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Home » Articles »   By Joshua Emerson Smith
Wednesday, June 24,2015

San Diego's Portland Loo: Flush with contradictions

East Village public toilet frustrates, frightens business community

By Joshua Emerson Smith
It’s around 2 p.m. on Friday, and the class disparities of the fast-evolving East Village are on full display throughout the neighborhood. However, this particular intersection, the site of San Diego’s first Portland Loo public restroom, has become ground zero for social tension.
Tuesday, June 16,2015

Bike plan greased with political power

Revision could represent ethics violation for Supervisor Ron Roberts

By Joshua Emerson Smith
At the Friday, June 5, meeting of the San Diego Association of Governments Transportation Committee, Roberts led the way for significantly limiting a bicycle-lane-improvement plan in Mission Hills and Hillcrest.
Wednesday, June 3,2015

San Diego unions talk green, tests to come

Labor council adopts transit-first policy as pressure mounts to slow freeway expansion

By Joshua Emerson Smith
Four years ago, when activists sued a regional planning agency over a massive $214-billion spending plan to expand freeways and build public transportation, labor leaders voiced support for the cause.
Wednesday, May 27,2015

Lifeguards accuse mayor of nixing labor deal as political payback

San Diego union pushes for expanded workers’ compensation benefits

By Joshua Emerson Smith
Performing between 4,000 and 6,000 rescues a year, San Diego lifeguards respond to a wide variety of calls, even including after heavy rain when beach swimming is supposed to be restricted for 72 hours because storm-water runoff significantly raises levels of bacteria in the ocean.
Wednesday, May 20,2015

State Route 94 becomes battleground in San Diego region's transportation fight

Environmentalists take a hard stand against highway expansion

By Joshua Emerson Smith
Tensions recently swelled over a planned freeway expansion in the heart of the city. A key transportation artery that pumps vehicles in and out of Downtown is slated for major surgery.
Tuesday, May 19,2015
Summer guide

Where to take your friends with kids this summer

Baby on board? Visit Mother Earth Brewing, Balboa Park Sculpture Garden and the New Children’s Museum

By Joshua Emerson Smith
Now that I'm in my (shudder) mid-thirties, many of my friends have children. My partner is due to have our second child any moment. As a result, more and more of my experiences are kid-friendly.
Wednesday, May 13,2015

San Diego lax on enforcing drought restrictions

Mayor's office drags its feet in state-mandated race to cut water use

By Joshua Emerson Smith
On Monday in University Heights, Travis Pritchard stood over a row of leaking water meters. Thoroughly soaking the dirt around where the meters were dug into the ground, clean drinking water overflowed into the street.
Tuesday, May 12,2015
Arts & Culture feature

San Diego kickboxer battling MS says sport liberated her

Determined to go pro, Ashley Curry hopes to inspire others struggling with the disease

By Joshua Emerson Smith
Curry was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, or MS, an unpredictable disease that affects the central nervous system, disrupting the flow of information between the body and the brain.
Wednesday, May 6,2015

The healing powers of hash oil

It’s legal, but law enforcement regulations remain hazy

By Joshua Emerson Smith
Living with AIDS for the last 30 years, McShane, 55, has endured multiple bouts of squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer. He’s undergone surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on medical procedures that he now views as unnecessary.
Wednesday, April 29,2015

Amid growing legal storm, Civic San Diego officials jump ship

Lawsuit challenges city-funded nonprofit’s authority to make land-use decisions

By Joshua Emerson Smith
It’s the city-funded nonprofit Civic San Diego, and it wants to expand its unique, land-use authority into two of the city’s most underserved neighborhoods, Encanto and City Heights.