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Pi-hsien Chen Apr 26, 2015 The world-renowned pianist will perform works by Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and new compositions by Taiwanese composers Tzyy-Sheng Lee, Tsung-Hsien Yang and Ying-Ting Lin. 78 other events on Sunday, April 26
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Tuesday, September 25,2012

Shenanigans: Hispanic Heritage Month mini-crossword

Fill in the blanks

By Dave Maass
Celebrate Mexican Heritage Month by filling in our mini-crossword.
Wednesday, September 19,2012

The man behind Carl DeMaio's pot plan

Candidate panders to the medical-marijuana community without actually talking to the medical-marijuana community

By Dave Maass
San Diego mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio dropped a shocker on Sunday: He has a medical-marijuana plan.
Wednesday, September 19,2012

Al-Shabaab cases takes a turn

Four Somali men hope testimony collected in East Africa will prove they didn’t send money to a terrorist group

By Dave Maass
At the end of October, defense attorneys representing four Somali men in Southern California will travel to the Horn of Africa to depose witnesses whose testimony could poke holes in terrorism charges leveled against their clients.
Wednesday, September 19,2012

Shenanigans: The procurement is right

Guess the winning bids on these county of San Diego contracts

By Dave Maass
San Diego County contract bids on a rowing machine, a 2012 Ford F250, 60,336 inmate hygiene kits, and 500 wood sign posts.
Wednesday, September 12,2012

Bill Horn pulls questionable grant to religious group

Money would’ve helped add to pro-life ‘fleet’ of ultrasound-equipped RVs

By Kelly Davis, Dave Maass
In June, the Pregnancy Resource Center of Vista (PRC) put a plea on its fundraising website for $120,000 to replace its “mobile clinic”—an RV out of which the organization offers pregnancy testing, ultrasound services and pregnancy counseling.
Wednesday, September 12,2012

Reporters challenge SDPD credentials process

436 people have press badges, but not all of them meet the definitions

By Dave Maass
As of Sept. 15, 436 individuals held media credentials issued by the San Diego Police Department. But some members of the media say SDPD isn’t liberal enough and allege the credentialing process is not managed fairly or evenly.
Wednesday, September 12,2012

Shenanigans: Food-stamped out

What items would you eat with $4.90 a day to spend on food?

By Dave Maass
Based on the average 34.30/week budget provided by CalFresh (California's food-stamps program), how would you spend your benefits? 
Monday, September 10,2012
No Life Offline

Election apps face-off

Politics are personal, but so is my iPhone

By Dave Maass
Technological singularity? Don’t get me started. Bring up the acceleration of technology, the near omnipresence of mobile devices, the integration of net-speak into ordinary conversation, and I’ll instantly develop what my girlfriend calls my “crystal face.”
Wednesday, September 5,2012

Shenanigans: Club crawl

How many San Diego DJs can you find in this mix?

By Dave Maass, Peter Holslin
A word search to find San Diego's club DJs.
Wednesday, September 5,2012
Arts & Culture feature

J. Michael Straczynski’s origin story

As the creator of ‘Babylon 5’ expands his empire, he looks to his roots in San Diego and Chula Vista

At 57, Straczynski is a figure for whom the nerd classes are already polishing a boulder on the Mount Rushmore of science-fiction history, somewhere near Gene Roddenberry and Rod Serling.