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Monday, Dec 30, 2013 - 114 days ago Get to the Pint

Latitude 33 adds hops to hops

The Vista brewery is feeling randy

By Ian Cheesman
randall Kiss your enamel good-bye
Usually when a (good) brewer makes a (delicious) beer, there's a ton of hops in the boil. Quite often, that's followed by further hopping to augment the aromatics of the beer. By that juncture, the beer's just about as hoppy as it's going to get, and any sensible brewer knows it's time to leave it be.

Unless you’re talking about Randall. That guy is sick.

Randall isn’t technically a brewer so much as an organoleptic hop-transducing module. Randall (aka Randall the Enamel Animal) is a in-line hop-infusion chamber, tacked on to a tap line to force-feed a bit more hop character to a beer as it's being poured. It's an innovation developed back in 2002 by the wonderful nutjobs over at Dogfish Head Brewing. And now Latitude 33’s got one.

I swung by the day it was unveiled, for the dual purpose of enjoying a further hop-addled Camel Corps IPA and testing whether I could identify the specific hop variety they were doping with. Unsurprisingly, I nailed it on the first try. Of course, the bartender claimed the opposite, but I’m certain that there was just a bookkeeping error on their part. 

For details on when the Latitude 33 Randall will be in play, check out the brewer's blog.