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HauntFest on Main Oct 24, 2014 The third annual, family friendly event in Downtown El Cajon features two stages of live music, a carnival rides and games area, a Kidz Zone with outdoor movies, magic shows, pumpkin patches and more. 70 other events on Friday, October 24
Adaptation of Patricia Highsmith novel tops our coverage of movies screening around town
Steve Martin and Edie Brickell’s musical leads our rundown of local plays
City’s contract tweaks both tighten and loosen requirements
A review of Cygnet Theatre’s production of Sam Shepard drama tops our coverage of local plays
From San Diego City Council and Congress to Secretary of State and all the proposition, we have your ballot covered


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Wednesday, October 3,2012
Sordid Tales

If I depict the prophet, what’s that got to do with you?

Identifying the gaping holes in the extremists’ thinking

By Edwin Decker
“I issue a fatwa and call on the Muslim youth in America and Europe to kill… everyone [involved with] the film,” said an Egyptian cleric about The Innocence of Muslims.
Monday, September 17,2012
Sordid Tales

No more insanely repeating the definition of insanity

Think twice before believing everything you hear

By Edwin Decker
Lounging at a cocktail table with the gang, my friend V. was griping about her significant other. For some reason, the guy wouldn’t stop doing this thing that was pissing her off and acted surprised every time she got mad about it.
Wednesday, September 5,2012
Sordid Tales

The absurd science of political conservatives

Getting inside the heads of Bachmann, Santorum, Palin and Co.

By Edwin Decker
It’s not that conservatives no longer trust science. They just don’t subscribe to the science that the rest of us call “science.”
Wednesday, August 22,2012
Sordid Tales

Mr. Controversy

Top 10 most controversial columns (and some hate mail)

By Edwin Decker
Top 10 most controversial columns (and some hate mail)
Wednesday, August 8,2012
Sordid Tales

My day at the San Diego Pride festival

The homophobes were right—there is a gay agenda

By Edwin Decker
After many years of wanting to attend, but never getting around to it, I finally witnessed the San Diego Gay Pride Festival and Parade.
Wednesday, July 25,2012
Sordid Tales

I don’t want a stronger sex drive!

Taking control of the bald-headed rickshaw boss

By Edwin Decker
I was sitting at the bar at The Tilted Stick, watching the muted television with my friend Jim, when an infomercial for Cenegenics came on. 
Wednesday, July 11,2012
Sordid Tales

I’m not fine with fines for unrefined words

Criminalizing naughty language is naughty

By Edwin Decker
My last column got me in a bit of trouble because of a controversial word that begins with the letter “N” and ends with the letter “R you out of your everloving mind, white boy?”
Wednesday, June 27,2012
Sordid Tales

Is it ever OK for a cracka to say ‘nigga’?

Let’s take that word from the bigots once and for all

By Edwin Decker
Reasonable minds can disagree about whether it’s socially acceptable for people, Caucasians especially, to use the N-word. And while there are sound arguments to be made on both sides, my arguments are sounder.
Wednesday, June 13,2012
Sordid Tales

It’s about time they took away your Big Gulps

Bloomberg’s move exposes the hypocrisy of guys like Boehner, Ryan and Hannity

By Edwin Decker
Mayor Michael Bloomberg is rightfully concerned about the toll obesity is taking on society and has decided to do something about it. And I gotta tell ya, I’m so freaking happy that I’ve been farting multicolored confetti out of my ass since I heard about it.
Wednesday, May 30,2012
Sordid Tales

Prayercasting is for poseurs

There’s only one real, true way to pray

By Edwin Decker
Prayercasting, also known as “strategic intercession,” is my new favorite religious concept at which to laugh. Unlike traditional prayer (you know, kneeling bedside with folded hands asking God, in a creepy, whispery praying-voice, to give you stuff ), prayercasting is a more strategic way to get your prayers heard