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Chicano Park Day Apr 19, 2014 Celebrate the park's status as an internationally recognized art site with traditional dance performances, live bands, keynote speeches and a display of classic low-rider cars. 80 other events on Saturday, April 19
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A tale of near-death, bloody steaks and unprecedented opulence
Why the city can’t maintain enough emergency trucks
Documentary about ill-fated project leads our rundown of movies screening around town
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What could’ve been, what could be and what’s actually happening with the embattled 2015 celebration
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San Diego artist’s site-specific installation explores conspiracy theories


Home » Articles »   By Joshua Emerson Smith
Wednesday, April 16,2014

San Diego taxi drivers claim wage exploitation

Mayor Faulconer considers new rules for the industry

By Joshua Emerson Smith

 Under the current system, permit holders often lease a vehicle in 12-hour shifts to two drivers a day, pulling in an average of $800 a week per permit. 

Tuesday, April 8,2014

One woman’s struggle to overcome a life of prostitution

Meet ‘Jackie,’ one of the many faces of sex-trafficking

By Joshua Emerson Smith
The underground commercial sex trade in San Diego, according to a study released in March by the Urban Institute, is a $96.6-million-a-year industry, surpassing illegal drugs as the top moneymaker for criminals in the region
Wednesday, March 26,2014

San Diego’s playing with fire

Why the city can’t maintain enough emergency trucks

By Joshua Emerson Smith
As of the beginning of last week, there were only three fully equipped reserve fire engines ready for use, Fire Department officials say.
Wednesday, March 19,2014

San Diego kicks off campaign to boost minimum wage

They aim to find just the right number that voters will support

By Joshua Emerson Smith

 “We’re moving in the wrong direction,” San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria said at a rally last week. “No one who works in a full-time job should be unable to pay for basic shelter and food."

Wednesday, March 12,2014

Meet Mickey Kasparian

The San Diego labor honcho who doubled down on grassroots politics

By Joshua Emerson Smith

Organized labor, in 2012, played a significant part in electing San Diego’s first Democratic mayor in more than 20 years. Unfortunately for liberals, veteran Congressmember Filner turned out to be a disaster.

Wednesday, February 19,2014

Danger: food trucks

San Diego officials say regulations target public safety, don’t limit competition

By Joshua Emerson Smith
Proposed regulations no longer include a rule that would have banned food trucks from operating within 75 feet of a street-level restaurant without permission from the owner.
Tuesday, February 11,2014
Sex Issue

How Kamala Devi kicked monogamy

San Diego activist advocates for polyamory

By Joshua Emerson Smith
Beyond her individual and couples coaching, Kamala Devi holds regular workshops on tantric orgasm and shamanic sexuality and directs the San Diego Tantric Theater. 
Wednesday, February 5,2014

Chasing San Diego’s Latino vote

How the city’s Hispanic community might control the fate of the mayoral election

By Joshua Emerson Smith
The next mayor of San Diego will likely be determined by whether the city’s increasingly influential Latino voting bloc turns out on Election Day, according to a citywide study of Hispanic voters.
Wednesday, January 22,2014

Understanding Jan Goldsmith

We sit down with San Diego's city attorney for an unexpected marathon interview

By Joshua Emerson Smith
Recently, San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith surprised the CityBeat editorial staff by inviting us for a no-questions-barred interview and blocking off three hours for it.
Wednesday, January 15,2014

Makers Quarter wants change

Local family endeavors to create a legacy of urban sophistication

By Joshua Emerson Smith

Instead of leveling aging structures and throwing up cookie-cutter condos, Lankford & Associates has put Pennington to work on coordinating an outdoor event space called SILO, located at 753 15th St.