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Video Games Live Jul 24, 2014 Popular game music themes given the full symphonic treatment with synchronized lighting and even some real on-stage game-playing. Concert will feature music from Zelda, Sonic, Metal Gear Solid, BioShock and more. 80 other events on Thursday, July 24
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New business is illuminating the imagery found in science
Joint production by La Jolla Playhouse and San Diego Rep leads our rundown of local plays
Spin Cycle
Did Carl DeMaio’s partner overstep his authority by ousting business-association chief?
San Diego planning director’s uphill battle to create walkable communities
Mayor’s actions so far betray his pitch, but there’s still hope


Home » Articles »   By Jenny Montgomery
Tuesday, June 14,2011
Food & Drink

Pizza haven

A little Connecticut in North Park

By Jenny Montgomery
Until the likes of Basic landed in our neck of the woods, did anyone know there was such a thing as New Haven-style pizza?
Tuesday, June 7,2011
Food & Drink

Terra nova

Former Hillcrest farm-to-table fave finds a new home in La Mesa

By Jenny Montgomery
I can’t imagine Terra’s loyal fans not following the fare just a bit farther east; the food is that good.
Wednesday, June 1,2011
Food & Drink

Pigs in space

Tre Porcellini traffics in modern yet familiar Italian flavors

By Jenny Montgomery
The decadent Mac & Cheese Risotto appetizer—a steaming and savory rice pudding— is a bowl of the most seductive porridge I’ve ever eaten.
Wednesday, May 25,2011
Food & Drink

The golden child

Himalayan Cuisine offers exoticism in an unlikely spot

By Jenny Montgomery
Upon entering the modest dining room, you’ll be greeted with a friendly “Namaste” by the brightly attired staff, complete with traditional Nepalese hat, or dhaka topi.
Tuesday, May 17,2011
Food & Drink

Get sauced

Brett’s BBQ fills your belly with tasty smoked meats

By Jenny Montgomery
I realize that when people talk about “good barbecue,” the debate gets very passionate and sweaty and twangy. Some like tomato-based sauces, some like bases of vinegar and others want no sauce at all.
Wednesday, May 11,2011
Summer guide

Summer Guide 2011

Choose your own summer adventure

By Alex Zaragoza, Kelly Davis, Kinsee Morlan, Sammi Skolmoski, Carissa Casares, Jenny Montgomery, Sasha Orman, Kaitlin Perry, Anders Wright, Martin Jones Westlin, Jim Ruland, Dave Maass
We’ve taken a few pages from the Choose Your Own Adventure books that inspired us as kids and present our stab at interactive fiction. Here’s how it works: Start reading and whenever you’re presented with a choice, jump to the section with the corresponding number. And now, let the adventure begin:
Tuesday, May 3,2011
Food & Drink

Whole-hog happy hour

Quality Social has a friendly vibe and sophisticated bar food

By Jenny Montgomery
Quality Social calls itself “A bar. With food,” which is a no-duh description, yet it somehow perfectly nails what it’s doing.
Tuesday, April 26,2011
Food & Drink

Bohemian rhapsody

French style and Cohn food arrive in Ocean Beach

By Jenny Montgomery
Those Cohns, they can crank ’em out. Sure, they’ve managed to take one stupidly named restaurant and turn it into another stupidly named restaurant, but with BO-beau, they’ve given OBecians a quaint and stylish offering, with great food to boot.
Monday, April 18,2011
Food & Drink

All aboard

Station Tavern caters to the little guy in all of us

By Jenny Montgomery
When the hippest among us grow up and have babies, South Park is where they nest. Station epitomizes the neighborhood ethos, with a socially conscious attitude and respect for local history.
Wednesday, April 13,2011
Food Issue

Energized by a mission

Temecula Olive Oil Company’s small but mindful waste-to-fuel program

By Jenny Montgomery
Temecula Olive Oil Company’s focus on self-sufficiency represents a growing attitude of mindfulness among farmers towards waste product.