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Axline Lecture: Alfredo Jaar Apr 23, 2014 The San Diego Museum of Art and MCASD present the 14th annual Axline Lecture featuring Chilean-born artist Alfredo Jaar, whose work, Muxima, a looping video installation featuring multiple iterations of a popular Angolan folk song, is on view at SDMA. 60 other events on Wednesday, April 23
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Wednesday, April 18,2012
Sordid Tales

‘America, love it or leave it’

Remember, it goes both ways

By Edwin Decker
The phrase “America, love it or leave it” is what’s known as a false dilemma because it supposes only two options when actually they are bottomless.
Wednesday, April 4,2012
Sordid Tales

Acute Server Burnout Disorder

Only you can help prevent its spread

By Edwin Decker
Acute Server burnout is a disorder from which it is difficult to recover, especially in the final stages—when you hate the bar and the bands, the funbuzzes become more murky and stygian and your clammy lizard claws are ready to carve out the organs of the first customer who stiffs you.
Wednesday, March 21,2012
Sordid Tales

Code Red is a must for anyone living with a woman

Meet the iPhone app that will probably save your life

By Edwin Decker
Code Red is an ingenious little tool that warns you when your wife or girlfriend—or any cohabitating female for that matter—is about to have her period.
Tuesday, March 6,2012
Sordid Tales

All we are saying, is give cheese a chance

Don’t be such a snob—you might actually enjoy cover music

By Edwin Decker
So, while this issue of CityBeat is devoted to all the excellent original bands of San Diego (CityBeat staffers are notorious OMSs), I tip my hat to the red-headed stepchildren of the scene, and will hopefully change some minds to boot
Wednesday, February 22,2012
Sordid Tales

It’s time to forgive Eli Manning, San Diego

The quarterback that got away just wasn’t that into you

By Edwin Decker
It’s been two weeks since my beloved New York Giants took Super Bowl XLVI, and still the pernicious missives from my Giants-Hating Chargers-fan friends keep rolling in.
Wednesday, February 8,2012
Sordid Tales

In defense of texting

Don’t try to tell me nobody talks to nobody anymore

By Edwin Decker
I’m like Rachel in the movie The Ring. Whenever the phone rings, my heart stops for fear the caller might be a little girl with wet, black hair who will want to talk about band camp for an hour. This is why I am so grateful for all the communication technology we have today.
Wednesday, January 25,2012
Sordid Tales

Jay-Z’s song about his new baby blows

But don’t all songs about babies blow?

By Edwin Decker
Whether you believe newborn babies are miraculous gifts from God or subterranean alien vampire-rats bent on draining your life force, can we at least agree that songs about babies tend to suck rusty buckets of contaminated amniotic fluid?
Wednesday, January 11,2012
Sordid Tales

Cee Lo’s revision of ‘Imagine’ was perfectly fine, except that it sucked

Changing John Lennon’s lyrics wasn’t the problem

By Edwin Decker
How is it possible that all the over-reactionistas and followers of The John Lennon Church of Latter Day Music Snobs don’t recognize that redesigning old songs is an exciting and unpredictable part of the music scene.
Wednesday, December 28,2011
Sordid Tales

Indefinite detention definitely will be made law indefinitely

Obama has made me so mad—I just... I just... Grrr!

By Edwin Decker
The bill is called the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012, and it basically does what all previous NDAA bills have done—fund the military—the only difference being that this one has a provision that desecrates the Constitution, the founders, civil liberties, puppies and everything else that is right and good about the U.S.A.
Wednesday, December 14,2011
Sordid Tales

Three reasons why the world won’t end on Dec. 21, 2012

Breaking down the crackpots’ analysis of the Maya calendars

By Edwin Decker
This is why I can’t wait for Dec. 22, 2012. Because there will be not one, but thousands of kooky soothsayers who will have to backpedal like hell once Mayageddon is proven to be horse shit. And I know it’s horse shit for three reasons: