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Chicano Park Day Apr 19, 2014 Celebrate the park's status as an internationally recognized art site with traditional dance performances, live bands, keynote speeches and a display of classic low-rider cars. 80 other events on Saturday, April 19
Canvassed | Art & culture
A tale of near-death, bloody steaks and unprecedented opulence
Why the city can’t maintain enough emergency trucks
Documentary about ill-fated project leads our rundown of movies screening around town
Arts & Culture feature
What could’ve been, what could be and what’s actually happening with the embattled 2015 celebration
Seen Local
San Diego artist’s site-specific installation explores conspiracy theories


Home » Articles »   By Aaryn Belfer
Wednesday, November 10,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

I quit!

Or, like so many, I wish I could

By Aaryn Belfer
Wednesday, October 27,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

A bone to pick

I hate to diss a museum but I have to diss a museum

By Aaryn Belfer
Wednesday, October 13,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

Not in my house

Don’t plan to come over here and watch commercial-free TV

By Aaryn Belfer
Wednesday, September 29,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

When worlds collide

The incompatibility of stoners and control freaks

By Aaryn Belfer
Wednesday, September 15,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

Bye-bye, little one

An argument in favor of the kindergartener

By Aaryn Belfer
Wednesday, September 1,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

Freedom of religion

Extremists think the First Amendment applies only to them

By Aaryn Belfer
Wednesday, August 18,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

Duped again

Steven Slater: Just another false hero?

By Aaryn Belfer
Wednesday, August 4,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

Number cruncher

Even a simpleton like me knows a stadium's a bad investment

By Aaryn Belfer

Wednesday, July 21,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

A way with words

Thoughts on the selective butchering of the English language

By Aaryn Belfer
While browsing the fashion collages posted at Polyvore the other day (polyvore.com), I clicked on a link for a brooch that had caught my eye and received the following message: “This item appears to be out of stock. Continue to coach.com anyways?” Something tells me Coach did not approve that message.
Wednesday, July 7,2010
Backwards & in High Heels

Back to school

The unintended side effect of being a parent

By Aaryn Belfer
If you were to offer me $10 million to do high school over again, I would turn you down before you could finish your sentence. It wouldn’t matter if I were allowed to take with me all the hindsight I’ve collected since tossing my mortar board out the window of my mother’s white Toyota Corolla with the lapis-blue interior. You could sweeten the pot with Elin Nordegren’s $100-million divorce settlement from her naughty little Tiger and I might entertain reliving the misery.