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Friday, October 10,2014
The World Fare

Street tacos don’t get better than Tacos Kokopelli

Deep flavors and bright salsas bring out the best in Tijuana street food

By Michael A. Gardiner
If, as Anthony Bourdain claimed, Ensenada's Mariscos La Guerrerense is "the best street cart in the world," then perhaps Tacos Kokopelli (Calle Ocampo at Blvd. Agua Caliente) is the best street cart in Tijuana.
Friday, October 3,2014
The World Fare

Kurt Metzger is keeping food real at Kitchen 4140

Farm-to-table directness right on your way to Costco in Bay Ho

By Michael A. Gardiner
somewhere along the line, "farm-to-table" became less Alice Waters and more a marketing slogan. It said more about how a chef wanted to be seen than about what came into and out of the kitchen. The term became meaningless.
Friday, September 26,2014
The World Fare

Precisely layered textures and flavors at Mariscos La Guerrerense

Why Anthony Bourdain says it’s ‘the best street cart in the world’

By Michael A. Gardiner
A great feature at La Guerrerense (at 1st and Alvarado in Zona Centro) is the remarkably extensive salsa bar, featuring a line of 13 unique house salsas bottled by Bandera.
Friday, September 19,2014
The World Fare

Market Restaurant offers eclectic, elegant simplicity

Precision, solid technique and multicultural accents at Del Mar icon

By Michael A. Gardiner
At the heart of nearly all great high-end cooking—regardless of cuisine, culture or style—is simplicity. It may seem somewhat counterintuitive: Elaborate dishes, exotic preparations, luxury ingredients and ultra-modernist techniques = simple?
Friday, September 12,2014
The World Fare

The Cheesesteak Whizardry of Gaglione Brothers

Grantville joint is a bit of Philly on the Left Coast

By Michael A. Gardiner
Gaglione Brothers in Grantville (10450 Friars Road, Suite B), though, has managed to take the cheesesteak out of Philly without taking the Philly out of the cheesesteak.
Friday, September 5,2014
The World Fare

Gala Chicken in Zion Market offers the real KFC

Korea’s fried bird is far better than the well-known American kind

By Michael A. Gardiner
Perhaps those "KFC" initials should be reserved for the world's true, best fried chicken: Korean fried chicken. The best (and perhaps only) place to get it in San Diego is at Gala Chicken inside Zion Market in Kearny Mesa.
Thursday, August 28,2014
The World Fare

The Patio reprises ‘cool’ at new Goldfinch Street location

Trendy design and farm-to-table fusion pull it off

By Michael A. Gardiner
The Patio on Goldfinch (4020 Goldfinch St.) has managed to make much of what worked in P.B. work better in Mission Hills.
Friday, August 22,2014
The World Fare

Best Sandwich on the Planet, Part 5: Tortas and Beer

Street-food brilliance rather than culinary yard sale at new Hillcrest joint

By Michael A. Gardiner
It’s a common sight on roadways on both sides of the Mexican border: a pickup truck, its bed filled to overflowing, piled high and wide with a vast array of items all “secured” by a single rope.
Friday, August 15,2014
The World Fare

Best Sandwich on the Planet, Part 4: Sogno di Vino

Panini and salads excel at Little Italy wine bar

By Michael A. Gardiner
One of the best places to sample panini in San Diego is Sogno di Vino (1607 India St. in Little Italy). A wine bar at night (the name translates as "to dream of wine"), Sogno's panini shine during the day.
Friday, August 8,2014
The World Fare

Ironside looks more ambitious than it tastes

Little Italy restaurant serves perfect oysters and $19 lobster rolls

By Michael A. Gardiner
Ironside’s oysters are wonderful. Each day brings fresh offerings from Baja’s Kumiai to Washington’s Kumamotos and Fanny Bays from Canada.