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Friday, April 11,2014
Bottle Rocket

In the white room at The Flight Path

New Downtown wine bar offers sips and bites at a great value

By Jen Van Tieghem
One of the first striking features of The Flight Path is its décor—or lack thereof. The stark white walls, tables, chairs and countertops give the new wine bar an almost sterile appearance.
Friday, March 14,2014
Bottle Rocket

Jakes on 6th is perfect for weekday winos

Atmosphere, selection and specials to suck you in at Hillcrest wine bar

By Jen Van Tieghem
Hillcrest, please accept my apologies. In my many wine-bar excursions, I've somehow neglected you. Hopefully, a recent trip to Jake's on 6th (3755 Sixth Ave.) makes up for that.
Friday, February 21,2014
Bottle Rocket

Riviera Supper Club caters to lovers of vino and music

New wine bar section offers enjoyment in La Mesa

By Jen Van Tieghem
Riviera (rivierasupperclub.com, 7777 University Ave. in La Mesa) has furthered its wine focus by adding a wine-bar section that opened on Valentine's Day. 
Friday, January 31,2014
Bottle Rocket

2009 Old Vines Cuvee vs. 2012 Old Zin Vines

Two California Zinfandels present different sides of the same fruit

By Jen Van Tieghem
The Old Vines Cuvee was decidedly different, with the fruit up front in powerful aromas of fig and raspberry. The scents dissipated only slightly after time in the glass.
Friday, January 10,2014
Bottle Rocket

2004 L.A. Cetto Nebbiolo is a precocious 10-year-old

Oldest winery in Mexico offers great, inexpensive wines

By Jen Van Tieghem
Recently, I've noticed L.A. Cetto wines at several markets around town, including Windmill Farms in Del Cerro, Bine and Vine in Normal Heights and Palm Springs Liquor in La Mesa.
Friday, December 20,2013
Bottle Rocket

Bine & Vine is good and cheap

Normal Heights bottle shop’s as fine for wine as it is for beer

By Jen Van Tieghem
Wine buyer and professional sommelier Stephen Ansley takes a lot of pride in what goes into those bins. Chatting with him revealed his careful practices for proper wine storage and lessons learned working at BevMo for several years.
Wednesday, November 27,2013
Bottle Rocket

San Diego Cellars adds diversity for drinkers

Wines are created and enjoyed under one roof in Little Italy

By Jen Van Tieghem
Most local winemaking operations set up shop on the rural outskirts while tasting rooms spring up in well-trafficked areas. San Diego Cellars (2215 Kettner Blvd.) balances both at a quaint spot in Little Italy where wines are both made and served.
Friday, November 8,2013
Bottle Rocket

What lurks beyond The Red Door?

Chic ambiance and comfort await at Mission Hills wine bar and restaurant

By Jen Van Tieghem
Most wine bars serve up a trendy atmosphere and carefully crafted food alongside their selections from the vines; The Red Door Restaurant and Wine Bar (741 W. Washington St. in Mission Hills) does so in spades. 
Friday, October 18,2013
Bottle Rocket

KnB Wine Cellars is perfect for sipping and stocking up

Del Cerro’s hidden gem offers quality and variety

By Jen Van Tieghem
K 'n B Wine Cellars, one part liquor store and one part beer-and-wine bar tucked in a Del Cerro strip mall (6380 Del Cerro Blvd.), leaves pretentiousness at the door.
Friday, September 20,2013
Bottle Rocket

Red Rock Winery’s 2009 Reserve Malbec

It’s remnant-licking good

By Jen Van Tieghem
 After trying a few Malbecs that fell short of my expectations, I found a well-priced favorite in a California version—Red Rock Winery's 2009 Reserve Malbec, which is full of fruit flavors and balanced by a light acidity.