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Axline Lecture: Alfredo Jaar Apr 23, 2014 The San Diego Museum of Art and MCASD present the 14th annual Axline Lecture featuring Chilean-born artist Alfredo Jaar, whose work, Muxima, a looping video installation featuring multiple iterations of a popular Angolan folk song, is on view at SDMA. 61 other events on Wednesday, April 23
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Wednesday, April 16,2014
Spin Cycle

Team David Alvarez finds a silver lining

Defeated mayoral candidate gives a post-election pep talk

By John R. Lamb
a gathering of political dreamers clustered in the iconic El Centro Cultural de la Raza for a forum appropriately titled, “What the Heck Just Happened? And What Now?” 
Wednesday, April 2,2014
Spin Cycle

What gives?

City’s donor woes resurface amid Balboa Park Centennial, San Diego Opera dramas

By John R. Lamb
Who the hell is advising the relics over at San Diego Opera? Perhaps the same people behind the Balboa Park Centennial debacle? If ineptitude were a valued skill, these folks would be earning their hefty paychecks in spades!
Wednesday, March 19,2014
Spin Cycle

They wanted Kevin Faulconer ‘to be distracted’

Mayor’s D.C. ad man says trickery was needed during the campaign to get past ‘rote sound bites’

By John R. Lamb

Talk to local media types privately about covering Faulconer, and the overwhelming reaction is something akin to an eye-roll, followed by a pantomime of a nap. Boring, in other words.

Wednesday, March 5,2014
Spin Cycle

Mayor Faulconer kicks off Sanders 3.0

New era same as the old era

By John R. Lamb
Spin reached out to the Faulconer folks to get an idea how the new mayor plans to govern in the short term, particularly in the 30-day window afforded the City Council to pick his District 2 replacement.
Wednesday, February 19,2014
Spin Cycle

The Faulconer-replacement derby

Folks are lining up for temporary City Council gig

By John R. Lamb
One bright spot for Democrats—unless they mess this up, too—is the coming San Diego City Council decision on who’ll fill the remainder of Mayor-Elect Kevin Faulconer’s District 2 council term, which runs through early December.
Wednesday, February 5,2014
Spin Cycle

The Lincoln Club’s hocus-pocus mailer

Conservative pro-Faulconer group apparently had to go to National City to find a Latino opposed to Alvarez

By John R. Lamb
If you’re a registered voter, perhaps you’ve received the placemat-sized, full-color campaign mailer with the blaring headline “David Alvarez, A Mayor for SOME.” It went out early in the campaign and has appeared again in recent weeks.
Wednesday, January 29,2014
Spin Cycle

‘Miami West’ or busted

Pondering Susumo Azano’s twisted dream

By John R. Lamb
As San Diego’s latest political scandal continues to unfurl like a deep-fried onion blossom, it seems clear that the city’s insecurities about itself were viewed as the means to an end. 
Wednesday, January 8,2014
Spin Cycle

Political vortex of polar opposites

Is the Faulconer camp lifting from the Alvarez playbook?

By John R. Lamb
Kevin Faulconer will focus “particularly on neighborhoods that have been underserved by this city for far too long,” he told KUSI. “I’m going to change that.”
Tuesday, December 24,2013
Spin Cycle

Spinnin’ carols

A political year, out of tune

By John R. Lamb
(Sung to “Carol of the Bells”): Filner is done, far from a nun, more like a creep, hubris so deep. Now that we’re here, it’s only fair, to figure out, how Bob got clout.
Wednesday, December 11,2013
Spin Cycle

Todd Gloria’s three-job plight

For whatever reason, San Diego's interim supreme leader isn't ready to endorse in the mayor's race

By John R. Lamb
Spin Cycle joined Gloria on the inaugural—and somewhat jerky—tram ride into the park, along with a few dozen other city officials, park enthusiasts and Ace Parking employees who will operate the tram system under a contract with the city.