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Home » Articles »   By Michael A. Gardiner
Friday, February 27,2015
The World Fare

50 shades of seafood at Manzanilla Restaurant, every one of them good

Baja eatery sits below the cranes of the Port of Ensenada

By Michael A. Gardiner
The cranes of the working Port of Ensenada loom over the approach to Manzanilla Restaurant (Blvd. Teniente Azueta No. 139, Ensenada) like Imperial Walkers over the Planet Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back.
Friday, February 20,2015
The World Fare

Best lunch in town, Part I: Wa Dining Okan

Bento Boxes and tasty tofu at Kearny Mesa Japanese joint

By Michael A. Gardiner
Dinner is the glory meal. From chef-driven restaurants to the family table of your childhood, when you think of a great meal, it's dinner you probably picture. Breakfast? It's "the most important m
Friday, February 6,2015
The World Fare

Unheralded barbecue at Sieu Sieu BBQ & Noodle House

Enjoy the Cantonese roast duck and char siu pork at this Convoy spot

By Michael A. Gardiner
Sieu Sieu offers two types of duck, a classic Cantonese version and a “BBQ” take that’s butterflied before roasting.
Friday, January 30,2015
The World Fare

Caps Pizza & Beer excels with its eggplant parmigiana

A great marinara makes for a great sandwich Downtown

By Michael A. Gardiner
Let’s get one thing straight: eggplant parmigiana—at least the breaded version we know on these shores—is not an Italian dish. American-Italian? Yes.
Friday, January 23,2015
The World Fare

Argentinean empanadas in downtown San Diego

Papa Luna’s offers sustenance for the salt mines

By Michael A. Gardiner
Wherever there are working stiffs, there are empanadas. Oh, they may not be called that. In Italy, they’re called “calzones.” In England’s western reaches, Cornish wives sent their husbands into the tin mines with meat-filled pasties.
Friday, January 16,2015
The World Fare

Big flavors and big comfort at Convoy Tofu House

Winter stew, Korean style, at Kearny Mesa restaurant

By Michael A. Gardiner
It definitely wasn’t Hell freezing over—more like Heaven. As the calendar turned, San Diegans had to contend with the unfamiliar: winter coats, warm boots and, in some far-flung reaches, snow. It brought me back to my East Coast college days and the comforts of a warming stew.
Friday, January 9,2015
The World Fare

Getting to the heart of the Valle at Corazon de Tierra

Diego Hernandez and his restaurant gardens make flavors pop

By Michael A. Gardiner
Corazon’s menu changes almost daily, so the dishes we tasted will likely not be yours. But those superlative gardens and Hernandez’s talent for using them to make flavors pop and dishes surprise are the reason to hazard those roads to get there. 
Saturday, January 3,2015
The World Fare

The Village House Kalina’s hearty cuisine transcends borders

Dumplings, borscht and Stroganoff highlight the La Mesa eatery’s menu

By Michael A. Gardiner
The vareniki-pirogy at La Mesa’s The Village House Kalina (8302 Parkway Drive), which bills itself as a Ukrainian-Russian restaurant, are nearly indistinguishable from the pirogi my wife and I make for the Wigilia
Friday, December 26,2014
The World Fare

Finca Altozano isn’t just in the Valle de Guadalupe

It is the Valle de Guadalupe

By Michael A. Gardiner
It’s tempting to think about the new Baja food scene in dualistic terms: tacos, mariscos and birria sold from roadside stands on one hand, and BajaMed.
Friday, December 19,2014
The World Fare

Consortium Holdings puts it all together at Underbelly North Park

Great modern ramen, excellent appetizers, craft beer and a brilliant design

By Michael A. Gardiner
A guy still can’t get a soupspoon at Underbelly. Not at the original Little Italy location and not at the new one in North Park (3000 Upas St.).