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Monday, June 22,2015
Bottle Rocket

Petco Park serves award-winning wines

Ballpark offers long list for all types of drinkers

By Jen Van Tieghem
Confession: I'm not a baseball fan. But if anything could get me to a game it would be a good glass of wine.
Friday, May 22,2015
Bottle Rocket

San Diego County Vintners Association presents wide range of locals

Countywide offerings make it hard to pick favorites

By Jen Van Tieghem
The rustic charm of Bernardo Winery, the oldest operating vineyard and winery in San Diego, was an idyllic setting for this year's San Diego County Vintner's Association Wine and Food Festival. 
Friday, May 1,2015
Bottle Rocket

Three Wente Chardonnays present a variety of styles

Only one is 'just right' for this taster

By Jen Van Tieghem
National Chardonnay Day is a thing I never thought I'd give a damn about. I'm typically turned off by California's golden grape, with buttery versions being too rich and lighter versions too bland.
Saturday, April 11,2015
Bottle Rocket

Grocery Outlet has, gasp, valuable wine options

Bargain hunters take note of the chain’s vino

By Jen Van Tieghem
I’ve mentioned that I’ve got champagne taste on a boxed-wine budget. Therefore, my interest was piqued when Grocery Outlet invited me to peruse their recent wine sale. Still, I was skeptical about what a discount store could offer in wine selection. 
Friday, March 20,2015
Bottle Rocket

Finding Mediterranean reds in the Temecula Valley

'Virtual tasting' highlights three picks from the nearby wine region

By Jen Van Tieghem
I was invited by the Temecula Valley Winegrowers Association to take part in a "virtual tasting," which sounds stranger than it was. The wine was real. The virtual part came via an online broadcast where three winemakers presented their bottled goods and wine writers followed (and tweeted) along at home. 
Friday, February 27,2015
Bottle Rocket

Le Parfait Paris lists tasty French selections

Downtown spot offers satisfying wines, unfulfilling specials

By Jen Van Tieghem
Downtown's Le Parfait Paris has quickly made itself known for coffee, desserts and decadent pastries. Since opening late last year, it's become a go-to for caffeine addicts and sweet-toothers.
Friday, February 6,2015
Bottle Rocket

Idlewild makes Italian wines feel familiar

Winemaker wants to expand California’s palate

By Jen Van Tieghem
One of my worst habits is laziness. From laundry piles to idle Sunday mornings, it rules my life. It even affects my drinking. I know the varietals and regions I like, plus accessible, affordable bran
Friday, January 16,2015
Bottle Rocket

Dallmann Confections introduces peculiar pairings

Bubbly wines and flavorful chocolates make a good match

By Jen Van Tieghem
Owner Isabella Valencia and husband / sommelier Jayson Knack host about two pairing classes at Dallmann (789 W. Harbor Drive, Downtown) each month, with beer, wine, cheese, desserts and, perhaps most uniquely, champagne. 
Friday, December 26,2014
Bottle Rocket

Peachy Canyon’s Snow Zinfandel is all the cold we need

Weather may be frightful, but wine is always delightful

By Jen Van Tieghem
Peachy Canyon Winery’s reds have long been a mainstay on my wine rack, its Incredible Red both easy to drink and easy on the budget. 
Friday, December 5,2014
Bottle Rocket

The Wine Pub is a reason to pause in Point Loma

Inviting spot is going strong after five years

By Jen Van Tieghem
I don’t find myself in Point Loma often, but I’ve found a reason to change that. The Wine Pub is a welcoming place for a drink—and a nibble—tucked between a bank and a Thai restaurant in a busy corner of the neighborhood (2907 Shelter Island Drive).