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The Threepenny Opera May 06, 2015

Grammy-winning soprano Susan Narucki leads the cast in this contemporary adaptation of John Gay's The Beggar's Opera.

56 other events on Wednesday, May 6
Well, That Was Awkward
Local cat dad indulges feline feelings at San Diego's first kitty coffee shop
New indie starring Rinko Kikuchi leads our rundown of movies screening around town
Notes from the Smoking Patio
A round-up of new San Diego releases now streaming
Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson are seduced by A.I. in Alex Garland’s new sci-fi film
Seen Local
The painter garners worldwide attention and endorsements for her vivid watercolors of the great outdoors


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Wednesday, May 6,2015
On the Cover

On the Cover: Merri Sutton

Washington photographer shot this week's cover, featuring The Sonics

By CityBeat Staff
This week’s cover design features a collage of photos of legendary Tacoma garage rock band The Sonics, who formed more than 50 years ago, and just released their first album since the 1960s, This Is the Sonics.
Tuesday, May 5,2015
Arts & Culture feature

Head Crammers

CityBeat staff dishes out our favorite books, apps and cultural tidbits

By CityBeat Staff
For voracious readers: It's been a turbulent time in the journalism business. Newspapers closing, or slashing staff, has been the norm for the last decade or so.
Tuesday, April 14,2015
Beer Issue

Take the Beer Name quiz

Can you tell the difference between the names of beer, wine, cheese and rock bands?

By CityBeat Staff
Two women walk into a brew pub. They belly up to the bar and one says: "My friend will have an Arrogant Bastard, and I'll take a Night Rider." 
Tuesday, March 31,2015
Arts & Culture feature

Head Crammers: Our favorite podcasts, TV shows, etc.

Bust your brain with this bunch of cultural baubles

By CityBeat Staff
There's an A&E show that's been on for a couple of weeks called The Returned. Skip it. Instead, watch Les Revenants, the French TV show it's based on.
Tuesday, March 17,2015
Local Music Issue

The Great Demo Review 2015

You sent in your music; we listened to it

By CityBeat Staff
Every spring, more than 100 demo CDs, tapes and MP3 files pile up in CityBeat’s mailbox and email inbox as we prepare for that great annual tradition: The Great Demo Review.
Wednesday, March 11,2015

Bonnie Dumanis’ attack on freedom

District attorney wants to jail people for rapping and posting on Facebook

By CityBeat Staff
San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis is out of control. Her office filed charges against 15 San Diego men for conspiracy to commit various violent crimes even though there’s no evidence that they had anything to do with the offenses.
Wednesday, February 25,2015

On the Chargers, politicians need to remain calm

Stop right after saying the team should stay in San Diego

By CityBeat Staff
Two teams might be allowed to move to L.A.; three teams won’t. At least one of these contestants will have to go home a loser. No offense, but we’re hoping it’s the Chargers.
Wednesday, February 11,2015

Slow the wheel’s roll

Why does everyone suddenly want to turn San Diego into an amusement park?

By CityBeat Staff
What is it all of a sudden with all these proposals for amusement-park rides in downtown San Diego?
Tuesday, February 3,2015

Faulconer’s stadium push is already SAGging

Advisory group apparently can pay consultants to help strategize a Chargers fix

By CityBeat Staff
 It wasn’t long after San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced that he’d assembled a nine-person Citizens Stadium Advisory Group (SAG) to come up with a development and financing proposal fo
Wednesday, January 28,2015

Inequality widens in California since the recession

This land is their land

By CityBeat Staff
California has the fifth-largest gap in the country between the average incomes of the 1 percent and the 99 percent—here, the wealthiest folks make, on average, 35 times what the rest of us make.