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Music of Zimbabwe Apr 21, 2014 Part of the SDSU World Music Series, San Diego-based ensemble Zimbeat performs the dynamic village music of Zimbabwe, Africa. 47 other events on Monday, April 21
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Monday, Dec 23, 2013 - 119 days ago Get to the Pint

Don't let the magic of Beermas pass you by

Growler fills may be going on vacation sooner than you think

By Ian Cheesman
Today’s "Get to the Pint" is really more of a public service announcement than a blog. Please pay close attention. The holiday you save just might be your own.

With Christmas just moments away, many of you are probably filled with one manner of panic or another. Perhaps you haven’t finished all your shopping and you’ve seen the line of cars stretching from the mall to the freeway off-ramp. Maybe you’re starting to realize just how ambitious you were in planning your holiday repast and you’re being visited by the Ghosts of Badly Charred Christmas Turkeys Past. Sadly, there’s nothing I can do to help with those things, but I can help by giving you something new and more important to worry about: You’re quickly running out of time to fill your growlers.

Brewers everywhere are sending out notifications that they're opting to close down customer-facing operations for the holidays, some sooner than others. 2 Kids Brewing, Arcrana Brewing and Butchers Brewing are already knee-deep in the nog and not coming back until after Christmas. Most of the others seem to have Monday hours at a minimum, and some curtailed Christmas Eve hours, as well, but it's highly variable. If you don’t follow your favorite breweries on their various social-media outlets, this is probably the time to ensure that you aren’t left to fill your growler with tears of regret.