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Friday, Dec 30, 2011 - Last Blog on Earth | News

U-T staffers to work longer hours and dress snazzier under new management

New memo says John Lynch also plans to open a U-T bistro

By Dave Maass

John T. Lynch, the new boss at the San Diego Union-Tribune, has sent yet another memo to employees announcing changes in 2012. This time, the moves include new hours, a dress code and new features in the U-T lobby. 

In an effort to go from "good" to "great," Lynch says that the U-T will close its cafeteria and instead open a "bistro" on the first floor and extend the hours of the lobby to show the public that the paper is "open for business."  

And speaking of hours, U-T employees will no longer work 37.5-hour weeks (as if any reporters we know actually were doing so); instead, they'll have to serve a full 40 hours. Pay will remain the same. Employees will be expected to wear "sharp business attire," and while "Casual Friday" will remain, it will be slightly less casual. 

Will this be the end of fuzzy vests for Michelle Guerin

Full text below

DATE: DECEMBER 30, 2011 

When we met on December 9, 2011, we shared with all of you our vision for transforming the U-T into an Integrated Media company. At that time, we said that it doesn’t take much more effort to go from “good” to “great”, and that we were going to ask more from everyone in our quest to make us great! 

I’m sure you have seen many physical changes to the building and improvements to your work place going on. Some plans for the future are to move Finance and HR to the 5th floor, to move all content producing groups together, move the cafeteria to a new U-T Bistro on the first floor, and many more to come. 

As we begin this New Year and initiate the process of launching our company as the Integrated Media company of the future, there are some changes focused upon both the evolution to integration and securing more efficiency out of our current operation. Accordingly, listed below are some items that will affect changes to accomplish both. 

Work Hours – *Employees will transition to a 40 hour work week effective January 2, 2012. Individual supervisors will have authority to allow for transition time to address child care and other issues. Standard office hours will be, 8:30 – 5:30, with an hour for lunch. Operational departments will modify work schedules based on business needs. No changes to weekly pay will accompany this adjustment of hours. 

Appropriate Appearance – While we are upgrading the appearance of the workplace for everyone, we would like employees who work with the public to dress in sharp business attire. Again, individual supervisors will detail what is expected. Employees who do not work directly with the public, should keep in mind that we always have visitors, government officials/dignitaries in and out of our building, and the desire is to have a professional workplace appearance. “Casual Friday” will continue, but should be only slightly less business oriented than Monday through Thursday. 

Lobby Hours – As of Tuesday, January 3rd, the lobby will be open from 7:00a.m. – 6:00p.m. Monday – Friday, with the receptionist ready to greet our employees as they start their day, and to ensure visitors are welcomed as they arrive. U-T employees are welcome to enter through either entrance. This change of hours will communicate to clients, readers, and visitors that we are alive, vibrant and “open for business.” 

We extend to you and your Family a warm wish of great success, prosperity, and good health for the New Year. We invite your thoughts as to how we develop this new media company. 

*excludes Pressroom and Packaging employees