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Adult Puppet Cabaret Mar 27, 2015

Puppet companies like Animal Cracker Conspiracy, Circus Mafia, Peachtiger Puppetry and more will perform works to benefit the upcoming San Diego Puppet Fest.

59 other events on Friday, March 27
Bands coming to town and just-announced shows
Bill would require City Council approval of city-funded nonprofit's decisions
Seen Local
Organizers of the Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon in San Diego have a lot of work to do
Arts & Culture feature
Rising stars of San Diego's architect-as-developer movement mind the little details
Abderrahmane Sissako’s Oscar-nominated film tops our coverage of movies screening around town


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Wednesday, December 11,2013
Music feature

The carefree sound of Icona Pop

Swedish duo delivers electro anthems

By Peter Holslin
Icona Pop—a duo composed of Caroline Hjelt, 26, and Aina Jawo, 27— hail from Sweden, a nation famed as much for its functional home furnishings as its polished pop music.
Wednesday, October 23,2013
Music feature

Brooklyn’s The Blow titillate and confuse

The long, weird road to the duo’s new album

By Peter Holslin
For their new, self-titled album, Brooklyn’s The Blow decided to do things the hard way. During the span of several years, the artsy electro-pop duo hunkered down to record samples of analog instruments and vintage synthesizers.
Wednesday, September 18,2013
Music feature

Dirty Beaches follow the way of the wanderer

Indie-noir act’s moody experimental sounds come from a life on the road

By Peter Holslin
In recent weeks, Hungtai’s made the road a temporary home as he and his bandmates tour in support of their latest album, Drifters / Love is the Devil, a beautiful double LP—which came out on Zoo Music, the label run by Crocodiles’ Brandon Welchez and Dum Dum Girls’ Dee Dee Penny.
Wednesday, August 28,2013
Music feature

Scout Niblett keeps it raw

Songwriter evokes a ton of emotion with a stripped-down set-up

By Peter Holslin
Scout Niblett's It's Up to Emma (released on Drag City in May), is one of the most emotionally rich albums to come out this year. Tightly wound with brooding guitars, raw drums and pained lyrics, it's like a ride through the Kübler-Ross model's five stages of grief.
Wednesday, July 24,2013
Music feature

Down with 311

The unintentional hilarity—and surprising charm—of a dated rap-rock band

By Peter Holslin
Ever have a 311 moment? Let’s say you’re at a party, sipping on a tall can of PBR and joking around with friends. All of a sudden, you remember the words to “Down,” the 1995 anthem by Omaha rap-rock quintet 311. “Hey, everybody, remember ‘Down’?!” you ask. People smile, chuckle and nod their heads.
Wednesday, June 19,2013
Notes from the Smoking Patio

The Ruby Room to become The Merrow

Plus, prankster gives Drive Like Jehu fans false hope

By Peter Holslin, Jeff Terich

Hillcrest venue The Ruby Room closed its doors Monday, and will reopen July 1 as The Merrow. The Ruby Room co-owners Sean and Brittni Cute an nounced last week that they’re selling their shares to a business partner, Paul Joseph Smith, who’ll take over the space and give it a revamp.

Wednesday, June 5,2013
Notes from the Smoking Patio

The Black Heart Procession call it quits—for now, at least

Plus, Pall Jenkins is working on a track with Rafael Reyes

By Peter Holslin
Don’t expect to hear new music from indie-rock gloom merchants The Black Heart Procession any time soon. Black Heart main man Pall Jenkins says he and co-frontman Tobias Nathaniel have put the band to bed.
Wednesday, June 5,2013
Notes from the Smoking Patio

My goodbye playlist

On the way out, some rad acts that I really dig

By Peter Holslin
This week, I step down as CityBeat’s music editor. (The new guy is Jeff Terich.) As a goodbye present, I’m giving you a list of artists who’ve done some cool stuff I would’ve written about if only I’d had more time.
Tuesday, June 4,2013
If I Were U

GZA, Cut Hands and more San Diego concerts

The Dwarves, Teenage Burritos and The Tree Ring are just some of the bands we’re jazzed about this week

By Peter Holslin
 A master of chess with a bulletproof flow, the GZA has always seemed like a smart guy. But the Wu-Tang Clan co-founder (alternate nickname: The Genius) really shows his wisdom on his upcoming new album, Dark Matter, which is themed around the Big Bang.
Tuesday, May 28,2013
If I Were U

Captured! By Robots, Miss Erika Davies and more San Diego concerts

Chvrches, Trixie Whitley and Snail are just some of the acts we’re jazzed about this week

By Peter Holslin
If you've ever wanted to see a kooky rocker perform onstage with a cast of robots that look like extras from an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, well, with Captured! By Robots, your dream will come true.