owner walked into the Til-Two Club (then called Beauty Bar) and laid a series of old black-and-white photographs on the bar. 
Tuesday, October 21,2014
Best of 2014

Trophy Motorcycles

Isaac Heinrich and Tim Johnson’s City Heights shop harks back to the good ol’ days

By Joshua Emerson Smith
Their authenticity is reflected in the atmosphere of Trophy Motorcycles. With a few wonderfully stylish bikes and some tasteful present-day gear—such as plain white helmets—for sale in the front of the store, the shop is punctuated with time-appropriate accoutrements and posters.
Wednesday, October 8,2014

San Diego City Council contest pits newbie against Republican machine

In the race for District 6, the conservative effort looks polished

By Joshua Emerson Smith
At least until December, council Democrats will retain their ability to override mayoral vetoes using their 6-3 majority to push through legislation, such as the recent minimum-wage increase. However, that could come to an abrupt end after residents vote on Nov. 4.
Wednesday, October 1,2014

Rural / Metro readies to face report card

City’s contract tweaks both tighten and loosen requirements

By Joshua Emerson Smith
At about 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 17, a 66-year-old man living somewhere in the city of San Diego suffered a cardiac arrest. The San Diego Fire Department’s first responder arrived within eight minutes, but the patient, needing transport to the nearest hospital, would have to wait 17 minutes and 33 seconds for an ambulance to show up.