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Surf’s Up Shopping Event Jul 31, 2014 A surf-inspired evening of food, refreshments and shopping. Check out the pop-up shop by surf lifestyle outfitter Aloha Sunday Supply Co., handmade jewelry by Maru Lopez and other local artists. 70 other events on Thursday, July 31
San Diego planning director’s uphill battle to create walkable communities
Kevin Faulconer should follow Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins’ lead
Arts & Culture feature
A look at the late architect's lasting impacts as his murderer faces 15 years to life
New Roman Polanski flick leads our rundown of movies screening around town
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Casa Familiar suffers funding shortfalls and loses two of its three arts-and-culture employees


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Wednesday, July 30,2014

Stop San Diego County’s pepper-spray abuse

Formal complaint against the Probation Department shows how far local juvenile-detention practices are out of the mainstream

By CityBeat Staff
This is serious business. Not only are detainees’ civil rights likely being violated; the climate being created in these facilities is hardening these youthful transgressors even more.
Wednesday, July 23,2014

Bad affordable-housing deal for San Diego

Fast sunset provision, no annual adjustment should send it back to the negotiating table

By CityBeat Staff
When San Diego Councilmember Lorie Zapf is this excited about a policy proposal, we all should be very concerned.
Wednesday, July 16,2014

San Diego City Council leads the way on minimum wage

Bold move means low-wage workers will have a little extra coin

By CityBeat Staff
The Monday vote was a victory for low-wage workers who’ve rarely had champions in elected office, but it was also a victory for democracy.
Wednesday, July 9,2014

Murrieta spectacle was far worse than ‘ugly’

Kevin Faulconer should follow Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins’ lead

By CityBeat Staff
In a Sunday editorial, U-T San Diego called the immigration protests this past week in Murrieta “understandable but ugly.” Understandable? Seriously?
Wednesday, July 2,2014

Time for Bonnie Dumanis to come clean

News of the district attorney’s relationship with José Susumo Azano is mounting

By CityBeat Staff
District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has claimed that she didn’t know that Azano had made illegal contributions on her behalf.
Wednesday, June 25,2014

Kevin Faulconer’s populism has a long way to go

Mayor’s actions so far betray his pitch, but there’s still hope

By CityBeat Staff
We’d like to join the Kumbaya chorus—all it’ll take is some bold action by Faulconer to turn his populist spiel into something more than an empty PR pitch.
Wednesday, June 18,2014

The Iraq-war psychos are back

Wolfowitz, Feith and Co. want money wasted and more Americans dead

By CityBeat Staff
Our old friends Wolfowitz, Kristol, Feith and Bremer, among others, are blaming President Obama because he followed through with a plan hatched during the Bush administration to end the U.S. war in Iraq in 2011. That’s so rich.
Wednesday, June 11,2014

Scott Peters and Carl DeMaio on guns

Find out exactly where they stand before you vote in November

By CityBeat Staff
There was another incident this week involving a gunman entering a public place and opening fire. This time, besides the shooter, there was one fatality, a boy, an Oregon high-school student attending classes on the second to last day of the term.
Wednesday, May 28,2014

Our June 3 election endorsements

A guide to a better world, in handy, clip-out form

By CityBeat Staff
For those traditionalists who like to vote in-person on Election Day, below is our clip-out guide that you can take to the polls. Since we published our detailed endorsements on May 7, some new information has come to light.
Wednesday, May 21,2014
Summer guide

Bacon- and sausage-infused summer

Death for Food invites you to kill your own dinner—plus two-dozen other fun things to do in San Diego

By CityBeat Staff

The summer months will bring even more fun stuff to do in San Diego. What follows is a curated list of events, including a few featured happenings that gave us a chance to tie in our summer-camp theme, just for kicks.