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Wednesday, October 29,2014
Spin Cycle

Carl DeMaio: the Ebola of political wannabes?

Spooky choice for San Diego’s GOP electeds

By John R. Lamb
When it comes to local Republican elected officials, the bandwagon for 52nd District congressional candidate Carl DeMaio seems quite roomy.
Wednesday, October 15,2014
Spin Cycle

Where Carl DeMaio goes, weirdness follows

Karma, lie detectors and the unlikelihood of happy endings

By John R. Lamb
If congressional candidate Carl DeMaio keeps throwing people under the bus, it’s conceivable that one day the former San Diego City Council member will be able to count all his friends on one hand.
Wednesday, October 1,2014
Spin Cycle

Lessons from Belmont Park

Roller-coaster relationships on the San Diego City Council exposed

By John R. Lamb
Last week may have represented the dueling duo’s nadir in interpersonal relationships, when the City Council on Sept. 22 battled it out along party lines over a proposed 55-year lease extension for the operators of Belmont Park.
Wednesday, September 17,2014
Spin Cycle

Minimum-wage battle, ‘Dragnet’-style

Sgt. Joe Tuesday and partner Gill Bannon respond to Councilmember Sherman’s frantic call

By John R. Lamb
This is the city. San Diego, California. I work here. I carry a notebook. My name’s Spin. The column you are about to read is true; one name has been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.
Wednesday, September 3,2014
Spin Cycle

Activist attorney Cory Briggs is on a roll

Fresh off a victory in a fight over convention-center expansion, his sites are now on the Tourism Marketing District

By John R. Lamb
The attorney who kicked sand into the gears of the San Diego Convention Center expansion plans says he’s just getting started.
Wednesday, August 20,2014
Spin Cycle

Will the minimum-wage fight devour Kevin Faulconer’s future?

And speaking of fights, who would win: Jason Roe or a great white shark?

By John R. Lamb
When the San Diego City Council on Monday voted to uphold its earlier decision to require earned sick days and boost the city’s minimum wage incrementally to $11.50 by 2017—thereby smushing the mayor’s veto—you could hear the sharpening of knives emanating from Faulconer’s political brain trust.
Wednesday, August 6,2014
Spin Cycle

Bill Fulton is Houston-bound and gagged

San Diego planning director cries “Uncle!”

By John R. Lamb

 On Friday, the nationally renowned urban planner, author and former mayor of Ventura announced that he’ll be leaving San Diego at the end of August to head up an urban-research institute based at Houston’s Rice University.

Tuesday, July 22,2014
Spin Cycle

Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s Illumina-ting pitch

Digging into the DNA of a company deal

By John R. Lamb
There Kevin Faulconer was, clasping meat hooks with the CEO of Illumina—the San Diego-based genome-cracking-device-manufacturing firm that MIT recently dubbed the "smartest company in the world"
Wednesday, July 9,2014
Spin Cycle

Sierra Fight Club

San Diego court case focused on local-chapter powers of grassroots organizations

By John R. Lamb

John Stump is a regular fixture at City Hall, but last week he found himself a few blocks away, seated before Superior Court Judge Katherine A. Bacal with his attorney, Bob Ottilie.

Wednesday, June 25,2014
Spin Cycle

Johnathan Hale is Hillcrest’s drama king

Did Carl DeMaio’s partner overstep his authority by ousting business-association chief?

By John R. Lamb
Sonya Stauffer alleges that she was summarily fired on June 5 by the association’s president, San Diego Gay & Lesbian News publisher Johnathan Hale, for reasons that remain uncertain.