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TNT (Thursday Night Thing) Mar 05, 2015

Dive deeper into the art with tours, art-making activities, live music on the plaza, tasty cocktails, and bites from Green Food Truck in celebration of MCASD's newest exhibition Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui.

57 other events on Thursday, March 5
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Long-running monthly art walk has someone new at the helm
Music feature
A step-by-step guide to achieving fame and fortune from the godfather of trap
The Floating Library
Reviews of ‘‘You Who Read Me with Passion Now Must Forever Be My Friends’ by Dorothy Iannone and ‘Binary Star’ by Sarah Gerard
Ana Lily Amirpour’s western vampire film leads our rundown of movies screening around town


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Wednesday, February 26,2014
Local Music Issue

The Great Demo Review of 2014

You sent it in, and we reviewed—whether you like it or not

By CityBeat Staff
This batch also comprises a pretty wide range of music. We still got the expected garage rockers, punks and reggae jam bands—and more than a few familiar names—but we also heard a lot of bands this year that think outside the box, with results that range from inspired to baffling.
Tuesday, February 25,2014
Local Music Issue

Ed Ghost Tucker’s feel-good sound

Reinvention is key for San Diego indie-pop group

By Jeff Terich
Despite having been a band only since 2012, the members of Ed Ghost Tucker have a long history together. 
Tuesday, February 25,2014
Local Music Issue

Gary Wilson: king of the weirdos

A San Diego legend’s remarkable rebirth

By Peter Holslin
Gary Wilson's live shows—he's been known to incorporate bizarre costumes, sexy mannequins and messy onstage antics involving bags of flour and other unlikely items—freak out the squares and inspire the freaks in equal measure.
Wednesday, March 6,2013
Local Music Issue

Silly styles for 2013

Some genres to watch out for

By Peter Holslin
It used to be that music snobs would turn up their noses at genres like pop-punk or soft-rock. These days, though, even the most uncool sounds are cool again, as we’ve seen with the rise of sentimental soft-rockers like Bon Iver and M83.
Wednesday, March 6,2013
Local Music Issue

Aki Kharmicel is a man with a plan

Hip-hop artist is full of brilliant ideas

By Peter Holslin
Aki Kharmicel can’t stop. A local rapper and self-described “beat head,” he keeps his two Akai MPC beat machines on 24/7, and brings them along whenever he travels.
Wednesday, March 6,2013
Local Music Issue

The Great Demo Review of 2013

Behold and beware: It’s our annual critique of local music submissions

By CityBeat Staff
We got a lot of demos for this year's Great Demo Review. No, seriously. We got a lot—way more than we usually do. We got 223, to be exact. 
Tuesday, March 5,2013
Local Music Issue

Dustin Illingworth steps out of the wilderness

Scene vet channels his grief into a gorgeous folk-pop tribute

By Seth Combs
Dustin Illingworth has always been a scrupulous songwriter. He has an innate, some would say God-given talent for pop hooks and composition, but it doesn't always come easy to him.
Wednesday, March 7,2012
Local Music Issue

The 2012 Great Demo Review

Our annual critique of local music submissions

We don’t put together the Great Demo Review to pick on the music scene. We want to discover new sounds, highlight great artists and clue you in to music that might’ve otherwise been over looked.
Wednesday, March 7,2012
Local Music Issue

Artists on the rise in 2012

San Diego musicians, bands and labels that are making moves

By Peter Holslin
Ask anyone who pays attention to local music and they’ll tell you that the scene is getting bigger each year. Nowadays, San Diego has more buzz-worthy acts, a wider array of live-music venues and a growing population of bar-goers who seem just as interested in checking out live music as they do in getting drunk and laid.
Wednesday, March 7,2012
Local Music Issue

Orko Eloheim is supreme at being

Two decades into his career, veteran San Diego rapper is still going strong

By Quan Vu
Orko Eloheim is one of San Diego’s most influential and prolific hip-hop artists, but he remains an enigma.