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Carlsbad Music Festival and Village Music Walk Sep 19, 2014 Now in its 11th year, this year's fest will feature over 50 performances in three days with concerts in Magee Park and Carlsbad Village Theater. Almost all genres are represented, from country and jazz to indie-rock and classical. 76 other events on Friday, September 19
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Band plays live for first time in 20 years
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New indie from Lenny Abrahamson tops our coverage of movies screening around town
Lying signature gatherers add to undemocratic referendum process


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Wednesday, May 30,2012

Shenanigans: Lincoln Club Logic

Tweet us the most creative claim about Lincoln Club's candidate, Scott Sherman

By Dave Maass
By Lincoln Club's logic, anything a candidate doesn't deny must be true by default. We'll give a prize to the most creative claim about Lincoln Club's City Council candidate, Scott Sherman, as determined by our editorial staff.
Wednesday, May 23,2012

San Diego County’s new propaganda machine

While news organizations practice austerity, county communications team splurges on its own news website

By Dave Maass
CountyNewsCenter.com was launched in September as a separate website from the county’s main hub, sdcounty.ca.gov and costs more than what KPBS, Voice of San Diego and CityBeat paid for their sites combined.
Wednesday, May 23,2012
Far Afield

Britney Henry hopes to throw her way to the Olympics

Can centrifugal force carry a San Diego athlete to London?

By Dave Maass

Britney Henry throws hammers. Mind you, these aren’t your hardware-store, ball-peen or claw hammers. Henry throws the Olympic hammer, an ancient cousin of the sledgehammer, with a cannonball-like sphere at the end of a wire.

Wednesday, May 23,2012

Shenanigans: Local reality stars mini-crossword

Which local celebs fit in the blanks?

By Dave Maass
How well do you know your American Idol, The Apprentice, and Amazing Race?
Wednesday, May 16,2012

Shenanigans: Elephants will be elephants

Can you match the local right-winger to the legislation he’s pushing in Sacramento?

By Dave Maass

Which bills are Garrick, Wyland, Jones, and Anderson pushing through this go-around?

Wednesday, May 9,2012

Shenanigans: Money where our mouths are

Instead of spending money on signatures, buy us dinner

By Dave Maass
The committee behind the “Comprehensive Pension Reform” ballot measure (now known as Prop. B) spent nearly $1.16 million to collect 94,246 valid signatures. How about next time take all of us out for one of the following, equivalently priced dinners...
Tuesday, May 8,2012
Summer guide

Hansen’s surf shop lives on

Business moved from Oahu to Cardiff in 1962, now thriving in Encinitas

By Dave Maass
For Hansen’s, the last 50 years in the surf-shop business has moved just like the water its boarders ride—in waves.
Tuesday, May 8,2012
Summer guide

Janey the orangutan is 50!

Aging ape still charming visitors at the San Diego Zoo

By Dave Maass
Orangutans in human care can live into their late 50s. Janey is as full of life as Betty White.
Sunday, May 6,2012

Shenanigans: The Procurement is Right

How much is San Diego County paying for bras, finger lights and the 'white glove' treatment

By Dave Maass
Guess the winning bids on these County of San Diego contracts:
Wednesday, May 2,2012
Turds & Blossoms

Turds & Blossoms: Saldaña's silence

CityBeat grades the campaign trail

By Dave Maass
CityBeat’s gotten used to the silent treatment from politicians—but not from ones with whom we agree on nine out of every 10 positions.