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Zoltan Kaszas Apr 20, 2014 The recent winner of the inaugural San Diego Comedy Festival and the Seattle Comedy Festival. 50 other events on Sunday, April 20
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A tale of near-death, bloody steaks and unprecedented opulence
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San Diego artist’s site-specific installation explores conspiracy theories


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Monday, April 7,2014
Urban Scout

Strip-mall makeover

Row Collective brings artisan goods to Del Mar's Flower Hill Promenade

By Nina Sachdev Hoffmann
A Whole Foods on one end, a Chipotle on the other. But a strip mall (albeit high-end) this is not. Because right smack in the center is, as they say, where the magic happens. I'm talking about the Flower Hill Promenade, the open-air shopping center just off Interstate 5 in Del Mar.
Monday, March 17,2014
Urban Scout

Where to find spring trends in San Diego

Natural fragrances, air plants and American Indian motifs are happening here

By Nina Sachdev Hoffmann
Luckily for all of us (even for those of us who love the '80s), what's trending closer to home is far less—er, bright.
Monday, February 24,2014
Urban Scout

Taking inventory at Simply Local

Tens of thousands of San Diego-made products await in Seaport Village

By Nina Sachdev Hoffmann
It's really that easy to fall in love with everything at Simply Local, where about 85 percent of the products are locally made and represent the best and brightest of San Diego's creative workforce.
Monday, February 3,2014
Urban Scout

Meet Kristen Saylor of Boho Baby Boutique

San Diego designer upcycles bandanas and western shirts for the little tykes

By Nina Sachdev Hoffmann
Somewhere in a North Park studio, Kristen Saylor is sewing together random pieces of bandanas and cutting up vintage Western shirts she's found along her travels through San Diego's second-hand stores.
Monday, January 13,2014
Urban Scout

A trio of local product designers

Where to find goods by Alpaca India, David Atchison and Sweet Paper

By Nina Sachdev Hoffmann
In the spirit of buying, being and living local, and with this being our Design Issue, here are a few locally made items you'll never, ever find at Target. We should all be happy about that.
Monday, December 23,2013
Urban Scout

Where to get affordable craft champagne in San Diego

Hit up Village Vino, Jaynes Gastropub and The Wine Bank for New Year’s Eve

By Nina Sachdev Hoffmann
Not all bubbles are overly sweet and headache-inducing—and they're also not as expensive as you might think.
Monday, December 2,2013
Urban Scout

Making your holiday spending count

Three worthy places to gift some cash and help folks in need

By Nina Sachdev Hoffmann
It doesn't matter if you feed a child, help someone to learn how to read or provide comfort to a struggling military family. It doesn't matter what the dollar amount is. What matters is that we find causes that are important to us.
Monday, November 18,2013
Urban Scout

How to get started in homebrewing

Home Brew Mart and The Homebrewer make it a little easier

By Nina Sachdev Hoffmann
With more than 20 years in the business, Home Brew Mart (5401 Linda Vista Road) is a go-to store for supplies, books, merchandise, advice—and delicious Ballast Point beer.
Monday, October 21,2013
Urban Scout

Treasures amid the ruins

The Egyptian Theatre may be gone, but retro retail lives on Park Boulevard

By Nina Sachdev Hoffmann
San Diego's block of Park and University is full of locally owned businesses that serve as a haven for those desperately seeking mid-century (as in the 20th) vintage furniture, clothing and more.
Monday, September 30,2013
Urban Scout

How to make your container garden grow

Six spots to hit up for pots, plants and more

By Katrina Dodson
This year, I've had success growing tomatoes in containers on my patio. Now that those plants look like skeletons, it's time to dig them up and replace them with new greens. I went on a hunt to fill four containers with plants I might enjoy this fall and winter.