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Monday, January 14,2013
Grubby Bitch

The old soul of Harry’s Coffee Shop

La Jolla institution serves diner fare that’ll touch your heart

By Amy T. Granite
A visit to Harry’s Coffee Shop reminded me of many of the reasons why I love the blue-col-lar food beat. The family-owned, classic diner has been around since 1960, with Harry’s sons continuing to operate it much the same way, I’d imagine, that their father did during his lifetime.
Wednesday, January 2,2013
Grubby Bitch

Leave these lame food trends in 2012

A Grubby farewell to another year in food

By Amy T. Granite
In lieu of new beginnings, here are seven drinking ’n’ dining trends to recycle along with 2012’s Christmas tree
Monday, December 17,2012
Grubby Bitch

Oscar’s tacos are a big deal

Pacific Beach Mexican joint doesn't skimp on shrimp

By Amy T. Granite
Expect a tad more convenience from Oscar’s Mexican Seafood than you would from a mariscos truck: There’s a small patio out front with stools lining a counter and enough room inside by the cashier to seat a few more
Friday, November 30,2012
Grubby Bitch

Don’t Su-mei, Plumeria is delicious

New healthy Thai joint in University Heights is up against a longtime favorite

By Amy T. Granite
More often than not, dishes with meat at Thai joints sound better on the menu than they actually are. One time, I wanted to impress a friend with what I thought at the time was the best hole-in-the-wall Thai food in town.
Friday, November 16,2012
Grubby Bitch

Minh Ky Takeout pairs best with the couch

The secret ingredient at this City Heights joint, apparently, is ketchup

By Amy T. Granite
Chinese restaurants are fine places to eat, but sweet and sour pork pairs so much better with the couch. Chicken chow mein just tastes better when my feet are up and the bathrobe is on.
Friday, November 2,2012
Grubby Bitch

Giorgino's burly Egg Roll

Eat it for breakfast and then go back to bed

By Amy T. Granite
I stopped reading the menu at “Pork Roll.” For some reason, it made me laugh. Not knowing what to expect, I ordered one, because, really—how bad could a sandwich be with a name like “Pork Roll”?
Monday, October 22,2012
Grubby Bitch

Goodbye for now, Donut Star

One too many pastry orgies has tainted our love

By Amy T. Granite
A box holding the remains of a dozen donuts sits on a counter nearby. My stomach is angry—the usual morning-after effect—and yet, I haven’t brought myself to toss the tasty culprits into the trash.
Friday, September 28,2012
Grubby Bitch

Breakfast on Voltaire Street

Add these three haunts to your regular rotation

By Amy T. Granite
At a party a couple of Friday nights ago, one of my Ocean Beach buddies started quizzing me on the food and drink joints I’ve been to in his neighborhood.
Friday, September 14,2012
Grubby Bitch

Punjabi Tandoor’s magical oven

Mira Mesa Indian food is tasty for people and, apparently, dogs

By Amy T. Granite
As I searched for an eatery to write about this week, I was shocked to discover that one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego has yet to be covered by traditional media in more than just a two-line mention.
Sunday, September 2,2012
Grubby Bitch

Deli South Africa serves meat pies worth their weight in gold

Kearny Mesa place is hard to find, but unforgettable

By Amy T. Granite
Fact: Convoy Street is the most delicious stretch in San Diego. If you disagree, it’s time to put down the new-American Kool-Aid and venture away from North Park.