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Gangsters and Geniuses Mar 28, 2015 A group show centered around the theme of gangsters and geniuses (and those that overlap), featuring work from Jaclyn Rose Embroidery, Coulter Jacobs, and more. 69 other events on Saturday, March 28
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Bill would require City Council approval of city-funded nonprofit's decisions
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Organizers of the Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon in San Diego have a lot of work to do
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Home » Articles »   By John R. Lamb
Wednesday, March 18,2015
Spin Cycle

Kevin Faulconer is winging it

Mayor’s PR machine is no match for the Chargers

By John R. Lamb
On the keep-the-Chargers-from-bolting front, it’s gotten so bad for Mayor Kevin Faulconer that even Republican-friendly KUSI is stirring it up.
Wednesday, March 4,2015
Spin Cycle

Amid the Chargers rah-rah, a financial reality sandwich

It’s numbers crunch time

By John R. Lamb
On Monday, Mayor Kevin Faulconer sat before a fidgety cluster of third-graders at the San Diego History Center and read to them the Dr. Seuss classic Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
Wednesday, February 18,2015
Spin Cycle

Chargers-stadium quest is already a circus

Mayor’s nascent advisory group launches amid much brouhaha

By John R. Lamb
You have to kind of feel sorry for Adam Day. As chairman of San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer's handpicked Citizens Stadium Advisory Group, Day—the son of former SDSU president Thomas Day, himself no stranger to controversy—seems perfectly suited for the heavily spotlighted volunteer role he's been handed.
Sunday, February 15,2015
Spin Cycle

The political hazard of Lazard

Chargers had big problems with aborted Sanders stadium plan

By John R. Lamb
San Diego Chargers general counsel Mark Fabiani had to fire up an old computer to find the details, but it was hard to forget what a New York financial consulting firm was proposing in 2012 to get the NFL team a shiny new Downtown football stadium.
Wednesday, February 4,2015
Spin Cycle

Will Chargers task force get to see Lazard report?

2012 report is said to have indicated big taxpayer subsidy was necessary

By John R. Lamb
Faulconer has put together something he calls the Citizens’ Stadium Advisory Group (sporting the unfortunate acronym CSAG), a nine-member panel of seemingly whip-smart business types given a fall deadline to put an actual plan to actual paper to get the Chargers a new home.
Wednesday, January 21,2015
Spin Cycle

Kevin Faulconer is Mayor Glinda

That was a big lollipop of a State of the City address

By John R. Lamb
Yes, San Diego has emerged from a week of enough pithy political turns of phrase and political posturing that even the stiffest beverages can’t remove them from our psyches any time soon.
Wednesday, January 7,2015
Spin Cycle

Steve Rivera wants to lead San Diego County’s Democrats

A crucial vote on the party’s future happens this month

By John R. Lamb
Come Jan. 20, however, current party Chair Francine Busby will face a vote of confidence, in essence, following a couple of years in which Democrats—despite an edge in registered voters over Republicans countywide—came up short in several marquee races.
Monday, December 22,2014
Spin Cycle

‘Now Sherman! Now Kersey! Now Lorie and Chris!’

A vignette from Taint Pick, with apologies to Clement C. Moore

By John R. Lamb
’Twas three months before Todd Toss, and through City Hall, an odd rumor was stirring, a real-life curveball.
Tuesday, December 16,2014
Spin Cycle

Clarification to 'Carl DeMaio will not go quietly'

We won’t have this curious man-child to kick around anymore, or will we?

By John R. Lamb
For San Diego, the Decade of Carl DeMaio ends not with a bang, but with some flailing and a whiny whimper. Should we have expected anything less? 
Wednesday, December 10,2014
Spin Cycle

Magic Budget Fairy drops in for the holidays

A chance encounter at December Nights

By John R. Lamb

 It’s a cool Friday night among throngs of meandering strangers in Balboa Park, its iconic buildings awash in a rotating palette of vibrant colors.