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Twilight in the Park Aug 04, 2015 Learn some dance moves from Swing Dancing San Diego instructors before a performance by Ice Cream Social and Heliotrope Orchestra. 91 other events on Tuesday, August 4
Arts & Culture feature
From SuicideGirls and Walking Dead haunted houses to superhero art shows and Nerdist carnivals, there’s plenty to do without a pass.
All Things Tech
Legacy businesses, like MLB, can’t harness control forever
Seen Local
Real estate company carves out significant space for local art
Seen Local
Artist Carl Raymond Schmidt says it’s OK to play
The Beerdist
A rundown of beer events at this year's convention


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Monday, June 15,2015
No Life Offline

Final contradictions

This is how we say goodbye on the Internet

By Dave Maass
I will however leave you with a series of probably unhelpful, but definitely contradictory, words of wisdom as you click your way toward whatever singularity or techpocalypse lies just over the horizon.
Tuesday, May 26,2015
No Life Offline

The essential podcast collection

The best of the best voices to pound on your eardrums

By Dave Maass
Podcasts are undergoing a whole new phase of growth. For years, podcasts have largely been stand-alone shows, either recorded out of someone's garage or introduced as a peripheral product attached to another news magazine or TV show.
Monday, May 4,2015
No Life Offline

Is it time to be ashamed for shaming?

Jon Ronson looks inward in 'So, You’ve Been Publicly Shamed'

By Dave Maass
With his latest book, So, You've Been Publicly Shamed, Ronson examines how perpetrators of relatively minor errors of judgment become the victims of immense Internet pile-ons.
Monday, April 13,2015
No Life Offline

Out-of-body experiences

Have fun with inexpensive virtual reality apps

By Dave Maass
While Oculus Rift may ultimately be a more sophisticated device, this cheaper solution provides a window into, not only new environments, but the very future.
Monday, March 16,2015
No Life Offline

WWWedding planning

Three sites my fiancée and I are using to plan this union

By Dave Maass
This summer, I'm getting married to the woman I was looking for all my life. It's true: Nothing so far that I've encountered on the Internet has been as bewildering and exhausting as wedding planning. Invitations? Registries? Our own wedding URL? 
Monday, February 23,2015
No Life Offline

Computers at the California Capitol

How state legislators hope to regulate the Internet this session

By Dave Maass
Each session, lawmakers also attempt to quite literally change how computers work in California, with bills on everything from online commerce to state-funded pilot projects.
Monday, February 2,2015
No Life Offline

Video games you should’ve gotten for the holidays

Four awesome products for your console and smartphone

By Dave Maass
That's why I love video games: All the stimuli are there in one medium that keeps my brain and fingers busy. Here are four games that came out late last year that kept my hands from idling
Monday, January 12,2015
No Life Offline

High-resolution resolutions for 2015

What I’d like to change about my digital life this year

By Dave Maass
By now, we can all agree that New Year's resolutions are about as likely to come true as the wishes you make when you blow out your birthday candles.
Tuesday, December 30,2014

The 2014 news crossword

From local scoops to global scandals, it was a year to boggle the mind

By Dave Maass
If you're like us, 2014 has left you totally puzzled. While it may be years until we get to the bottom of the various San Diego scandals, this crossword will help bring closure—assuming you can solve it. 
Monday, December 22,2014
No Life Offline

The worst online behavior of 2014

I could only count to three before running out of F-bombs

By Dave Maass

Sitting down to catalog all my complaints about the online world in 2014, I desperately wanted to orchestrate a way to put Taylor Swift at the top of the list.