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The Casbah’s 25th Anniversary Wrap Party Dec 21, 2014 The local music venue celebrates the end of its 25th year with live performances from The Burning of Rome, Barbarian and Low Volts. The outdoor rock show will also include food trucks and alcoholic beverages 62 other events on Sunday, December 21
Sordid Tales
How can so many people be wrong about something for so long?
There She Goz
Children’s center is training tiny, adorable consumers
Seen Local
City takes a slow and careful approach to the public-art gem
Rosemary Summers succeeded in 2013, and her parents want justice
The World Fare
Kearny Mesa Chinese place serves the best potstickers and xiao long bao in town


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Wednesday, January 30,2013

Shenanigans: Black History mini-crossword

Fill in the blanks with prominent African-American figures

By Dave Maass
Who is the current Assembly member for District 79? Plus more questions involving prominent African-American San Diegans. 
Monday, January 28,2013
No Life Offline

My new listening habits aren't all bad

Three digital sources that are changing how I discover new music

By Dave Maass
I hand over about 10 times more of my money to headphones manufacturers, Apple and data-plan providers and the corpo-rations that produce the technology that allows me to listen to music than I do the artists who make music worth listening to.
Wednesday, January 23,2013

A morning in Judge Kreep's Department 3

Goodbye, vast right-wing conspiracy; hello, small misdemeanor court

By Dave Maass
Judge Gary Kreep’s court is now in session.
Wednesday, January 23,2013

Radical radio

Activist San Diego is down to the wire for launching KNSJ community station

By Dave Maass
After six-and-a-half years of hard work on building a new radio station, a group of community activists only have a few months to start broadcasting lest they lose the license granted to them by the Federal Communications Commission.
Wednesday, January 23,2013

Shenanigans: Flu hunt

Can you find nine flu symptoms and the six FDA-approved vaccines?

By Dave Maass
A list of the six FDA-approved vaccines. Now, get vaccinated. 
Wednesday, January 16,2013

Shenanigans: The procurement is right

Guess the winning bids on these county of San Diego contracts

By Dave Maass
How much for metal and wood barricades, lapel-mics, and commercial truck driver's license training? 
Tuesday, January 15,2013
Retro Issue

Needles and Fred

Meet the no-nonsense man behind Classic Audio Repair

By Dave Maass
Traversing the doorway of Fred Longworth's Classic Audio Repair is like entering the Lost World. A Balinese mask hangs on the wall next to a display case where two dead lizards—one fully skeletal—are displayed beside an assortment of turntable cartridges.
Wednesday, January 9,2013

What we learned from the Stratfor document dump

Valuable information about the border buried in WikiLeaks / Anonymous’ ‘Global Intelligence Files’

By Dave Maass
Barrett Brown, the sort-of spokesperson and public face of the hacktivist group Anonymous, was indicted by a federal grand jury in December in connection with the theft of several million emails snatched from a well-known and well-connected private intelligence firm.
Wednesday, January 9,2013

Shenanigans: Secretary of defense mini-crossword

Which secretaries fit in the blanks?

By Dave Maass
Which secretary was the subject of the 2003 Oscar-winning documentary Fog of War
Wednesday, January 2,2013

Sheriff to reexamine treatment of transgender inmates

New advisory board formed in response to CityBeat article on abuse complaints that went uninvestigated

By Dave Maass
The only document resembling guidelines for handling transgender inmates in local jails was issued by the San Diego County Sheriff's Department more than five years ago.