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Monday, December 10,2012
Sordid Tales

The secret meaning of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’

The truth is, no one knows

By Edwin Decker
As a child, I was always fascinated by some of the mysterious and often archaic lyrics of traditional Christmas songs. For instance, what the criminy is a bobtail in “Jingle Bells”?
Tuesday, November 27,2012
Sordid Tales

Everything in the universe is natural, except Nicki Minaj

A syllogistic refutation of the Family Research Council and its ilk

By Edwin Decker
On Oct. 3, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council was on Mike Huckabee’s radio show dropping some homophobic horseshit about how gays will never have a “sense of self-fulfillment” in their lives because homosexuality is “outside of how God created men and women.”
Wednesday, November 14,2012
Sordid Tales

Why hurricane Sandy proved that God’s switched parties

You can’t have it both ways, Christian right

By Edwin Decker

Ahem. Sorry, my throat is a little scratchy from all the cheerin' and a-yellin' I did on election night. Allow me to clear it again. Ahem.

Monday, October 29,2012
Sordid Tales

Football is the standard for vicarious sexual metaphors

When it comes to kissing and telling, baseball doesn’t hit any home runs

By Edwin Decker
As a married man who lives vicariously through the sexual exploits of his single friends, I am growing continually dissatisfied with the baseball metaphor as being the standard for when your buddy shares how far he went with his most recent date.
Wednesday, October 17,2012
Sordid Tales

I do not recognize your authority to stop me from killing myself

Refuting the kooky claims against doctor-assisted suicide

By Edwin Decker
This year, the Massachusetts “Death with Dignity” Initiative, also known as Question 2, will appear on the state’s general-election ballot.
Wednesday, October 3,2012
Sordid Tales

If I depict the prophet, what’s that got to do with you?

Identifying the gaping holes in the extremists’ thinking

By Edwin Decker
“I issue a fatwa and call on the Muslim youth in America and Europe to kill… everyone [involved with] the film,” said an Egyptian cleric about The Innocence of Muslims.
Monday, September 17,2012
Sordid Tales

No more insanely repeating the definition of insanity

Think twice before believing everything you hear

By Edwin Decker
Lounging at a cocktail table with the gang, my friend V. was griping about her significant other. For some reason, the guy wouldn’t stop doing this thing that was pissing her off and acted surprised every time she got mad about it.
Wednesday, September 5,2012
Sordid Tales

The absurd science of political conservatives

Getting inside the heads of Bachmann, Santorum, Palin and Co.

By Edwin Decker
It’s not that conservatives no longer trust science. They just don’t subscribe to the science that the rest of us call “science.”
Wednesday, August 22,2012
Sordid Tales

Mr. Controversy

Top 10 most controversial columns (and some hate mail)

By Edwin Decker
Top 10 most controversial columns (and some hate mail)
Wednesday, August 8,2012
Sordid Tales

My day at the San Diego Pride festival

The homophobes were right—there is a gay agenda

By Edwin Decker
After many years of wanting to attend, but never getting around to it, I finally witnessed the San Diego Gay Pride Festival and Parade.