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Chula Vista Lemon Festival Aug 02, 2015 The 19th annual fest will feature live bands, a Lemon Pie Eating Contest, a Largest Lemon Contest, a beer garden and much more. The family-friendly event takes place on Third Ave. from E to G St. 105 other events on Sunday, August 2
Arts & Culture feature
From SuicideGirls and Walking Dead haunted houses to superhero art shows and Nerdist carnivals, there’s plenty to do without a pass.
All Things Tech
Legacy businesses, like MLB, can’t harness control forever
Seen Local
Real estate company carves out significant space for local art
Seen Local
Artist Carl Raymond Schmidt says it’s OK to play
The Beerdist
A rundown of beer events at this year's convention


Home » Articles »   By Michael A. Gardiner
Friday, July 24,2015
The World Fare

In the open in El Jardin

Chef Ryan Steyn impresses at the Adobe Guadalupe winery

By Michael A. Gardiner
I'm not good with disguises and trying would have been worthless. I'd cooked with Ryan Steyn, chef-owner of El Jardin por Ryan Steyn (El Porvenir, Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California), the week
Friday, July 17,2015
The World Fare

It’s tough to have a take on Punjabi Tandoor

Unique business park eats in Miramar light industrial hell

By Michael A. Gardiner
Sports commentator Jim Rome has the catchphrase "Have a take and don't suck."  But when it comes to Punjabi Tandoor (9235 Activity Road, Suite 111) in Miramar, it's strangely difficult to form a definitive take.
Friday, July 10,2015
The World Fare

Building a better sandwich at Burnside

Normal Heights eatery doesn't serve the standard slab-o-meat on bread

By Michael A. Gardiner
As Normal Height’s Burnside (3375 Adams Ave.) demonstrates, creativity need not come from “more” nor rely on structural engineering expertise.
Monday, July 6,2015
The World Fare

Superheroes' last meals?

No fish tacos for Aquaman; something rich and dark for Batman

By Michael A. Gardiner
One of the quaint rituals of our criminal justice system is that we generally give prisoners facing death the right to choose their last meal. 
Friday, June 26,2015
The World Fare

A different kind of Chinese at Xian Kitchen

Not a grain of rice to be found at Convoy District spot

By Michael A. Gardiner
You know it's a different kind of Chinese restaurant when there's no rice on the menu. And Xian Kitchen (4690 Convoy St.) in the Convoy District is definitely that: a very different kind of Chinese restaurant
Monday, June 22,2015
The World Fare

Heavenly poutine at Mess Royale

Hillcrest eatery serves food in true Montreal style

By Michael A. Gardiner
It is Lachance's fine mess that gives Mess Royale (142 University Ave.) in Hillcrest its name. Mess Royale's poutine features hand-cut and twice-cooked French fries topped with imported-from-Wisconsin cheese curds all slathered in a brown gravy based on beef, veal and chicken stocks.
Friday, June 12,2015
The World Fare

Popotla: A Baja seafood wonderland

Fish so fresh seals come out of the water to get it

By Michael A. Gardiner
Popotla isn’t a restaurant. It’s a fishing village, a beach and a bit of a tourist trap clinging to the Baja shoreline behind a decrepit arch.
Friday, June 5,2015
The World Fare

Ramen on a tightrope at Tajima

Southern Japanese ramen and small bites in Hillcrest

By Michael A. Gardiner
Ramen—good ramen, real ramen (as opposed to late night college drinking fuel)—is all about balance. It's a wonderful broth, sometimes deeply extracted, sometimes delicate. 
Friday, May 29,2015
The World Fare

Foodgarden Market: where culinary worlds collide

Celebrity chefs, up-and-comers and home-cooked meals in a Tijuana mall

By Michael A. Gardiner
This article began its life as a pissing contest on Facebook. What started as a thread in which writer/blogger/TV personality Bill Esparza criticized the level of analysis in Thrillist.com's article on the 16 best street-food cities in the world became a debate about what constitutes "street food." 
Tuesday, May 26,2015
Arts & Culture feature

Just the tip

Should we stick a fork in restaurant gratuities?

By Michael A. Gardiner
It's a ritual restaurant diners experience regularly: The bill arrives and it's time to calculate the tip. But how? Should it be 10, 15 or 20 percent? And a percentage on what: Before or after tax? What about wine?