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World According To... Parker & the Numberman Apr 18, 2014 A Friday night series where Finest City Improv invites a special guest, or guests, to tell real-life stories that FCI's best improvisers then use to create comedic sketches. This week's special guests are local hip-hop act Parker & the Numberman. 57 other events on Friday, April 18
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Friday, Dec 20, 2013 - 119 days ago Get to the Pint

The Homebrewer wants to be your brewer

Kickstart the opening of a new tasting room

By Ian Cheesman
homebrewerykick Imagine this, but filled with dreams and joy
Two days ago, I shared some of the many ways you could ensure that your friends and family have a happy holiday. I now realize that was a mistake. Screw those ingrates. Unless your gift will somehow help guarantee there’s another tasting room built in San Diego, I have a better way to keep the spirit of Beermas alive year 'round.

Don't do it because I suggested it; think of the children. Do you really want to look into their sweet little faces and know that you had a chance to partially fund an expansion of The Homebrewer and you did nothing about it?

The Homebrewer folks are looking to crowd-fund a unique take on a tasting room and brewery. Rather than focusing on producing branded consumables, they want to expand the educational sphere birthed in the home-brew supply side of the business. Much like White Labs’ tasting room is essentially a forum for understanding the many contributions of yeast to the brewing process, beers made under the moniker of Home Brewing Co. would highlight what's possible with their own materials.

(It bears mentioning that I'm not the target audience for this sort of thing. I have little to no personal interest in home brewing and, to date, have not contributed to a single Kickstarter campaign. I’m not sure why this is so, apart from the facts that I’m incredibly cheap and wish success for no one but myself. But these kids today seem to enjoy their Kickstarters, so I’m happy to facilitate.)

Their concept seems novel enough to fund on its own merits, if only to get something akin to White Labs’ tasting room a bit farther south. However, I have to say that the pledge awards actually scale nicely with a lot of fun perks to consider.

The Kickstarter will run for 29 more days, giving you a window to donate before the crushing credit-card debt you amassed over the holiday season is billed out.