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Chicano Park Day Apr 19, 2014 Celebrate the park's status as an internationally recognized art site with traditional dance performances, live bands, keynote speeches and a display of classic low-rider cars. 80 other events on Saturday, April 19
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Tuesday, November 30,1999
Beer & Chees

Poor House Brewing is rich in beer

It’s a home worth staying in

By Ian Cheesman
Sometimes all I want is a cold craft beer served at the dark end of the bar. When that's your pleasure, Poor House Brewing (4494 30th St. in North Park) is your place.
Friday, March 7,2014
Beer & Chees

Don’t judge Booze Brothers by its cover

Vista brewery offers more than just booze

By Ian Cheesman
As the craft-brew phenomenon grows and brewers are increasingly recognized for the sophisticated work they do, leading with a name that crudely touts its alcohol content just smacks as juvenile. 
Friday, February 14,2014
Beer & Chees

La Jolla Brewing Company’s reinvention

An old brewery learns new tricks

By Ian Cheesman
The grand reopening of a restaurant usually guarantees little more than a change of ownership and a few fresh-faced servers. La Jolla Brewing Company (7536 Fay Ave.) has expanded on that by refreshing the restaurant interior, the brewer, the kitchen staff, the beers and the food.
Thursday, January 23,2014
Beer & Chees

Slater’s 50/50 shows the power of synergy

Bacon burgers and beer or bust

By Ian Cheesman
I remember when I first heard about Slater's 50/50. It was at a time when the Internet was riding the bacon hype-train as only the Internet can.
Friday, January 3,2014
Beer & Chees

Worth the wait, to a point

Six years, three Double Bastard Ales and one happy beer writer

By Ian Cheesman
Courtesy of San Diego Beer Week 2013, I had the chance to sample vintages of Stone Brewing's Double Bastard Ale (DB) spanning six years.
Friday, December 13,2013
Beer & Chees

We wish you a beery Christmas

And a hoppy new year

By Ian Cheesman
The words "Christmas beers" always give me pause. While that designation doesn't carry specific style guidelines, such brews invariably possess the same pitfalls: They carelessly bludgeon the ale with mulling spices.
Friday, November 22,2013
Beer & Chees

North Park offers your newest Waypoint

These are coordinates worth tracking

By Ian Cheesman
Waypoint Public (3794 30th St.) has emerged from the ashes of The Linkery (there are some who say the grounds are haunted by the tortured ghosts of displaced sausages) as North Park's newest bistro and beer bar.
Monday, November 4,2013
Beer & Chees

A day in the life of San Diego Beer Week

An epic tale of epicness

By Ian Cheesman
Waking on the Friday morning that kicks off San Diego Beer Week is like standing in the shadow of Goliath. I am faced with a behemoth that, as a professional beer journalist, I'm expected to conquer.
Friday, October 4,2013
Beer & Chees

Manzanita Brewing offers variety and comfort

Oh, and, most importantly, pumpkin

By Ian Cheesman
I know pumpkin flavor is pretty overexposed presently, but it has a power over me that I can't fully articulate. 
Friday, September 13,2013
Beer & Chees

How to get a degree in BEERology

Sometimes the student loans are worth it

By Ian Cheesman
BEERology is a collection of lore and artifacts that demonstrates how beer has proven to be a cultural touchstone since time immemorial.