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VAMP: Home for the Holidays Dec 18, 2014 So Say We All's holiday storytelling revue features a myriad of stories that come from of our time-honored tradition of squeezing the family together in a confined space, plying on the food and the booze, and waiting for something weird to happen. 69 other events on Thursday, December 18
If supportive services follow close behind shelter, it could transform the landscape
Sordid Tales
How can so many people be wrong about something for so long?
Arty Abraham Lincoln biopic leads our rundown of movies screening around town
There She Goz
Children’s center is training tiny, adorable consumers
Rosemary Summers succeeded in 2013, and her parents want justice


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Wednesday, June 20,2012

Shenanigans: Rope the dope

Can you match the athlete to their dope of choice?

By Dave Maass
Pick your poison: steroids, blood transfusions, human growth hormones. 
Tuesday, June 19,2012
Drink Issue

Ode to the glory of Guinness

How I joined the cult of the Irish stout

By Dave Maass
Maybe everyone has a Guinness story, but before I tell you mine, let me define it in case aliens scorch the Earth and not a single keg is left for posterity. Guinness is a 4.1-percent Irish dry stout that’s thicker than blood and older than the U.S. Constitution.
Wednesday, June 13,2012

Wednesday morning in San Diego

Looking back at what happened on Tuesday, June 5

By David Rolland, Kelly Davis, Dave Maass
Lest you bemoan San Diego’s poor turnout on election night June 5, estimated somewhere between 27 and 37 percent, consider this: Only about 23 percent of the population of the United Kingdom watched the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert, and that featured Paul bloody McCartney.
Wednesday, June 13,2012

Shenanigans: Actronyms

Rearrange the jumbled phrases to reveal acronymous bills introduced by the 112th Congress

By Dave Maass
 With his REPAIR initiative (big breath: Repave and Eliminate Potholes through Accountability for Infrastructure Repairs), Carl DeMaio continues the great American tradition of legislating through tortured acronyms.
Wednesday, June 6,2012

Shenanigans: Veep Search!

How many potential running mates for Mitt Romney can you find?

By Dave Maass
Can you find all Mitt Romney's potential running mates lurking in the shadows... er, word search?
Wednesday, May 30,2012

Shenanigans: Lincoln Club Logic

Tweet us the most creative claim about Lincoln Club's candidate, Scott Sherman

By Dave Maass
By Lincoln Club's logic, anything a candidate doesn't deny must be true by default. We'll give a prize to the most creative claim about Lincoln Club's City Council candidate, Scott Sherman, as determined by our editorial staff.
Wednesday, May 23,2012

San Diego County’s new propaganda machine

While news organizations practice austerity, county communications team splurges on its own news website

By Dave Maass
CountyNewsCenter.com was launched in September as a separate website from the county’s main hub, sdcounty.ca.gov and costs more than what KPBS, Voice of San Diego and CityBeat paid for their sites combined.
Wednesday, May 23,2012
Far Afield

Britney Henry hopes to throw her way to the Olympics

Can centrifugal force carry a San Diego athlete to London?

By Dave Maass

Britney Henry throws hammers. Mind you, these aren’t your hardware-store, ball-peen or claw hammers. Henry throws the Olympic hammer, an ancient cousin of the sledgehammer, with a cannonball-like sphere at the end of a wire.

Wednesday, May 23,2012

Shenanigans: Local reality stars mini-crossword

Which local celebs fit in the blanks?

By Dave Maass
How well do you know your American Idol, The Apprentice, and Amazing Race?
Wednesday, May 16,2012

Shenanigans: Elephants will be elephants

Can you match the local right-winger to the legislation he’s pushing in Sacramento?

By Dave Maass

Which bills are Garrick, Wyland, Jones, and Anderson pushing through this go-around?