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Wednesday, Aug 08, 2012 - Check 1, Check 2 | Music & nightlife

Black Lips show at Hard Rock Hotel gets shut down

'#missionAcomplished' band tweets

By Peter Holslin
Hard Rock Black Lips Police and security outside Hard Rock Hotel's 207 nightclub
- Photo by Jason Rivers
Atlanta garage-rockers Black Lips are well-known for their wild live shows, and they didn't hold back when they played at Hard Rock Hotel’s 207 nightclub Tuesday night. People threw drinks. A mosh pit broke out. Police were called. And the band managed to play only three songs.

CityBeat attended the show and saw the whole thing go down. Everything was relatively calm early in the night, when L.A. band Allah-Las played a snooze-y set of lighthearted garage-pop. But the mood changed the moment
Black Lips started playing at around 11:20 p.m.

By then, the venue was packed, and it was hard to move around. A mosh pit broke out, a woman started crowd-surfing and a few people lobbed their glasses at the stage.
As concertgoers jostled and pushed forward to get a better look, two girls were being pressed up against the front of the stage, eyewitnesses said. One was reportedly bent over backward so that her feet were on the floor and her back was on the stage.

Though the Hard Rock Hotel celebrates rock 'n' roll history, 207 isn't the kind of place that normally welcomes such rowdyism. Minutes into the set, a man who appeared to work for the club stepped onstage and demanded that the band stop playing. When they didn’t, their equipment was unplugged, the lights went up and a team of security guards started ordering people to leave. The crowd responded with angry chants and extended middle fingers.

According to Lt. Andra Brown of the San Diego Police Department, the venue's security called the police to report that people were fighting, and a bystander also called to report several people fighting in the street and bottles being thrown. Several officers showed up to the scene at
around 11:33 p.m. They saw no fighting, and the crowd started to disperse at around 11:44 p.m., she says. No arrests were made.

Organized by Hard Rock and FILTER magazine with help from The Casbah and Invisible Children, the concert was part of Hard Rock’s monthly “Soundcheck” series. There was no cover charge, and free vodka drinks were served from 9 to 10 p.m., making for a big turnout and much drunkenness.

A spokesperson for FILTER did not respond to an email or a message left with an employee at the magazine's L.A. office. A manager at 207 who was on duty Tuesday night did not respond to a message left with an employee at the club today.

In 2009, Black Lips had to cancel an India tour and leave the country when guitarist Cole Alexander stripped his clothes off, stage-dived and made out with other band members during a show in Chennai.

While Tuesday's show wasn't nearly as controversial, the band seemed pleased with the result. In a slightly exaggerated account on Twitter, they wrote: “Hard rock sanDiego was tight we got cops calledNswat team security fights bottles thrown ppl bleeding,shit got shut down#missionAcomplished.”