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Star Spangled Pops Jul 03, 2015 Celebrate Independence Day as principal pops conductor Bill Conti leads a patriotic extravaganza featuring all-American hits, a fireworks display and an appearance from American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez. 80 other events on Friday, July 3
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Unexpected German menu is worth visit to Oceanside tavern
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The graphic designer turned body painter leverages an already successful career into an appearance on GSN’s 'Skin Wars'
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Ed Decker talks with Berkley Hart


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Tuesday, June 23,2015
Drink Issue

The unusual suspects

These off-the-menu bar drinks are secrets worth sharing

By CityBeat Staff
Sometimes you don't want to walk into a bar and say, "I'll have what he's having." When the mood strikes, you want something different and unique.
Wednesday, June 10,2015
On the Cover

On the cover: Brittany Maynard

Photo courtesy of Compassion and Choices

By CityBeat Staff
Brittany Maynard’s decision to move from California to Oregon to take advantage of that state’s Death with Dignity law sparked national interest and created political movement in California’s state Senate.
Wednesday, June 3,2015
On the Cover

On the cover: Stacy Keck

Photographer captured the Peña brothers for this week's issue

By CityBeat Staff
Photographer Stacy Keck shot the Out Here brothers for this week’s cover feature on San Diegans who are doing exciting cultural things in Tijuana. Armed with her Canon 5D Mark II, the local shooter didn’t need much convincing when it came to the idea of a Mexico adventure.
Wednesday, May 27,2015
On the Cover

On the cover: Carolyn Ramos

CityBeat's art director tips well for this week's cover

By CityBeat Staff
New CityBeat art director Carolyn Ramos gets kudos for the cover two weeks in a row. She read Michael Gardiner’s feature story about how local restaurants are considering using flat service charges instead of traditional tipping for servers.
Wednesday, May 20,2015
On the Cover

On the cover: Carolyn Ramos

CityBeat's art director designed our Summer Guide

By CityBeat Staff
New CityBeat art director Carolyn Ramos created this week’s whimsical cover illustration.
Wednesday, May 13,2015
On the Cover

On the cover: Jeff Corrigan

San Diego photographer shoots kickboxer Ashley Curry for this week's cover

By CityBeat Staff
Photographer Jeff “Turbo” Corrigan drew on his previous experience shooting sports to photograph this week’s cover of kickboxer Ashley Curry sparring at Undisputed North Park.
Wednesday, May 6,2015
On the Cover

On the Cover: Merri Sutton

Washington photographer shot this week's cover, featuring The Sonics

By CityBeat Staff
This week’s cover design features a collage of photos of legendary Tacoma garage rock band The Sonics, who formed more than 50 years ago, and just released their first album since the 1960s, This Is the Sonics.
Tuesday, May 5,2015
Arts & Culture feature

Head Crammers

CityBeat staff dishes out our favorite books, apps and cultural tidbits

By CityBeat Staff
For voracious readers: It's been a turbulent time in the journalism business. Newspapers closing, or slashing staff, has been the norm for the last decade or so.
Tuesday, April 14,2015
Beer Issue

Take the Beer Name quiz

Can you tell the difference between the names of beer, wine, cheese and rock bands?

By CityBeat Staff
Two women walk into a brew pub. They belly up to the bar and one says: "My friend will have an Arrogant Bastard, and I'll take a Night Rider." 
Tuesday, March 31,2015
Arts & Culture feature

Head Crammers: Our favorite podcasts, TV shows, etc.

Bust your brain with this bunch of cultural baubles

By CityBeat Staff
There's an A&E show that's been on for a couple of weeks called The Returned. Skip it. Instead, watch Les Revenants, the French TV show it's based on.