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Tuesday, May 13,2014
Cover artist

Meet our cover artist, Pablo Llana

Tijuana artist’s newest work looks at Mexico’s growing obesity problem

By Kinsee Morlan
"My goal with this exhibition is, by using these recycled wrappers, I wanted to show what people consume today thanks to marketing and advertising, which is constantly encouraging us to buy these artificial products," Pablo Llana says.
Monday, April 14,2014
Cover artist

Meet our cover artist, David B. Cuzick

San Diego screenprinter’s new work explores childhood themes

By Nina Sachdev Hoffmann
As a child, David B. Cuzick dreamed of flying so often that he actually learned how to control his flight path. But since lucid dreaming isn't exactly a science, one night he found himself in uncharted territory.
Tuesday, December 24,2013
Cover artist

Meet our cover artist, Saratoga Sake

The winter deer on our front page is about as jolly as he gets

By Kinsee Morlan
CityBeat's long been a fan of Saratoga Sake. We first ran his work on our cover back in September of 2008. His was the second art-showcase cover we did, which shows how high up on our list he sits.
Wednesday, December 4,2013
Cover artist

Meet our cover artist, Ricardo Islas

The ‘closet comedian’ with cultural inspiration

By Kinsee Morlan
Ricardo Islas is an institution. The longtime San Diego artist is well-known for his paintings, which often feature icons and imagery from Mexican culture and his gritty sense of humor.
Wednesday, October 9,2013
Cover artist

Meet our cover artist, GMONIK

He is not down with consumerism

By Alex Zaragoza
"I have a big problem with planned obsolescence of consumer goods,” says Karl Gindelberger, the 30- year-old Paradise Hills artist who goes by the name GMONIK. That’s evident in his piece “Used,” which is on CityBeat’s cover this week.
Wednesday, August 28,2013
Cover artist

Meet our cover artist, Brad Neal

Check out his two-handed Afro art

By Alex Zaragoza
This week's cover is somewhat of a self-portrait for artist Brad Neal. The 37-year-old recently moved to San Diego from Hawaii, where he walked around sporting a giant Afro not too different from the one by rocked by "Afrocat," the groovy feline featured on the cover.
Wednesday, July 10,2013
Cover artist

Meet our cover artist, Devon Browning

She paints naked ladies

By Alex Zaragoza
Browning will show and sell her sexy, lady-loving art at Art of Pride, an exhibition happening during the San Diego Pride Parade and Festival from Friday, July 12, through Sunday, July 14, on the festival grounds in Balboa Park. 
Tuesday, July 2,2013
Cover artist

Meet our cover artist, Dan Adams

He surely does love doggies

By Alex Zaragoza
Dan Adams' "Back Rub" graces our cover this week. The French bulldog featured there is one of the many dogs Adams has painted over the years.
Tuesday, June 11,2013
Cover artist

Meet our cover artist, Bat-Brain

He actually is kind of batty

By Alex Zaragoza
 "Power," his bold piece on the cover of this week's issue of CityBeat, was done solely with Sharpie paint pens and markers, his implements of choice.
Wednesday, May 22,2013
Cover artist

Meet our cover artist, Nicole Waszak

Her daughter Nora is her muse

By Alex Zaragoza
Luckily for artist Nicole Waszak, whose piece “37 Months (Bubbles)” graces our cover this week, she’s far from dealing with any teen angst with her 4-year-old daughter, Nora.