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Our Silences Jan 29, 2015 The official unveiling of 11 monumental sculptures by Mexican artist Rivelino, one of which is designed to allow the blind to experience the piece. 65 other events on Thursday, January 29
Spin Cycle
A crucial vote on the party’s future happens this month
Check 1, Check 2 | Music & nightlife
Observatory to take over historic location
The World Fare
Dumplings, borscht and Stroganoff highlight the La Mesa eatery’s menu
MLK biopic starring David Oyelowo tops our coverage of movies screening around town
Environmentalist Nicole Capretz takes on SDG&E with new watchdog group


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Tuesday, May 8,2012
The Enrique Experience

It’s curtains for the Experience

Sad to say, it’s time to bludgeon the baby

By Enrique Limon
At times, I’ve felt as if my tenure at CityBeat has played out like low-budg version of The Devil Wears Prada (“a million girls would kill for your job” is one of my many mantras). So, with my love not just for alt-media, but journalism in general, still intact, I decided to kill the baby, so to speak.
Wednesday, April 11,2012
The Enrique Experience

Fur and loathing in Lake Murray

Wearing animal costumes isn’t always a sex thing, ya know

By Enrique Limon
Though fur-suit enthusiasts have a public Meetup page, it wasn’t easy to get access to the outing.
Wednesday, March 28,2012
The Enrique Experience

San Diego’s leather community believes the children are the future

The Eagle helps disadvantaged kids with eyebrow-raising Easter baskets

By Enrique Limon
If you’re a regular reader, you know that The Eagle holds a special place in my pervy heart; some of my best nights there have turned into columns, while the really good ones I’ve kept between me and Layla, the friendly woman at the free clinic.
Wednesday, March 14,2012
The Enrique Experience

Yarn-bombing the signs

Clairemont man is unblocking up the scenery and breaking up minds

By Enrique Limon

Guiding his buddy as he sewed up the stockinette-stitched sleeve along the stop-sign rod, he recounted the tale of his first stop-sign flower

Wednesday, February 29,2012
The Enrique Experience

In search of... Chango

Local surfer gives ‘monkey business’ a whole new meaning

By Enrique Limon
Slevcove became familiar with the whimsical, kitschy statuette during high-school church-group trips to the TJ slums and vividly recalls that first encounter.
Wednesday, February 1,2012
The Enrique Experience

Artist Paulo Nazareth’s work is bananas

Brazilian artist who made a splash at Art Basel kicks it in San Diego

By Enrique Limon
There are two conditions from which Brazilian-boartist Paulo Nazareth will most likely never suffer: potassium deficiency and male pattern baldness.
Wednesday, January 18,2012
The Enrique Experience

Chad Michaels is out to take reality TV with a bang (and a tuck)

Local queen is going to ‘drag Disneyland’

By Enrique Limon
Standing well over 6 feet tall in heels (closer to 7 with the right hair), his presence is imposing, and halfway through his transformation, the similarities between him and his idol are uncanny.
Wednesday, January 4,2012
The Enrique Experience

I spent Christmas in the clink

Deck the halls with a little rosé, a zealous cop and some new friends in the holding tank

By Enrique Limon
On a mission, he crossed Vermont Street. I waited for the walk sign, and as I joined him, a cop shone his patrol lights and ordered me to stop. The officer, sans badge or ID tag, instructed me to surrender my identification, proceeded with what I believe was an illegal search and wrote me a jaywalking ticket.
Wednesday, December 21,2011
The Enrique Experience

The Agua Caliente Racetrack mural's future is still in jeopardy

Unless the ad is deemed hisotric, the important artwork could be erased

By Enrique Limon

Wednesday, December 7,2011
The Enrique Experience

The first rule of finding your muse: Carry a notepad

Literary masterpieces don’t come from ink-covered body parts

By Enrique Limon
Recently, I found myself at a creative dead-end. Yes, a couple of news stories had caught my eye, and, yes, I’d had my share of debaucherous nights. But I just wasn’t sure how to translate that to a 900-word narrative.