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GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS Jul 25, 2014 New mixed-media works from local artists Jaclyn Rose and Carly Ealey, which explores the trials and tribulations of womanhood in this strange new world. 84 other events on Friday, July 25
San Diego planning director’s uphill battle to create walkable communities
Documentary about the famous film critic leads our rundown of movies screening around town
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Wednesday, July 9,2014

A day at John school

Guys who buy sex from prostitutes face their behavior head on in court-ordered program

By Joshua Emerson Smith
Established to educate men arrested for buying sex on the realities of the sex-trade industry, its message is straightforward: The sex trade in San Diego is dangerous and demeaning.
Wednesday, July 2,2014

Bill Fulton wants to get smart about growth

San Diego planning director’s uphill battle to create walkable communities

By Joshua Emerson Smith

 With little room left to sprawl, San Diego must increase density in at least some of its more suburban neighborhoods if it wants to accommodate population growth.

Wednesday, June 18,2014

Judge Gary Kreep overcharged former client thousands of dollars

Ramona plumber refuses to give up legal fight to make him pay

By Joshua Emerson Smith
When plumber Robert Thompson took a job testing for hazardous backflow at the law offices of then-private attorney Gary Kreep, he could never have guessed the amount of crap it would eventually lead to.
Tuesday, June 17,2014
Drink Issue

Boozin' with Mark Sauer

Local news vet recalls his biggest scoop

By Joshua Emerson Smith
"Yeah, bourbon will kick your ass if you stay with it too long," Mark Sauer told me, sitting at a table at K'nB Wine Cellars in Del Cerro.
Wednesday, June 4,2014

Environmentalists say bill undermines San Diego climate plan

Utility companies want changes to the way community-choice aggregation starts

By Joshua Emerson Smith

Under AB 2145, ratepayers would have to opt into the CCA, confirming by mail that they want to join the program. 

Wednesday, May 21,2014

Industry digs deep to defeat Barrio Logan plan

War rages over Propositions B and C

By Joshua Emerson Smith
“Proposition B and C, it’s just a bad plan,” says former San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders in a recent television commercial attacking a city-approved zoning-plan update for Barrio Logan, which goes before voters on June 3.
Tuesday, May 20,2014
Summer guide

San Diego’s hidden urban canyons

There are way more of them than you think

By Joshua Emerson Smith
"I'm doing a story on San Diego's 13 canyons," I said over the phone to Eric Bowlby, executive director of nonprofit San Diego Canyonlands, hoping to cull some basic information. I had recently fo
Wednesday, May 14,2014

Fairness of San Diego infrastructure spending questioned

Band-Aid bonds won't stop long-term bleeding

By Joshua Emerson Smith

 In a meeting in late March, David Graham, San Diego City Councilmember Mark Kersey’s chief of staff, sat down with activist attorney Cory Briggs to discuss a controversial lawsuit holding up roughly $120 million in bond funding for badly needed road repairs, fire stations, libraries and other projects.

Wednesday, April 30,2014

San Diego municipal workforce remains whiter than the populace

New hires have brought modest improvements in diversity

By Joshua Emerson Smith

San Diego’s city government is significantly whiter than the population it serves, especially when it comes to the city’s top brass, according to a report released April 4.

Wednesday, April 23,2014

San Diego to permit medical-cannabis shops amid crackdown

City doesn’t have much firepower in the fight against illegal dispensaries

By Joshua Emerson Smith
As folks in the medical-cannabis industry line up for the first time to apply for permits to operate dispensaries in San Diego, officials are attempting to crack down on the dozens of illegal storefronts still open for business.